Fundraising Ideas

The challenge represented by the Virtual Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb is not only a physical and mental challenge to climb over 3046 steps in a month – each step representing a life lost to suicide in Australia each year.

We also challenge you to help us reach our target to raise $500,000 to fight depression, PTSI and suicide.

The funds you raise will help to fund research and improve patient outcomes for people everywhere.

Your fundraising activity can be as simple or elaborate as you like – so be creative and use your imagination

PLEASE ensure that your fundraising COVID Safe by adhering to the restrictions relevant to your area and agency. Some of the ideas below are not permitted in metropolitan and regional locations in Victoria, but modifications like online watch parties or similar may work.

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Encourage your family, friends and community to donate to you.
  • A car battery drive – every shed has got an old flat battery lying around. Collect a tonne and scrap them for ca$h!
  • Charge a little more for station meals and drinks, etc with proceeds going to our beneficiaries.
  • Chat to your local businesses, schools, sports clubs, Rotary, library or community centres and invite them to sponsor you.
  • Organise a night out with your community e.g. a quiz night, a karaoke night or an auction.
  • Hold a walkathon, car wash or garage sale.
  • Shake a can at your local shopping centre, farmers market or sporting event.
  • Post a link from your fundraising page on Facebook or tweet about your efforts.
  • Blog on your fundraising page and encourage others to help you reach your goal!
  • Contact your local newspaper or radio station to let them know about the great things you’re doing.

Bucket Collection Labels

Collecting coins at the local mall or a collection bucket left on the counter at the local shop or on the bar at the local pub is a great fundraiser!

We’d love for you to make your own – the 2.3 litre “handy pale” buckets are widely available at Bunnings for $4 and the MFSC labels to be affixed to them can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

Please note, that collection of funds using this manner in most areas of Victoria are not permitted under COVID-19 Directions. We’ve provided this sticker in the event that restrictions are relaxed or for non-Victorian locations.