Training and Preparation

If you’ve been following our training guide for the event (below) you should have developed a good base of aerobic fitness and leg strength, so it’s time to start mixing in some specific training to prepare your body for the challenge ahead.

This can involve exercising aerobically at the intensity and for the time you expect to complete the event. For most climbers, this should be between 7 to 14 minutes. These sessions can include stair climbing, rowing, hill running, or cycling.


Try performing repeat efforts at high intensity, with 5-10 minutes rest between efforts.

For those looking for more of a challenge, follow Mt Evelyn CFA’s lead, and try some sessions whilst wearing turnout gear and Breathing Apparatus (BA). The more used you are to working in your turnout gear and BA, the more of en edge you will have over the competition.

Remember: Heat stress and heat stroke are a real and extremely serious risk when performing any sort of work in turnout gear and BA. Always ensure you have a support person nearby to monitor you if you decide to train in this equipment, as well as water, electrolyte replacement drinks and food ready to recover post workout.

Training Guide

To aid in your training and preparation for the event, we have provided some workload and progression tips in the attached program:

Stair Climb Programs generic (PDF)