Mik Wilson

Climbing for MFB Preston

Hi. On September 1st I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $700,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $12,296 of my $10,826 fundraising goal.

Race result


5:12.956 Donned and started

Recent donations from Mik’s friends

  • $50
    Sam Petrzela
    8 months ago ● Good on ya Mik, Great Initiative

    Big Sammy! Wow! What a tall surprise your donation has been. You are a really great kid and it is a joy watching you develop on the court every single match. I am very proud to have been asked from early days to teach you some of my tricks. And you are a very quick learner. Thanks for being a big part of this event, young man-it is a humbling donation you have provided.🏀💪⚡😉🚒

  • $5
    Donna Manos
    8 months ago ● Best of luck Mik! We are thinking of you. Love, hugs and support form Olivia, Christian and Donna

    Cheers, Donna, Olivia, and Christian. It is always touching to have you contribute and spur me on. Xxoo.💖🚒

  • $50
    Daniel Leardi
    8 months ago ● Congratulations, Big Dog.🐺

    A cheeky but most welcome second wind donation, Daniel. My sincere thanks for your passionate support. You are a great young man and I am proud to have you and your familys' support.

  • $172
    FS12 Preston Donation Station Tin
    8 months ago

    Great effort FS12!💪🚒🎯

  • $113
    Wig & Family
    8 months ago ● Smash it.

    Smash it? Just did it. Cheers Wiglet, Alicia, Cal, and Ollie. 🏀🍻🚒🎯😉🍾🐽🔋🤘

  • $25
    Rob Magnanini
    8 months ago ● Brilliant effort Mik, such a positive impact of many peoples lives. Great stuff.

    Thanks for getting involved and for your message. It means heaps at my end to have you on my team of legends or 'All-Stairs' as they have become known. Cheers.🏀💪⚡🎯🚒

  • $50
    Andrew Bennetts
    8 months ago ● Great job Mik!!!! Very proud of you. Amazing man.

    Bart it takes one to know one, brother. Truly grateful for your back up and contributions every year. Your second donation for 2018 tells me your brother's antics may be an influence??!?🤣 Big ups, Hollywood!!💪🚒

  • $72
    Coffee Club August
    8 months ago

    Coffee savings August.☕🚫

  • $100
    Michael Burnell
    8 months ago ● As always you’re an inspiration Mik. Keep up the good work for such a worthy cause. EADSU.

    Yes, b'wanna. Hey it is always great to see your name pop up during this event as I know how significant your donations can be. This is no exception. Thanks for making it my most successful day so far in terms of fundraising and climb time. The Day Is Bigger Than The Man.

  • $55
    Tess Kostas
    8 months ago ● All the best for the stair climb Mik. It has been a pleasure to watch you on your amazing journey and I loved joining in on some training sessions with you. I hope you smash it tomorrow. We are all so proud of you. 💪👏😜 Happy Father’s Day ❤️

    Tess you remain one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people I know. You always put others first. This is no exception. Love you so much, and I am so VERY VERY grateful for you being a training partner in the lead up. Love ya bubs. Thanks for the Fathers Day wishes.

  • $25
    Dave Mooga
    8 months ago ● Miki Van Wilson What do you do when you get to the top of those stairs, or when you reach your fundraising total? ....might as well jump!!! Congrats on the magnificent efforts mate and enjoy the climb, Love your work

    David Magnanini. Mate I’ve already dedicated Van Halen’s Jump to another donor. So, instead of agreeing that the only thing to do once I reach the top is to ‘jump’, I’m going to suggest something else: what about stepping back, taking a breather, and realizing that you’re standing on Top Of The World??? Thanks again for being a part of the stairclimb cause and enjoy the tune

  • $50
    Josh Bramham and Kerstyn Dance
    8 months ago ● Fuck depression, fuck suicide and fuck ptsd. We can beat this people.

    Josh Bramham & Kertsyn Dance. You summed it all up in your message, folks. “Fuck depression, fuck suicide and fuck ptsd. We can beat this people.” Well said. Hey huge thanks for finding the time and funds to contribute this year.

  • $50
    8 months ago ● Great D with WNWA won you this donation #5 and snagged us a win- Stu

    Stu Noom (2nd Donation!!). Well, you challenged me to keep Kim from scoring more than 4 pts in the second half for another donation and you know I will go to great lengths for fundraising so I’m happy to oblige!! Cheers for another boost to this event and to me, mate. Love your work.

  • $50
    Ryan Adamson
    8 months ago ● Pump those legs little fella!!

    LFF Ryan Adamson (MFB). You bloody champion Mr.Adamson! What a fantastic addition you have made to my fundraising total for Black Dog and Lifeline, brother. Thanks for jumping on board and answering the call. It’s given me a big jolt of fire to attack those steps tomorrow.

  • $100
    Jayden Kostas
    8 months ago ● Run.

    Jayden Kostas-You know how proud I am of you. Thanks for putting your hard-earned wage towards the stairclimb and for supporting me, even just asking how it is going. Love your enthusiasm and hope you change your mind about joining mum, Tess, and myself for Tough Mudder in October! Love ya mate.

  • $50
    Andrew Murphy
    8 months ago ● Hi Mik, Your example, effort and determination for the cause are really something! We hope you have your best climb yet. All the best Murph

    Andrew Murphy. Mate I was hoping you would be back on board again this year and it was awesome to see your name appear on my stairclimber page this arvo. It means a lot to have your support. Cheers for your encouragement, kind words, and generosity and a catch-up is building momentum so news soon.

  • $77
    Stephen Huybens
    8 months ago ● A little bit more for a great effort......

    Steve Huybens. Cheers for a second donation, Stevo. Completely unexpected and an utterly brilliant surprise. What magnificent commitment and participation from one of my favourite camping families. Looking forward to the Grampians with you guys.

  • $177
    Graham Jones
    8 months ago ● Anything to stop these bloody e-mails......... :)

    Graham, you have us a little incredulous at the scope of your assistance this year; your assistance in general with this event but particularly this year. Three separate donations of notably substantial amounts each time. Your interest from afar in the event is highly admirable. Pauline and myself have so much respect for your continued involvement and long-distance mateship. We cannot wait to catch up with you again. For now, congratulations on being the donor who officially got me to my target total with that monster 3rd donation today. I promise you that the emails will slow down from here. Stay in touch you legend.

  • $10
    Cam McPherson
    8 months ago ● Good on ya Mik!

    FF Cam McPherson (MFB): Cheers, brother! Good to have you on board the MFB stairclimb fundraising juggernaut. Thanks for your very kind donation. Enjoy the song!

  • $25
    Peter Krashow
    8 months ago ● Do this thing!!! You're the best bro...

    Pete Krashow. Cheers for the contribution, my slightly older bro! A whopping great amount of fundraising has been generated so far and it’s still going. You’ve helped get me that much closer to my target total and beyond. Thanks for your support and enjoy the tune in the comments-it’s possible one I’ve seen you play in the past?!

  • $50
    Matt Burr
    8 months ago ● Get those little legs pumping Mik!

    Sir, Yes Sir! Thanks for your kind words after last year's climb and for your offer to and follow through with funds this year to this great cause. These little legs are steel springs etc etc.....Cheers.

  • $25
    Simone vagg
    8 months ago ● Good such Mik - you’re an inspiration lining up once again! Wishing you the best for the climb!

    Simone Vagg. My sincere thanks for your donation and support every year. In terms of inspiration, you provide a fair bit yourself with your own marathons. Big hugs.

  • $25
    Scott Graham
    8 months ago ● Great work Mik 💪

    LFF Scott 'Calves' Graham (MFB). Cheers for jumping on and throwing some cash at thi cause, Drama. Hopefully one of these days, RC108's most famous calves will annihilate the Crown Metropol stairs??!? Thanks, bro.

  • $50
    Jason Hughes-Gage
    8 months ago ● Good Stuff juice! 108’s finest!

    LFF Jason Hughes-Gage (MFB). HG, cheers for responding to my call for donations again. A 'juicy' amount towards the stairclimb and my personal target total. Cheers for contributing this important event and a LFF catch-up will generate iteslf very soon-stay tuned.

  • $100
    Adrian & Trish Wilson
    8 months ago ● Fabulous effort for 2018 Mik. You are definitely our favourite "son"!! So many lives will be helped with funds raised. Love from Mum & Dad xx

    Thanks for the constant boosts and funds you provide. They give me a burst of power across every platform imaginable. Thanks for being so big a part of this as always and Love you both heaps.

  • $50
    Gareth White
    8 months ago ● I want to see a PB this year bro! Kick arse as you normally do. All the best.

    LFF Gareth White (MFB)-cheers for answering my (incessant) calls and supporting my climb, brother. Fundraising already a PB so now it's just time to do the same for the climb. Thanks for being a great supporter and for keeping the bastards honest.

  • $323
    Mik Wilson
    8 months ago ● Car battery recycling
  • $50
    8 months ago ● I expect Sub 5 mins!

    SO Doug Murphy (MFB). Really grateful for your support, and for putting up with all the ‘distractions’ that ‘stairclimb time’ can bring to a shift. Cheers for being so generous with your guidance at work and your donation to this event. And sub 5 mins?? I will do my best!

  • $100
    Graham Jones
    8 months ago ● Jeeeeez...... you just don't let up do you?!! I expect to see my name on that list twice now!

    Graham Jones (UK) Second Donation. Damn right I just don’t let up! Mate when we finally see you for a bbq here, you get an extra snag and piece of bread for donating twice now. I think Pauline sums up the concept and nature of your special type of support best in her SMS to let me know of your second donation; “Graham Jones – what an amazing man”. I knew something good had happened. You are a bloody legend, mate. Cheers yet again, Graham. Truly selfless support. $550 from a man I met only once in a rooftop pool in Barcelona for just a few short hours. Remarkable.

  • $50
    Murrie & Peter Annal
    8 months ago ● Great effort Mik, cheering you on from Yarrawonga 🚒

    Murrie & Peter Annal. What an amazing show of support all the way from Yarrawonga. Thank you for again wanting (demanding to, from the sounds of it!) to be a vital part of my stairclimb fundraising for another year. Truly special spreading the word every year and finding more and more people who want to make a difference and you two are great examples of this. Thank you.

  • $100
    Mira Riddle
    8 months ago

    Mira Riddle. Again another terrific show of participation in a great cause. Thanks, Mira for choosing to support me again with a big swag of much-needed fundraising. Your spirit of giving and the generosity you continue to exhibit each year are most welcome and will make a difference in the best way possible. Very grateful for your involvement to combat Depression, Suicide, and PTSD.

  • $100
    Margaret and Bev Pratt
    9 months ago ● Good luck to a great neighbour! Keep up the fantastic work.

    My thanks to Marg & Bev Pratt for stepping up and helping to fight Depression, Suicide, and PTSD via my stairclimb fundraising. A monstrous commitment and huge increase from your brilliant donation last year! We are the lucky ones to have neighbours like yourselves and your kind spirits have just extended out even further than Monty to help others. Very grateful for your encouragement and backing. 👨‍🚒😉

  • $50
    Stan Campbell
    9 months ago ● I wish I could do it with you. Cheers, Stan.

    Stan Campbell (MFB). Mate what a great donation! Thanks for answering the call and backing my stairclimb fundraising appeal to fight PTSD, Suicide, and Depression. Please enjoy the last of Comics Lounge tickets and I truly appreciate the unity! Enjoy the tune/pic (P13 3rd Alarm STANLEY street, Brunswick earlier this year). Airbourne-Raise The Flag.

  • $50
    Daniel Green
    9 months ago ● Well done Mickey!

    Daniel Green (MFB). Thanks for your timely donation (and so soon following your epic Vietnam trek). Great to have you back at the station and firefighting again, bro. And again, cheers to your massive effort supporting the stairclimb. Terrific to have you on board, as you are always with all things. A donation easily worthy of Comics Lounge tickets! Please check out the facebook page of one of Dan’s own personal causes: https://www.facebook.com/extinguishcancer/

  • $50
    Campbell Jones
    9 months ago ● mut

    Campbell Jones. Welcome on board the stairclimb fundraising, Cam! Cheers for putting together a swag of hard-earned for this cause. Enjoy the comedy tickets

  • $200
    Noel Dunlop
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik Lets catch up for a beer after the climb Cheers Noel

    Flop there is something very special about your donations. You are sharing what you have worked hard for. Not everyone does that. Nor should they feel obliged. Nonetheless, you do. You pledge support and you follow through. And I don't get to thank you often enough. So a beer after the climb is locked in. I thought my 2,193 emails may have missed you but clearly that tactic works!! Enjoy the comedy tix and those beers will be on me when they happen. Congratulations on ripping into this cause. Will see you soon and news to follow..

  • $10
    Ian Thornton
    9 months ago ● Mealie coming your way! Keep up the good work...great stuff mate!

    FF Thornton-a beaut day at FS23 and a pleasure working with you for the day. Enjoyed inhaling half a loaf of multi-grain and raisin toast with you. Cheers for the mealie and point taken-will consider that fundraising angle next year. Cheers, brother.

  • $56
    9 months ago ● Great work Mik

    SO Allan Titterton (MFB). Thanks heaps for the fantastic donation and support, Al! And putting in for MFB Preston to boot!! Really appreciate you being involved and generating much needed funds for this vital cause. Cheers, -Mik.👨‍🚒😉

  • $25
    Kylie Tyzack
    9 months ago ● Well done Mik, such an important cause to support!

    Kylie Tyzack my gratitude for getting involved two years running and donating to the firefighter stairclimb to combat PTSD, Suicide, and Depression. Very special effort.🚒💪😉

  • $200
    Wildwire Wanaka
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik. Wildwire Wanaka in New Zealand is behind you all the way!

    Mark I am very proud to welcome aboard Wildwire New Zealand to my Firefighter stairclimb fundraising-my VERY FIRST International sponsors! There is no way I can recommend your Twin Falls climb ‘highly’ enough. https://www.wildwire.co.nz/ Your adventure alone is unforgettable but reaching out with this contribution is breathtaking. Thanks for providing a great climber profile picture as well!

  • $88
    James Bennetts
    9 months ago

    James you produced one of the most memorable efforts last year with two donations. The first while basically between jobs. Not too many people do that. This sums up your incredible commitment-especially to your friends and this event. I always look forward to your involvement at stairclimb time. Thanks, mate.

  • $50
    Dave, Jo, Jamie, Liam and Hayley Chu
    9 months ago ● You are a dead set legend for doing this Mik. Keep up the great work brother!

    Chuies-Well I could post a million words about this family and still it wouldn’t be enough. These are some warriors that myself and a select group are fortunate enough to call friends. The links between the Chus, Russos, and extended outwards to the Wilsons, Walls, MFB, and so many others, are strong. I cannot impart enough the value of having the Chu family included in my event-it is a true blessing. I feel like Van Halen just teamed up with Motorhead for a searing rendition of Back In Black.

  • $100
    Jason Spencer
    9 months ago ● Fantastic effort Mik, all the best to beat last years!

    Jase-you are always a constant supporter of my stairclimb fundraising. Not only that, you are a very generous supporter as evident in your donation yesterday. To have you put your own funds to this cause in such a significant manner is always appreciated and a very welcome boost to my efforts. I admire the way you quietly go about making a difference. Thanks for being there, being here, and for (no doubt) being involved in the future. Cheers.

  • $25
    Steve, Natalie, Jordan & Joshua
    9 months ago ● Great Job! Good Luck Mik!

    G, Nat, and boys-great effort being involved yet again and supporting this important community venture. Your support and humour are solid factors we all appreciate. Cheers and may the flying elbow of justice bring you much good fortune.

  • $250
    Space Force Captain Allan Jackson
    9 months ago ● Greetings Michael, I am writing to you from a secret location, deep in the bowels of... never mind. Long story, suffice to say I had a big night on the turps with some American fellows whilst visiting my cousin Chucky in Omaha, and when we woke up, it seems Chucky and I had been drafted into Space Force. Good times! Best of luck with your stair climbing... you’re a tremendous man. Real Space Force material. Take care, god bless and nanoo nanoo.

    Space Force Captain Allan Jackson-Congratulations on what has been presumably 12-15 field promotions in the last twelve months! It truly is an honour to have the heroic agents of the Space Force behind me to trump mental illness nasties with your trusty Space Black Dogs and Astrosuit lifelines. On this great blue green orb we are all your peeeople. A slow motion ‘Aww ya big lug’ knuckle to your chin when I see you next. And a space beer. Not in that order. However, I strongly suggest replacing your astrosuit filters as in seems you may have inhaled some spacedust prior to your message being received here at Big forehead central. As a stairclimber, I can only hope to one day climb as high as you currently reside; amongst the STAiRs. Your enormous donation will make a profound impact to so many of us planetside and you are to be congratulated for being so giving to this cause. Many shocked earthlings right now amazed at your Deep Impact. Enjoy the video clip of musicness I am uploading to your cybercrotch, slap on your hard hat, and keep up the great work. Would that we could moonwalk a day in your shoes! Clip: Alan Jackson-Hard Hat & Hammer

  • $50
    9 months ago ● I want $50 worth of performance.

    LFF Simon Hohmann (MFB) Cheers for backing your station and your crew member with very generous donations. Terrific support for a very important cause relevant to us all. Cheers and the performance gauge will be on max rpm on the day of the climb!

  • $50
    Kevin & Karyn Glen
    9 months ago ● Great effort Mik, yet again 💕

    Kevin and Karen Glen and little legend Monty thank you for being supportive in everything. You are the best neighbours, friends, allies, and 'Monty Lifers'!! My gratitude to you for again chipping in a massive punch to my fundraising and the event in total thanks to your timing. Will see you soon to thank you properly. Take care and stay tuned.

  • $25
    Josh, Carlie, Tahlia and Noah
    9 months ago ● Goodluck Batwings! Fly up those stairs!

    Always avid supporters and keen to include some valuable input, Picketts! My gratitude for putting in a wonderful donation and keeping the momentum rolling. And fly I shall! Cheers from the other half of the Wilson-Pickett connection. .

  • $25
    Trav Hamilton
    9 months ago ● Keep up the great work Mik

    Megz & Prez Trav Hamilton (MFB)-Cheers for answering my call for donations towards Black Dog and Lifeline. Ripper effort as always from you folks. Looking forward to you signing up and completing the climb next year, Prez.

  • $50
    Leanne Cullen McPherson
    9 months ago ● Awesome work Mik, love Leanne, Jaryd, Haylea & Zane.

    Leanne Cullen McPherson, Jaryd, Haylea, and Zane. Many very appreciative hugs and thanks for your constant support every year. I truly appreciate you all getting involved and most especially your energizing words of reinforcement. And if I know you, Cuz, you would be pretty keen to have a crack at these stairs yourself! You guys and girls rock

  • $100
    Kneebone-Wilson Clan
    9 months ago ● Go Bro, loving your work xx

    Cheers Kneebone-Wilson clan! Great donation to send through on the Double Donation weekend. Many thanks and hugs to follow. Congratulations on making a difference and being involved in the stairclimb event. And also congratulations on having me as your brother/brother-in-law/godfather/uncle! Lol.

  • $100
    The McKeowns
    9 months ago ● Oh Micky your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey Micky hey Micky

    McKeown family. Kevin McKeown Narelle McKeown Neave, Harry my godson, and Finn. Cheers for supporting silly Uncle ‘Stop That’! Great to have you on board this year-your support means so much to me. Love all the sport I am seeing you guys involved with flying about out there in the great wild north, keep it going.

  • $60
    Greg Plier
    9 months ago ● Great affort once again Mik.

    SSO Greg Plier (MFB)-Thanks for the very generous ‘boomerang’ donation again this year and best of luck smashing those stairs like you did last year! I’ve altered my training somewhat based on your success so fingers crossed I can shave more than a few seconds off my time. Hopefully see you for some pork knuckle! Go Roos.

  • $150
    Aunty Mon, Tim & family, Cath & family
    9 months ago ● Hey Mik Wilson don’t be slow like Elvis & go go GO!! Good luck from the O’Kane incorrigibles. Aunty Mon, Tim & family, Cath & family xxx

    Aunty Mon, Tim & Family, Cath & family. A brilliant donation from some pretty incredible people. My thanks for pooling together such a generous contribution and for being involved in this great cause. As always, I have some world-famous hugs ready in the bank. Love to all.

  • $50
    George & Christine Krashow
    9 months ago ● Mik is ace’O.

    George & Christine Krashow-My nutritional and mental intakes would not be the same without your completely unique dinner/lunch conversations and delicious feasts. I love this family! Cheers for your ongoing support in so many ways.

  • $500
    Icon Equipment International
    9 months ago ● Icon supports you all the way Mik. Good luck and well done on raising funds and awareness to this cause. Thank you for your brilliant Icon caricature.

    Icon Equipment Australia-One of the most solid and resilient Australian businesses you will ever know. I have such admiration for what David and Peter and Pauline have accomplished in building an incredibly loyal, hard-working, and tight group around their collective goals and directions. I truly do admire your ability to ‘survive and thrive’, adapt to change, and remain productive. But I obviously also find it so comforting and inspirational that you are there to back me every year with my charity work. And back me you certainly have! Another gigantic donation to boost my fundraising to new heights. Truly gobsmacked. Call on me for your Christmas cartoons whenever you need them. My sincere thanks to Icon Equipment for making a huge impact and combatting Depression, Suicide, and PTSD. True salt of the earth people. Check them out here: http://www.iconequip.net.au/

  • $100
    Paul Harrup
    9 months ago ● All the best for the climb. Cheers, Harry.

    Paul Harrup. Harry, you epitomize the spirit of generosity in this event. You contribute every single year and despite the fact that we live a fair distance away, you still donate and send words of encouragement. You are definitely NOT one of those ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ humans!! And thank goodness for that. Your commitment to supporting my fundraising and the community is to be admired and long may it continue. Cheers, Harry.

  • $500
    Wilson/Davidson family
    9 months ago ● Proud of you Mik- great cause!

    Wilson/Davidson family-Wow! Thanks for putting together a truly formidable donation! You have the honour of being the donation that officially took me past last year’s total raised of $7,260 with the current total after your donation sitting at $7,261! All my gratitude for being such fervent contributors and no doubt raising awareness wherever you possibly go as well. Amazing effort by Brett walking across the UK recently, also! Big hugs and cheers to follow. This donation has provided an enormous boost to the event fundraising, myself, and, most importantly, it will save lives. Luv youse all. Enjoy the song below: Andrew WK-Victory Strikes Again.

  • $100
    The Arvo’s
    9 months ago ● Climbing that never ending staircase, loaded, must be like Rey Mysterio facing Brock Lesnar. You are a small but mighty world title holder Mik. Whoooo!

    The Arvos Erica Con & Alexis. Thanks for supporting my stairclimb fundraising for another year. I can always count on your encouragement and involvement in these important causes. You have just delivered an F5 to Depression, Suicide, and PTSD!

  • $50
    Blessing, Muna
    9 months ago ● Great work brother. Break the record. Proud of you bro

    Blessing & Muna. What powerful laser beams of sunshine you are in an already bright world. It is a joy to have you a part of our family. I was already lucky to have my incredible sisters but now I am also blessed with another beautiful sister and great man who I am proud to call my brother. Thanks for looking after your family and especially thanks for supporting my fundraising endeavours. Love you both heaps. Here is a perfectly fitting song and video in the comments for you both.

  • $50
    Michael Scales
    9 months ago ● great work Mik. Hadn’t realised you were doing this - perhaps need to do more publicity!

    Haha! I'll see if I can up the publicity next time, Mick-now there IS a challenge! Mate thanks for being a great supporter, an unselfish teammate and an all round positive bloke. Good to have you playing again, too. Cheers for the generous donation.💪🏀

  • $25
    Matt Burke
    9 months ago ● Good Luck Mik!! Cheers Burkey

    Matt Burke (MFB) you legend. Always good sharing a chat, a business card design, some bacon and egg muffins mik-style recipes, but even better to have you on board the stairclimb fundraising cause. Cheers for your donation and have a listen to/look at the song if you want to crank things up at 12. 👨‍🚒😜

  • $50
    Neil & Trish Whiffin
    9 months ago ● Good luck!

    Neil & Trish Whiffin Thank you for ‘ánswering the call’ and becoming a part of this fundraising monster! Your involvement is most welcome and timely!

  • $100
    Peter Dwyer
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik

    Peter thank you for being a staunch supporter of my fundraising. And my gratitude for your incredibly generous donation. Truly appreciate you getting involved and being a part of this cause. Cheers.

  • $50
    Jim, Louise, Maddison & Bryanna Penson
    9 months ago ● In the words of Hank (Sacred Heart Mission Basketball before being consumed by WNWA)"Go Mickey Wilson". ps - Don't forget to rotate your tyres before the big day.

    Jim, Lou, Maddy, Bryanna. Haha-J-Train family!…Welcome aboard the M-Train!! Your donation today was a fantastic surprise and it’s great to have you all aboard. Whether it was 273 at the Centurion challenge to your 271 or winning the year 9 funrun with you second, or even the two of us dominating the Circuit Bar free throw contest in first and second place (with me in first), “We’re in this together and ever-rrr”. But you’re first in my book with your donation. Thanks for joining in this year and becoming a part of this great event.

  • $200
    Graham Jones
    9 months ago ● 28 Floors? Is that all? Couldn't you round it upto 30?! Good luck!

    Graham Jones. On a Barcelona rooftop pool last year, you saw us reading a certain book, and decided on the spot, after finding out we were part of the global firefighting family, to donate a huge boost to my 2017 stairclimb fundraising. I am so proud you are on board again in 2018 with a monster donation from Iraq (or the bowels of India-not sure where you are at any given point in time). I look forward to you making it to Australia. Thanks, mate-you are a great bloke.👨‍🚒🍻⚡💪🤽‍♂️

  • $25
    Rosie Achterberg
    9 months ago ● Good onya Mik! Can't wait to cheer you on in the stairwell. I'll be the one yelling 10 steps to go you can do it! Rosie

    Rosie Achterberg you are one of the most positive people I have ever met. At Linda's party was the first time and now we are both with MFB years later. I reckon I may have even heard you last year in the stairwell. Forgive me if I don't stop and giv e you a hug in the stairwell on the way up. Thanks for supporting me and this great cause. Spread the word!! ;-)

  • $100
    Saunders mob.
    9 months ago

    Heaps of hugs and thanks to my viking cousins. Always amazing to have your support. A big cheers from your irish mediterraneanish nephew/cousin/firefighter. 💪🚒😉💖

  • $100
    Grant #15
    9 months ago ● Great cause Mik! Good luck with it all!

    Grant Kruger wow what a smashing donation! Now that's what I call one hell of a way to usher in the weekend!! Thanks for joining up with this remarkable army of friends, family, colleagues, team-mates, and complete strangers. It is donations from new contributors such as yourself that is the future of my fundraising and allows me to strive for higher targets every year. Your good deed for the day is well and truly done, my friend. Massive cheers and we will toast to it soon. In the meantime, it's 'EASY TO SAY' you will support a cause like this but another thing entirely to make your sort of impact. 😉👨‍🚒

  • $50
    Tammy, Simon and Mia
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik!

    Tammy Nguyen, Simon, and Mia. Over the last twelve hours your beautiful family have contributed much to not only my fundraising cause but also in your tribute to Leading Firefighter Peter Delisle. Such all-encompassing support personally gives me a boost and answering my call to double donations from last year has been yet another blast of encouragement. It is so great that we have your support. A real family effort this year. Hugs all ‘round.

  • $40
    Cliff & Joan James
    9 months ago

    Joan & Cliff James. Thank you for your kind addition to my 2018 melbourne firefighter stairclimb fundraising. It takes firefighters from all areas and many countries to fill the 650 spots and the teamwork involved is echoed in your becoming part of the fundraising team. Thanks heaps.

  • $150
    Sue Leardi
    9 months ago ● The Leardi Family have rallied together to contribute to your stair climb and are proud to support you and this cause. Keep going......

    Leardi Family. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.-Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks for banding together as a family and supporting my stairclimb fundraising for this very important cause. It is great to have such special people getting involved.

  • $250
    Trish & Adrian Wilson
    9 months ago ● Caricature payment #2.

    Keep it coming.

  • $25
    Ruby Con
    9 months ago ● Bless your heart! this is amazing! supporting you all the way to the top!

    This is a powerful cause and you just became a part of the solution. My congratulations to you. I have an epic hug stored in the power-cells for you. I would dearly hope you can stay on board and be a part of these events in the future. In the meantime, you have made a difference and you should enjoy that along with every.single.one of the legends who fight for their community.

  • $25
    Ramya Ganessane
    9 months ago ● All the very best!

    Ramya Ganessane. Welcome aboard the stairclimb fundraising juggernaut, Ramya! It is an honour to welcome such a thrillseeker to this fundraising drive. Both myself and my crew look forward to taking you and your family for a tour through the station-it will be our pleasure. Very grateful for your support.

  • $97
    Coffee Club July
    9 months ago

    Coffee savings July.

  • $25
    Mark Williams
    9 months ago ● Good luck Jooce! Sorry it's a week later. Keep up the training and rock on brother! Mark.

    Mark Williams (MFB). Cheers for your involvement, bro. You always offer me cool gear from the ComiCons and such every year and I think next year, to raise funds, I might take you up on that finally. For now, thanks for being involved and for your Uncle being my excellent SO for so long! As for your song dedication it was either a Soundgarden’s Burden In My Hand or this one. I went with this one.. Mark Williams-Show No Mercy.

  • $50
    Robert Ram
    9 months ago


  • $25
    Lachlan Mclean
    9 months ago ● Get that forehead up the stairs.

    Lachlan 'Cable Guy' McLean (MFB), thanks for throwing your hard-earned at this great cause, mate. Excellent to have you on board supporting in 2018. And rest easy knowing that whenever I cross that finish line, my forehead will do it 5 seconds ‘ahead’ of me.

  • $10
    Sally Heppleston
    9 months ago ● Awesome effort, Mik. All the best.

    Sally Heppleston. Thanks for chipping in and supporting the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb. “Without water drops, there can be no oceans; without steps, there can be no stairs; without little things, there can be no big things!”-Mehmet Murat Ildan. And all the best with your own fundraising for research into stillbirth. Please see the Hepplestons’ link here: https://make-a-difference.everydayhero.com/au/simon

  • $165
    Fred, Penny, Morgan and Elliot
    9 months ago ● Records are made to be broken P.S Alcoholic drinks rebate is a thing

    Fred Tschirsch & Family Thanks for getting into ‘the spirit’ of contribution and landing the winning donation to score the awesome Craft & Vine hamper! And yes, records are made to be broken. Thanks for being enthusiastic and constant supporters of my causes-whatever they may be. Sweet chin music and stunners all ‘round!

  • $50
    David Russo
    9 months ago ● Congrats on raising awareness for this great cause Mik, from Russ, Suz, Isabella & Sienna

    David & Suze Russo and Isabella & Sienna my sincere thanks for your involvement in the stairclimb fundraising effort! Very generous of you and we get one step closer to the target thanks to your donation. Much love from a full heart!

  • $400
    Kartaway Miniskips
    9 months ago ● From all at Kartaway.

    Kartaway Mini Skips thanks for the contribution (2017 Kartaway cartoon payment).

  • $160
    Sideways O'Hoy
    9 months ago ● Depression is malakias.

    Glenn O’Hoy Massive thanks for the re-ignition of my staircflimb fundraising drive. Your boost OUTTA NOWHERE is testament to your generosity and symbolic of you being a good bloke! My progress chart is moving SIDEWAYS in the right direction thanks to you, brother.

  • $150
    Maureen & Dennis Cullen
    10 months ago ● For all your hard work. Go Mik.

    Maureen and Dennis Cullen big hugs and appreciation for being such strong supporters of my firefighter stairclimb fundraising. Your involvement spurs me in to new heights every.single.year. xxoo.

  • $500
    Chris & Lorraine Bell
    10 months ago ● Good Luck, Mik on the climb. We are happy to support such a good cause. Chris and Lorraine

    Chris & Lorraine Bell and The whole Bell Family. Congratulations to the winners of Auction item #1; 4 x Aus Open Tickets donated by Dan Cecconi at Sportsnet Australia. Thanks for supporting the stairclimb , my fundraising, and for saving lives. Enjoy the tennis knowing you have made a massive difference to the lives of others. “If I have to move up in a building, I choose the elevator over the escalator. Because one time I was riding the escalator and I tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.” -Demetri Martin.

  • $108
    James Bennetts
    10 months ago ● As Maurice Starr and NKOTB so eloquently put it, I really think it's just a matter of time.

    James Bennetts . What can I say about one of my most loyal and creative supporters. James you legend. Love the fact you have lifted and donated substantially more this year. And always enjoy some of the quirky amounts and messages. Cheers for really getting into the spirit of this cause and for giving me another much-needed boost towards my target total “Step by step”.

  • $100
    Gabby, Nate & Girls..
    10 months ago ● Good Luck Mik! We couldn't be prouder :) such a worthy cause!!

    Gabby Elizabeth, Nate Blaine-Marfell, and girls my sincere thanks for such a generous donation to my stairclimb fundraising. Terrific support from you and the girls. You should also be proud of your involvement every year. You guys are the real superheroes. I’m just the legs. Much love.

  • $100
    Luke Finnigan
    10 months ago ● Great effort mate.. great cause

    Luke Finnigan you champion! Second year in a row you have stepped up and thrown some of your trademark splashes to make a major impact for this cause. Really gives me a lift to have you on board again, brother.

  • $55
    Chris Turner
    10 months ago ● Go Mik!!

    Cheers, big fella. Good on you for participating as well. Thanks for your donation and hopefully see you on the day, bro. S.I.U.

  • $55
    Sam wright
    10 months ago ● Great work on the fundraising mate

    Thanks, Chief!! Good on ya for having a crack at the stairclimb, Sam-three out of the 24 of MFB RC108 participating is pretty good if you ask me.

  • $50
    Maureen Goodwin
    10 months ago ● Great work again Mik!

    Maureen cheers for another great donation. I can always count on your support for a good cause.

  • $122
    Coffee Club June
    10 months ago

    4 people no coffee for a month = this! Get on board for August!!

  • $250
    Mum & Dad
    10 months ago ● Run, Mik, run! Proud of you. You are our favourite child...er, we mean, son-you're our favourite son! Mapa Xo

    Mum & Dad awww, shucks. Thanks for your constant love and support. You are the reason I am who I am. Enjoy the caricature and get Bridget, Jack, Harry, or Ashley to show you the clip on youtube.

  • $25
    Marisa & Frank Puccio
    10 months ago ● Go Mik! Good luck on your stair climb! Puccio Family
  • $50
    Jamie Baker
    10 months ago ● Keep up the great work, you've always been a fantastic supporter of better mental health for all. Too bad I'm on C Shift now. Great to work with you. Jamie

    SO Jamie Baker (MFB). Mate I always said you would make a great officer. Wicked high fives for your fantastic support for the stairclimb, my appeal, and mental health. With 10% of emergency service workers suffering PTSD, we know how important this issue is. Your contribution has really come out of nowhere and I am grateful to have it! Plus, progressively bigger fundraising targets like mine require heaps of new supporters each year so many thanks for being one. Hopefully catch you on a recall or maybe a strike team in the future!? Enjoy the clip in the comments from one of Canada's finest exports 😉 🇨🇦️ and commiserations on C shift relegation. 😜 👨‍🚒

  • $250
    Barry Plant Croydon
    10 months ago ● Good luck Mik. Such a worthy cause and we are more than happy to support you. Kind Regards Barry Plant Croydon

    Barry Plant Croydon. One of my long-term founding corporate supporters and always quick to go out of their way to contribute to worthwhile causes. Fantastic group of people to deal with personally and professionally who have helped me go from first-time home owner to first-time landlord and continue to offer excellent service and support. Cannot recommend Barry Plant Croydon highly enough. As well as supporting my firefighter stairclimb annually, Barry Plant Croydon also support RCH Good Friday Appeal, Movember, and Make-A-Wish as well as their own Auctioneers helping out at charity event auctions! https://www.barryplant.com.au/croydon/community/about/ Thanks for your voluminous backing. Enjoy the song (Crowded House-Better Be Home Soon).

  • $25
    Ian McKenzie
    10 months ago ● Mik, mate it was a pleasure to meet you and hear why you are doing this, good luck mate and well done. Cheers Macca

    SO Ian McKenzie (MFB). Really appreciate your spontaneous addition to both my ‘DonationStation’ tin at FS12 AND to my online climber page!! Please keep me posted with your next CF fundraiser-I would like to return the gesture. It was great to have you on board for the day yesterday and some enjoyable banter. And remember-all roads lead to St.Georges Road!! Found a clip you might like. Will include link here in your message also: Ceelo Green-Thank You (to Firefighters) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJm_wy0CVYg

  • $50
    luke mcconnell
    10 months ago ● Well done Mik !!

    Luke McConnell cheers for another stupendous donation. Thanks for getting in the ring and having a go every year for my stairclimb. And this year is no exception. Your support is constant, reliable, and considerate as always. Cheers, mate.

  • $50
    Ellen hawkins
    10 months ago ● Upward, ever upward! You always were a star. Well done Top Dog.....Miff

    Ellen Hawkins. One very, very special human being you are. I am convinced a written reference you provided for my application process to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 2012 was instrumental in making me a part of this incredibly vital organisation. And that means you are directly responsible for all of the money I have raised, all of the kms I run/climb/walk, and most importantly, all of the lives that have been saved, and all of the lives that WILL be saved. I can’t express my thanks enough for what you have done for me as a manager, as a friend, and now, years later, as a supporter again. I owe you heaps. Thanks, Miff!

  • $50
    Leslie Cowman
    10 months ago ● Enjoy the climb Mate

    Cheers for getting involved and supporting this cause, Les. It has always been great to have your support then and now. Keep up your own excellent work on the gym weights.

  • $1
    Morgan Tschirsch
    10 months ago ● More!!???

    Thanks, little man! It puts things in perspective when a young lad looks at his fifty cent coin before he hands it to you, looks back at his Minions tin, and then hands over three fifty cent coins. Such a generous donation that you TRIPLED on the spot to make an impact and help his 'uncle Mik'. Great job, Morgs. Luv ya, buddy.

  • $50
    SO Geoff Edwards
    10 months ago ● Run you silly bugger!!

    SO Geoff Edwards thanks for blasting a pineapple at me out of nowhere on the last nightshift!! Very generous of you and yes this silly bugger will run!! Cheers.

  • $100
    Leanne Marii
    10 months ago

    Leanne Marii thank you for contributing a fantastic donation towards my stairclimb. Your support is keeping the momentum rolling towards what will hopefully be my biggest total so far. We are saving lives and your support is so very appreciated.

  • $100
    Claudia Sorrentino and Musa Conde
    10 months ago ● Well done for championing this cause. Here's to people not suffering in silence. This donation is in memory of Mykal Pinder. Claudia and Musa x

    Claudia Lucia Sorrentino and Musa Conde. It is a distinct pleasure and honour to have the support of you both in my fundraising drives. You are staunch supporters to the end. Whenever we catch up, your capacity for compassion, insight, and wisdom is always a welcome presence. And I won’t have to come all the way to London this year to present you with a little plastic firefighter!!

  • $200
    Tsakmakis family
    10 months ago ● Onya Mik!!

    Tsakmakis family-cheers for making a point to be involved again in my Stairclimb. Every year, you support the great causes this event raises money for and this year is no exception. You have all really stepped it up a big notch this year. Thanks for being steadfast supporters and for saving lives. I don’t have any cycling pics to share in your thank you post (last time I was on a bicycle I pretty much crashed and burned on the velodrome) so this is the best I could find from Smiths Gully in 2016. Enjoy the clip, enjoy your trip, we will see you soon.

  • $100
    Jackie and Stan McHugh
    10 months ago ● Go Mik💪👏

    Jackie McHugh and Stan cheers for really getting behind this cause with your contribution to my Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising. Your involvement will help bring about some much needed change for members of our community.

  • $100
    Andrew Bennetts
    10 months ago ● Love this event. Keep at it Mik!!!

    Andrew Bennetts another big round of applause for your support and contribution to this great cause. You’re always a staunch advocate and ally when it comes to worthwhile ventures and my Stairclimb fundraising is no exception. Thank you for your very generous donation. Almost a year to the day your own very worthwhile venture; your book The Mess We’re In was launched on Lygon street. An issue very close to mine and my familys’ heart. Excellent to be teaming up with you again.

  • $50
    Brett Hall
    10 months ago ● Good on you Mik. Hope it goes well!

    Cheers to Brett Hall for donating much-needed funds to the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb. Great to have your support again and your humorous poshtsh (See training pic from Aireysh Inlet), mut.

  • $50
    Shane Palmer
    10 months ago ● Good on ya mate

    Shane Palmer you legend! Thanks for jumping in and getting involved in my Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising again! Mate, I really appreciate your attitude, your effort, your presence, in pretty much everything.

  • $400
    Jellis Craig Real Estate Eltham, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Greensborough
    10 months ago

    Jamin Silluzio, Keiran Whaley and all at Jellis Craig Real Estate-you are a foundation of my stairclimb fundraising and spur so many other corporate sponsors to get involved. I am humbled and appreciative of your (typically immense) donation! Please check out Jellis Craig if you are thinking of anything Real Estate. Unbelievable community spirit and involvement. Very fortunate to have you on board in the push for Mental Health and saving lives.

  • $66
    Steve Linda and the Boys
    10 months ago ● great cause..... great effort..... well done

    Stephen, Linda, and boys-thanks for your involvement in this great cause and for stepping up to make a difference. Another awesome donation but your constant support I rate even higher.

  • $25
    Louise Foley
    10 months ago ● Good luck

    Louise Foley a big thank you for your contribution to my 2018 Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising. Great effort stepping up to fight Depression, Suicide and PTSD. Much appreciated.

  • $100
    Kirsten Cullen
    10 months ago ● Good Luck Mik. So inspired by your commitment to this fundraiser. You rock! Love from the metal branch of your family 💕🤘🏻👍🏻

    Rock out, Kirsty Cullen!! The ticker really fills with pride when the Cullen clan get involved every year. Especially when you continue to be so giving to this event and this cause. And I think we both know what sort of music I'm listening to when I train. I can't wait to see you folks and thank you in person with a famous hug.

  • $255
    Pauline Kostas
    10 months ago ● You are amazing in every way. Always so proud of you. Supporting you every “step” of the way. ❤️

    To my astounding 'Partner-In-Climb', Pauline. Thank you for contributing the biggest donation so far. For this, I promise to iron a cover from one of the 253 throw cushions in the house. Your support somehow seems to grow as my lofty goals do each year and you adjust effortlessly. Thanks for being a training partner, manager, supporter, nutritionist, donor, and for rallying so many new and fantastic people to join us in this event each year. Put your seat-belt on coz here we go. "Life tells you to take the elevator, but love tells you to take the stairs."-David Levithan.

  • $100
    Stu #23
    10 months ago ● eye on the PrizE firemaN mIk wilSon

    I'll keeP my Eyez oN the prISe if you will SMash sOme ciders as thanks sOon!! Cheers for a donation almost as generous as your big toe! Ripper effort, Big Chief, and extremely grateful to have such a sledgehammer of a contribution land on my cause. BOOM!!

  • $25
    Troy Eaton
    10 months ago

    Cheers to my Recruit Course bro Troy Eaton (MFB) for putting in again towards the Firefighter Stairclimb this year. Not only does Troy always contribute to my fundraising but continues to use his modelling experience and crushing good looks to star on promotional materials and in social media campaigns such as LMK fight against suicide or MFB blood drives in his own charitable work. A more generous (or better looking) firefighter you would struggle to find. In all seriousness-thanks for your constant involvement and support, Hungry-it is a welcome boost always.👨‍🚒💪🎸

  • $250
    Shaun, Tahnee and Sienna Bell
    10 months ago ● You're the Superhero around here...

    Shaun Bell Tahnee , & Sienna-WOW! THAT is what you call one hell of a parting gesture!! Incredibly generous donation by you beautiful people yet again. Very fortunate to call you friends but even luckier are the people your donation will be assisting. You have really given this cause a massive boost . Also, from my family to yours we hope you will stay in touch and have much success in your new journey. Still awestruck, guys-shaking my head as I write this. As a relevant conclusion, it was at Singapore airport in 2012 that I checked my emails on the way to Thailand to see that I had been offered a spot on MFB Recruit Course 108! Charity events like these are one of the key reasons I became a firefighter. And now here we are full circle! Cheers.

  • $100
    11 months ago ● Good Luck Mik! Keep up the great work you are doing fund raising for these worthy causes! Fantastic effort! Best Wishes Terri.S xx

    Terri Sciola (of ''The Bali Girls'')-my sincere gratitude for helping to raise funds towards fighting Depression, PTSD, and raising suicide awareness. Your annual contribution coming to my fundraising drive is humbling and will save lives. So very happy to be able to thank you in person last night at House Of HoiAn!

  • $50
    Jacki Cook
    11 months ago ● Good luck again. !!!

    Hugs and grateful thanks yet again to Jacki Cook for always supporting my fundraising efforts. Your donation to this years' firefighter stairclimb is no exception. Cheers for your continued support. You rock.

  • $100
    Greg Paroissien
    11 months ago ● You-can-do-it.........

    Big thanks to Boges for officially getting my 2018 Melbourne Firefighter stairclimb fundraising started. Always one of (if not the first) to chip in and help for a good cause. Cheers, brother.

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