Nathan Cook

Climbing for CFA North Hamilton

Hello everyone!
Once again I will be climbing 28 floors in full turnout kit and breathing apparatus to raise funds, this year we are raising funds to help support those people affected by mental health illnesses. The line of work we all do as emergency service first responders makes us very prone to mental health issues including PTSD this means we are not only raising funds for those people battling illness now, but those who may become affected this includes my self, my friends, family and any other emergency service worker you may know. So if you can help out with any amount please donate to this cause it could help anyone you know now or in the future.
Cheers Cookie

So far, I've raised $350 of my $500 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Nathan’s friends

  • $50
    Lee Killen automotive
    7 months ago ● Good luck
  • $50
    Angela Cook
    8 months ago ● Proud of you my boy. I know you will put your all into it. Good luck!
  • $50
    Margi Bilston
    8 months ago ● Thanks for your great effort. Best wishes.
  • $50
    Kristine Angelino
    9 months ago ● Go Nathan! Good Luck!
  • $25
    Nicki Goldspink
    9 months ago ● Well done Nathan!
  • $50
    Daniel Brooks
    9 months ago ● Go cookie.
  • $50
    Elaine Nagorcka
    10 months ago ● Good luck Nathan.
  • $25
    10 months ago ● All the best Nathan.

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61st in age group (18-39)
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Donned and started
142nd in age group (18-39)
217th overall