Virtual Climb Rules

In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created unique and difficult challenges for everyone.

Following the success of our Virtual Event in 2022 and 2021, we are now offering a Virtual Stair Climb challenge for those who would like to support our cause. This means you can participate in our virtual event in the safety of your own home, local community or premises.

We are all working together, to raise funds to fight depression, PTSI and suicide and climbing a million steps.


Between 10th August 2022 and 10th September 2022 we are asking you to climb as many steps as you safely can in a session, then input these onto your climber profile page.

Unlike other challenges, we aren’t trying to get as many walking steps per day (through our normal activities at home, work er exercise) – we are taking time out to undertake as many climbing steps in a session – you can of course do more than session a day.

Where can I submit my stair climb count?

Use the link below

We should all be at least aiming for 100 stairs climbed a day over the event period.

In 2018, 3,046 people lost their lives to mental health – we want to climb one stair for each person over the month. That is just over 100 steps per day for the event.

Do we need to use a real set of stairs or a stairwell?

We don’t mind! You can use anything that’s appropriate and safe to do so like:

  • Staircase in your building or home
  • Front door step
  • Steps in your nearest public garden during daily exercise

If you do need to use a temporary step at home, make sure whatever you use is sturdy and can safely handle the number of steps you intend on doing!

Remember: Anywhere you choose to conduct your stair climbing, must be within the directions, rules or regulations as issued by the government or relevant authority. This means you must adhere to physical distancing rules, distance from home, curfews and permitted exercise locations.

Make it a Challenge!

We encourage you to climb as many stairs you can each day, if you want to use a weight vest or backpack with household items in it – go for it!

You may event want to break your previous days record and time it.

Can I use my daily step count from a phone app or watch?

While getting in as many stairs climbed a day in our normal daily duties, by taking some time out to make at least 100 steps it reminds us of the challenges of mental health and to work towards a goal.

You can of course use the step counting function in your phone app or watch to save you having to count – just only submit the number of steps climbed during the stair climbing task you undertake.

Social Media

We encourage you to use tools like Facebook Live or the like to share a video of you in real time doing your steps. Use the hashtag #mfsc2020 on your post!

Provide a link to your climber page to encourage your friends to donate!