Mik Wilson

Climbing for MFB Preston

Hi. On September 1st I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $700,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $2,748 of my $10,826 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Mik’s friends

  • $50
    Jamie Baker
    yesterday ● Keep up the great work, you've always been a fantastic supporter of better mental health for all. Too bad I'm on C Shift now. Great to work with you. Jamie
  • $250
    Barry Plant Croydon
    yesterday ● Good luck Mik. Such a worthy cause and we are more than happy to support you. Kind Regards Barry Plant Croydon

    Barry Plant Croydon. One of my long-term founding corporate supporters and always quick to go out of their way to contribute to worthwhile causes. Fantastic group of people to deal with personally and professionally who have helped me go from first-time home owner to first-time landlord and continue to offer excellent service and support. Cannot recommend Barry Plant Croydon highly enough. As well as supporting my firefighter stairclimb annually, Barry Plant Croydon also support RCH Good Friday Appeal, Movember, and Make-A-Wish as well as their own Auctioneers helping out at charity event auctions! https://www.barryplant.com.au/croydon/community/about/ Thanks for your voluminous backing. Enjoy the song (Crowded House-Better Be Home Soon).

  • $25
    Ian McKenzie
    2 days ago ● Mik, mate it was a pleasure to meet you and hear why you are doing this, good luck mate and well done. Cheers Macca

    SO Ian McKenzie (MFB). Really appreciate your spontaneous addition to both my ‘DonationStation’ tin at FS12 AND to my online climber page!! Please keep me posted with your next CF fundraiser-I would like to return the gesture. It was great to have you on board for the day yesterday and some enjoyable banter. And remember-all roads lead to St.Georges Road!! Found a clip you might like. Will include link here in your message also: Ceelo Green-Thank You (to Firefighters) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJm_wy0CVYg

  • $50
    luke mcconnell
    2 days ago ● Well done Mik !!

    Luke McConnell cheers for another stupendous donation. Thanks for getting in the ring and having a go every year for my stairclimb. And this year is no exception. Your support is constant, reliable, and considerate as always. Cheers, mate.

  • $50
    Ellen hawkins
    3 days ago ● Upward, ever upward! You always were a star. Well done Top Dog.....Miff

    Ellen Hawkins. One very, very special human being you are. I am convinced a written reference you provided for my application process to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 2012 was instrumental in making me a part of this incredibly vital organisation. And that means you are directly responsible for all of the money I have raised, all of the kms I run/climb/walk, and most importantly, all of the lives that have been saved, and all of the lives that WILL be saved. I can’t express my thanks enough for what you have done for me as a manager, as a friend, and now, years later, as a supporter again. I owe you heaps. Thanks, Miff!

  • $50
    Leslie Cowman
    7 days ago ● Enjoy the climb Mate

    Cheers for getting involved and supporting this cause, Les. It has always been great to have your support then and now. Keep up your own excellent work on the gym weights.

  • $1
    Morgan Tschirsch
    8 days ago ● More!!???

    Thanks, little man! It puts things in perspective when a young lad looks at his fifty cent coin before he hands it to you, looks back at his Minions tin, and then hands over three fifty cent coins. Such a generous donation that you TRIPLED on the spot to make an impact and help his 'uncle Mik'. Great job, Morgs. Luv ya, buddy.

  • $50
    SO Geoff Edwards
    9 days ago ● Run you silly bugger!!

    SO Geoff Edwards thanks for blasting a pineapple at me out of nowhere on the last nightshift!! Very generous of you and yes this silly bugger will run!! Cheers.

  • $100
    Leanne Marii
    9 days ago

    Leanne Marii thank you for contributing a fantastic donation towards my stairclimb. Your support is keeping the momentum rolling towards what will hopefully be my biggest total so far. We are saving lives and your support is so very appreciated.

  • $100
    Claudia Sorrentino and Musa Conde
    9 days ago ● Well done for championing this cause. Here's to people not suffering in silence. This donation is in memory of Mykal Pinder. Claudia and Musa x

    Claudia Lucia Sorrentino and Musa Conde. It is a distinct pleasure and honour to have the support of you both in my fundraising drives. You are staunch supporters to the end. Whenever we catch up, your capacity for compassion, insight, and wisdom is always a welcome presence. And I won’t have to come all the way to London this year to present you with a little plastic firefighter!!

  • $200
    Tsakmakis family
    13 days ago ● Onya Mik!!

    Tsakmakis family-cheers for making a point to be involved again in my Stairclimb. Every year, you support the great causes this event raises money for and this year is no exception. You have all really stepped it up a big notch this year. Thanks for being steadfast supporters and for saving lives. I don’t have any cycling pics to share in your thank you post (last time I was on a bicycle I pretty much crashed and burned on the velodrome) so this is the best I could find from Smiths Gully in 2016. Enjoy the clip, enjoy your trip, we will see you soon.

  • $100
    Jackie and Stan McHugh
    14 days ago ● Go Mik💪👏

    Jackie McHugh and Stan cheers for really getting behind this cause with your contribution to my Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising. Your involvement will help bring about some much needed change for members of our community.

  • $100
    Andrew Bennetts
    15 days ago ● Love this event. Keep at it Mik!!!

    Andrew Bennetts another big round of applause for your support and contribution to this great cause. You’re always a staunch advocate and ally when it comes to worthwhile ventures and my Stairclimb fundraising is no exception. Thank you for your very generous donation. Almost a year to the day your own very worthwhile venture; your book The Mess We’re In was launched on Lygon street. An issue very close to mine and my familys’ heart. Excellent to be teaming up with you again.

  • $50
    Brett Hall
    15 days ago ● Good on you Mik. Hope it goes well!

    Cheers to Brett Hall for donating much-needed funds to the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb. Great to have your support again and your humorous poshtsh (See training pic from Aireysh Inlet), mut.

  • $50
    Shane Palmer
    15 days ago ● Good on ya mate

    Shane Palmer you legend! Thanks for jumping in and getting involved in my Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising again! Mate, I really appreciate your attitude, your effort, your presence, in pretty much everything.

  • $400
    Jellis Craig Real Estate Eltham, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Greensborough
    15 days ago

    Jamin Silluzio, Keiran Whaley and all at Jellis Craig Real Estate-you are a foundation of my stairclimb fundraising and spur so many other corporate sponsors to get involved. I am humbled and appreciative of your (typically immense) donation! Please check out Jellis Craig if you are thinking of anything Real Estate. Unbelievable community spirit and involvement. Very fortunate to have you on board in the push for Mental Health and saving lives.

  • $66
    Steve Linda and the Boys
    16 days ago ● great cause..... great effort..... well done

    Stephen, Linda, and boys-thanks for your involvement in this great cause and for stepping up to make a difference. Another awesome donation but your constant support I rate even higher.

  • $25
    Louise Foley
    17 days ago ● Good luck

    Louise Foley a big thank you for your contribution to my 2018 Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising. Great effort stepping up to fight Depression, Suicide and PTSD. Much appreciated.

  • $100
    Kirsten Cullen
    18 days ago ● Good Luck Mik. So inspired by your commitment to this fundraiser. You rock! Love from the metal branch of your family 💕🤘🏻👍🏻

    Rock out, Kirsty Cullen!! The ticker really fills with pride when the Cullen clan get involved every year. Especially when you continue to be so giving to this event and this cause. And I think we both know what sort of music I'm listening to when I train. I can't wait to see you folks and thank you in person with a famous hug.

  • $255
    Pauline Kostas
    18 days ago ● You are amazing in every way. Always so proud of you. Supporting you every “step” of the way. ❤️

    To my astounding 'Partner-In-Climb', Pauline. Thank you for contributing the biggest donation so far. For this, I promise to iron a cover from one of the 253 throw cushions in the house. Your support somehow seems to grow as my lofty goals do each year and you adjust effortlessly. Thanks for being a training partner, manager, supporter, nutritionist, donor, and for rallying so many new and fantastic people to join us in this event each year. Put your seat-belt on coz here we go. "Life tells you to take the elevator, but love tells you to take the stairs."-David Levithan.

  • $100
    Stu #23
    18 days ago ● eye on the PrizE firemaN mIk wilSon

    I'll keeP my Eyez oN the prISe if you will SMash sOme ciders as thanks sOon!! Cheers for a donation almost as generous as your big toe! Ripper effort, Big Chief, and extremely grateful to have such a sledgehammer of a contribution land on my cause. BOOM!!

  • $25
    Troy Eaton
    18 days ago

    Cheers to my Recruit Course bro Troy Eaton (MFB) for putting in again towards the Firefighter Stairclimb this year. Not only does Troy always contribute to my fundraising but continues to use his modelling experience and crushing good looks to star on promotional materials and in social media campaigns such as LMK fight against suicide or MFB blood drives in his own charitable work. A more generous (or better looking) firefighter you would struggle to find. In all seriousness-thanks for your constant involvement and support, Hungry-it is a welcome boost always.👨‍🚒💪🎸

  • $250
    Shaun, Tahnee and Sienna Bell
    20 days ago ● You're the Superhero around here...

    Shaun Bell Tahnee , & Sienna-WOW! THAT is what you call one hell of a parting gesture!! Incredibly generous donation by you beautiful people yet again. Very fortunate to call you friends but even luckier are the people your donation will be assisting. You have really given this cause a massive boost . Also, from my family to yours we hope you will stay in touch and have much success in your new journey. Still awestruck, guys-shaking my head as I write this. As a relevant conclusion, it was at Singapore airport in 2012 that I checked my emails on the way to Thailand to see that I had been offered a spot on MFB Recruit Course 108! Charity events like these are one of the key reasons I became a firefighter. And now here we are full circle! Cheers.

  • $100
    21 days ago ● Good Luck Mik! Keep up the great work you are doing fund raising for these worthy causes! Fantastic effort! Best Wishes Terri.S xx

    Terri Sciola (of ''The Bali Girls'')-my sincere gratitude for helping to raise funds towards fighting Depression, PTSD, and raising suicide awareness. Your annual contribution coming to my fundraising drive is humbling and will save lives. So very happy to be able to thank you in person last night at House Of HoiAn!

  • $50
    Jacki Cook
    21 days ago ● Good luck again. !!!

    Hugs and grateful thanks yet again to Jacki Cook for always supporting my fundraising efforts. Your donation to this years' firefighter stairclimb is no exception. Cheers for your continued support. You rock.

  • $100
    Greg Paroissien
    21 days ago ● You-can-do-it.........

    Big thanks to Boges for officially getting my 2018 Melbourne Firefighter stairclimb fundraising started. Always one of (if not the first) to chip in and help for a good cause. Cheers, brother.

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