Tony Lewis

Climbing for CFA Wesburn-Millgrove

On Saturday 2nd of September 2023,
I will be participating with Firefighters and Emergency services personnel from across Australia and the globe when we descend upon the 10th Annual Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb to ascend the gruelling 28 Floors of the Crown Metropol raising vital funds for Cancer Research and Crisis Support!

As climbers we will battle 28 floors in up to 25kg of turnout gear and breathing apparatus as a symbol of the burden of significant health and well-being issues faced by our first responders and their families on a daily basis, I will be breathing ”on air” through a self contained breathing apparatus adding an extra level of difficulty to the climb.

We need your help to raise $700,000 to support our beneficiaries, Lifeline, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and 000Foundation

But our climbers won’t be alone, they will be supported by our fantastic climb crew volunteers and medical support teams along the way, who will be cheering them on as they embark upon one or the toughest stair climb challenges on offer!

So if this is something you wish to partake in or support, click on the links to find out more and join us in ”Climbing for Cancer Research and Crisis Support”
Thankyou! 🙂

9/11 Memorial

The Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb remembers the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 11th September 2001.

My stair climb race bib will include the name and photo of FDNY Firefighter Carl E Molinaro in memory of their sacrifice made on that fateful day. Search and read more about Carl E Molinaro.

So far, I've raised $2,010 of my $1,500 fundraising goal.

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  • $55
    3 months ago ● I’m so proud of you.

    Thank you, gorgeous woman. I love you. ❤️

  • $50
    Katherine Lewis-Bampton
    3 months ago ● Good on you big brother. Love you.

    Thanks so much for your amazing donation, Kath. Love you!

  • $50
    Craig Delaland
    3 months ago

    Thankyou for your generous donation and support, Craig.

  • $100
    3 months ago

    Thankyou for your fantastic donation, Mark.

  • $50
    (Wendy) M J Sheng
    3 months ago ● 👍

    Thankyou for your fantastic donation, Wendy. 😊

  • $20
    3 months ago ● Your awesome!!

    Thankyou for your awesome donation and support, Sally. ❤️

  • $25
    Maxine Piper
    3 months ago ● Best of luck Tony!! You are a bloody champion

    Thanks heaps, Mackay. Your support is very much appreciated. ❤️

  • $100
    Pyrom Chung
    3 months ago ● Keep up the great work mate!

    Pyrom, thankyou for being a long time supporter of my efforts to raise funds for these fantastic causes. Your continued support and generous donations for now and from the past are very much appreciated.

  • $30
    Xenia Boutchard
    3 months ago ● Can't bear to see you fall short of your goal for your 10th climb! Hope all goes well on the day :)

    Thankyou so much, Xenia. You are very kind and an absolute legend. 😊

  • $100
    Robert Colombo
    4 months ago ● Go TONY GO

    Thankyou for your very generous donation and support, Rob. I really appreciate it. 😊

  • $100
    4 months ago ● I am very proud of you, my little brother.

    Thankyou so much, Sab. I love you, Sis'. 😊

  • $50
    Keri Morris
    4 months ago ● All the best for another successful climb Tony! I’m sure all your hard work at the gym and the tower will pay off again.

    Thankyou for your generous donation, Keri. And for once again

  • $50
    Sue Stamps
    4 months ago ● Well done Tony on your previous achievements and looking forward to seeing you smash it again!

    Thankyou so much for your kind words and fantastic donation, Sue.

  • $10
    5 months ago

    Thankyou for your awesome donation, Phong.

  • $20
    Matthew kitson
    6 months ago ● Goodluck tony

    Thankyou for your awesome donation and support, Matt!

  • $500
    Sayfa Group
    6 months ago ● All the best Tony! We are happy to support this worth cause.

    Thankyou so much , SAYFA for your continued support and generosity. This means a lot to me and I really appreciate your kindness!

  • $30
    Anthony macko
    6 months ago ● Go tony go

    Thankyou for your awesome donation and support, Tony!

  • $25
    Xenia Boutchard
    6 months ago ● All the best for the climb, Tony! It is a most wonderful cause

    Thankyou so much for your awesome donation, Xenia.

  • $200
    Bonnie Grimshaw
    6 months ago ● All the best Tony!

    Thankyou for your extremely generous donation and support, Bonnie. I really appreciate it!

  • $15
    Mark Payne
    6 months ago ● Go Tony!!!

    Thankyou for your amazing donation and support, Mark. It is greatly appreciated!

  • $50
    Anthea Thomas
    6 months ago ● Excellent work!

    Thank you for your generous donation and support, Anthea.

  • $100
    Barry Voss
    6 months ago ● We Save Lives GO TONY!

    Thank you for your support and very generous donation, Barry. It is very much appreciated!

  • $20
    7 months ago ● Can’t wait to see you at the top.

    Thankyou for your awesome donation, Peter. I am looking forward to seeing you at level 28!

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