Donation Methods

There are a number of alternative donation methods available. Please read below for the details of each, especially to make sure your fundraising total is properly acknowledged!

Credit Card

Donate quickly and simply by credit card here.

Direct Deposit

Send any direct deposits to:

000 Foundation Limited
BSB: 802-825
A/C: 62010383

Include the individual or brigade who should be credited with the donation in the comments field. If space is limited, do your best e.g. “CFA Pat Lks” and send us a follow up email at to confirm.

Car Battery Deposits AT METAL Recyclers

For more information on this approach please read the Car Battery Drive page, for account details and drop-off locations.

Send a scan or picture (phone is fine!) showing the total amount being deposited, and sent it to, along with the individual or brigade who should be credited, and we’ll match up the details.