Mik Wilson

Climbing for MFB Heidelberg

On 7th September I will be climbing to raise funds that will literally save lives. I want to save as many as possible. Get on board and help make a difference.🚒💪

So far, I've raised $15,000 of my $12,727 fundraising goal.

Race result


5:27.987 Donned and started

Finish Line Footage

Recent donations from Mik’s friends

  • $30
    Robert Magnanini
    8 months ago ● Better late than never. Well done Mik.

    Robert Magnanini. Great effort getting involved again in 2019, bro. Hopefully I can share a court with you in future as well. Your donation just raised my 2019 total to an even $15,000! “Better late than never indeed”-kind of like your comeback. Have a listen to this as penalty for your ‘late donation’; Biohazard-Punishment

  • $10
    8 months ago

    Cheers, Cam.

  • $100
    Jason Spencer
    8 months ago ● Great work Mik! Congrats.

    Jason Spencer thanks for your big boost to the stairclimb fundraising. You are always willing to be a part of this cause and support your mates. Thanks for being a loyal all-sta(i)r donor! And enjoy the song. 🏀💪😉 Steph Curry-XO Tour Llif3

  • $50
    Mark Williams
    8 months ago ● Good luck mate. Sorry it's late.

    Cheers for the very generous donation, Choc. And it's never too late. Donations still open. Hopefully you can climb next year as well. Need more MFB climbers! Great support, bro.🚒💪

  • $250
    Noel Dunlop
    8 months ago ● Good luck on the climb Mick

    Noel Dunlop what a fantastic and humugous boost to my stairclimb fundraising at this point in the proceedings. You’re donation will save countless lives and get people talking about suicide prevention, PTSI, bipolar, depression and mental health. Thanks for again being such a generous and loyal contributor. You really roll your sleeves up high when you back a great cause. Enjoy the entire set of Marvel’s The Call comic book series.-well earned. And really proud that I managed to avoid using the term ‘flop’ at any point in this thank you…..er…hang on….oops. Cheers, mate. -Willy. Wrap your ears around this; Suicidal Tendencies-You Can’t Bring Me Down

  • $50
    Ryan Odell
    8 months ago ● Your gonna smash those stairs my man xoxo

    Ryan Odell my thanks for your plentiful contribution to my stairclimb and also for being a great young bloke in general who makes my girl Tess even happier. Very kind donation, mate. Cheers Hope you like the song choice; Black Eyed Peas-Joints And Jam: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30r2by

  • $500
    Graham Jones
    8 months ago ● Hang on... this event is only for 5mins work? Surely you should be doing some kind of Iron Man event straight after? I mean, how hard can it be? Good Luck!

    Graham Jones. It’s long overdue I share how an invisible lightning bolt of luck nailed me in 2017 when I met the one-of-a-kind Graham Jones in a Barcelona hotel rooftop pool. Thanks to Pauline stealing the book I had just started (The Crossroad by Mark Donaldson), Graham approached; initially assuming we were ADF. What followed was an incredible act of generosity from someone who was then effectively a stranger but has since continued in immense fashion for three years and seen Graham donate a tremendous amount of funds. I feel like I have somehow beaten the system by meeting and maintaining a (very one-way) relationship with this amazing man. Being privy to elements of Graham’s own life completely reinforces how fortunate I am to know such a selfless man, how giving he truly is, and that perhaps we were always meant to meet. Graham, I wish you every good wish I can power up and charge you with for what lies ahead in your own journey and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a shining light from afar. Your involvement in my fundraising is epic and the stuff of legend. For goodness’ sake mate, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO AUSTRALIA??!!?? https://www.firefighterclimb.org.au/climber/mikwilson/ Here’s a song for you; The Music-Take The Long Road And Walk It: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ospxlZZM2Hw

  • $25
    Peter Krashow
    8 months ago ● Well done Bro and keep up the great work!!

    Pete Krashow. Always enjoy top support from family and this is no exception. Cheers for the donation, Peteski! You rock. And to show this, your song dedication is a first-it’s performed by you!!

  • $107
    Heidelberg MFB Donation Station
    8 months ago ● You better run.

    Heidelberg MFB Donation Station Cheers to Sean Connolly, Ben De Bondt, Ross Bett, Mark Proctor and some unknown benefactors for dropping some floating funds into the mess tin. Great work, all and thanks for getting involved. Here's a song that resembles what everyone keeps telling me. Motorhead-You Better Run

  • $50
    8 months ago ● Good luck Mik

    Andrew Moore Cheers for throwing in your hard-earned towards this cause that you yourself have already contributed so much to. You’ve always been a cheerful source of support and being stationed with you for the first time has been pretty cool, too. Apologies for endless stairclimb chat you’ve had to endure but it’s all worth it in the end. Here’s a tune: Gary Moore-Walking By Myself

  • $50
    Greg Plier
    8 months ago ● Wow, another amazing year fundraising for this event. Great job Mik!

    Greg Plier (MFB) my thanks for the donation and words. Good luck with your own climb and the ultra marathon on the horizon. You have all the tools to smash both, Mr. Plier! Enjoy the tune; Pearl Jam-I Am Mine.

  • $399
    Car Battery Recycling
    8 months ago

    Car Battery Run #3. My thanks to the following 'battery pack'; Luke at SES Nillumbik x 4, BP Montmorency x 3, Christian Mathieson (MFB) x 4, Pay It Forward Knox Facebook group, and the Monty Life 3094 facebook group. Great work everyone. Here’s a song dedication: Etienne De Crecy-Scratched.

  • $100
    Michael Burnell
    8 months ago ● As always - proud of your selfless work to support others.

    Michael Burnell big ups for the assist, my brother! I can always count on you for at least two things; 1. A last-minute injection of adrenaline-inducing funds to a great cause and; 2. Doing a knee. A great big high five to you, mate and thanks for always being keen to get involved. Hope you like the tune; Live-Rattlesnake.

  • $100
    Samuel Petrzela
    8 months ago ● Great thing you're doing Mik, Keep up the good work

    Sam Petrzela (MFB) what an extremely generous effort, mate. You have doubled your contribution from last year-and for a young bloke to generate so much funding is truly appreciated. You go ‘above and beyond’, mate (pun inteneded) and I love playing ball with you-you’re smashing it. Great win last night with only 4 players. Hope I’ve picked a good song for you. See you on the courts. Xavier Rudd & Michael Franti-Let Me Be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-YrBCXfYkU

  • $100
    Margaret & Bev Pratt
    8 months ago ● Keep fighting the good fight Mik - really inspiring.

    Marg & Bev Pratt My terrific neighbours-always looking out for us and always ready to help out with this great cause. Really appreciate the magnitude of your donation and your support every year. I have put aside one of the lemons from the hardest working lemon tree in Monty for you. Here is a song dedication-actually one of my favourite songs-enjoy! Blue Angel-I’m Gonna Be Strong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfrxGMtLTyA

  • $50
    Dale O’Donnell
    9 months ago

    Dale O’Donnell (MFB) I’d always been a solo stairclimber until I was subbed into your Eureka Stairclimb team due to volcanic ash and a plane delay. 23 minutes later, it was equal parts your one-in-all-in mantra and the promise of a lamb on the spit and beers waiting for me in Balwyn that propelled me up Eureka Tower day! Dale, it is great to have your support and your beaut donation and I know this cause means a lot. 🚒☣️☢️💪👍🍻 Here's a song for you; POD-Alive.

  • $2000
    MTP- Rail Infrastructure Alliance
    9 months ago ● On behalf of the RIA Rail Safety Team, we would like to thank all project staff and sub-contractors who donated (food,time and $$$) during the Rail Safety Week fundraising event. The Alliance would like to wish Mik Wilson all the best in his endeavor in raising peoples awareness of important issues such as depression, PTSI and suicide.

    Metro Tunnel Rail Infrastructure Alliance eastern and western portals thanks to all at MTP RIA for such a monumental donation-the largest single donation I have ever received in 6 years of stairclimbing! Thanks to Luke Finnigan, I was made aware that your workforce deals very frequently with the same issues my stairclimb fundraising is trying to help with. But the over-riding positive is that so many of your work-family want to reach out and contribute so much to someone who can help. That is the most important first step. So, once the stairclimb is done, I promise I will not disappear. I will work with you so that you can establish something that works for everyone at the Rail Infrastructure Alliance. A problem shared is a problem halved. 🚒🚂💪 Here’s a song for you; Guy Sebastian-Choir.

  • $30
    Danielle Clark
    9 months ago ● Working in fundraising , I am constantly inspired by amazing people who move mountains to raise funds for causes they believe in. Donating dollars is the easy part, inspiring those around you to make a difference is a true gift! Congratulations on an awesome fundraising effort and good luck for the climb! Cheers Dan Maree

    Danielle Clark (Knox Pay It Forward) Not only only have you very graciously acted as eastern collection point for old car batteries for fundraising, but now you have directly donated to, and become a part of, my excellent fundraising army. Amazing words as well in your message and wonderful surprise to see your name appear on my profile page. You have been very kind as has everyone in the Knox Pay It Forward facebook group. I hope you enjoy this song dedication; Bruce Springsteen-The Rising.

  • $50
    James & Louise Penson
    9 months ago

    Jim and Louise Penson it’s always energizing to have your support and a big thanks for your big donation to Black Dog and Lifeline. On a completely separate note, Jim you are owning the painted areas of Eltham at the moment and loving your work.🏀 Cheers for getting involved and doing something about PTSI, depression and suicide prevention. Powerful stuff. Here is a fitting song for you. 🕴🕴 Blues Brothers-Shake A Tail Feather.

  • $100
    Gareth White
    9 months ago ● Keep up the great work mate. Your a legend and one of a kind. Your an inspiration to any that has had the pleasure of getting to know you. Well done brother.

    Gareth Gregory White (MFB). When it came time back in 2017 to make a big decision about staying in town or getting a permanent northern district spot, there were only two people I consulted for their opinions-Pauline and Gareth. Gareth said stay at FS02. So I did. And then MFB sent me out north anyway! That’s the way we do in the fire brigade. 🤣🚒🍍 Gareth is a great mentor, hilarious bloke, compassionate, but always poised and ready to keep the bastards honest. Thanks for your support in all things and a very large boost to the stairclimb fundraising. It will be put to great use by the people at Black Dog and Lifeline. And you’re too kind with your message. Cheers, brother! Here’s a song for you; 28 Days-Deadly Like.

  • $150
    Christopher So fanclub
    9 months ago ● Treatment, exercise and ice

    Christopher So Fan Club Fred Tschirsch cheers for injecting a big vital boost of funds towards Black Dog and Lifeline. Very happy to have you on board and especially with such a generous donation. I post an Andrew WK song each time a previous year’s target is surpassed. This was the one I chose last year when it ticked over the target of $10,826. 🎸🥁🎤🎹🎧⚡️🦇🤘 Your donation just got it to $10,848 so it is very fitting this song is for you ⚡️ ; Andrew WK-Music Is Worth Living For.

  • $300
    Space Force Rear Admiral Alan Jackson
    9 months ago ● Ah Michael, that time of year is upon us, when you climb up stairs to help people in need. It’s my favorite time of the year, because in order to drum up the cash for my donation, I put on a talent show in the officers mess. This year, I went with a naval theme... dusted off my fishnets and black curly wig, straddled a rather girthsome cruise missile and belted out Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” to a room full of strung out Space Troopers at the back end of a 36 month deployment orbiting the outer ring of Uranus. Suffice to say my lusty baritone and willowy pins had the lads all a’lather, and so a record amount of small change was collected in my hat. Good times! Best of luck with your climbing, and if you’ve got a spare drawing of the ‘96 WNWA Warrnambool Tournament team floating about, that would be ample recompense. It would indeed keep me toasty and warm on those long, cold nights out in the void. Carry on, you really are the greatest of man kind!

    Space Force Rear Admiral Allan Jackson my gratitude for your otherworldly contributions. It is good to see another rank change and hear of your exploits. Might I suggest the rings of Saturn for your next sojourn? In the meantime, a hearty ‘hazar!’ for your planet-sized donation and may your luck be like the orbit of the moon around the earth; always growing by 3.8cm per year. Here is a tune to warrant wearing your best cosmic ray-protective codpiece around the shuttle. Ace Frehley-Outer Space.

  • $50
    Trish & Adrian Wilson
    9 months ago ● Happy Fathers Day, son (and favourite child, of course). ;-P

    Trish & Adrian Wilson SECOND DONATION. A terrific Fathers Day gift to my stairclimb fundraising and ripper way to utilize the Double Donation day. Thanks folks! Here’s a song dedication for you both; Bruce Springsteen-Tougher Than The Rest

  • $100
    Scott&Elise Wilson
    9 months ago ● Unfortunately we can't be there this year but hope you smash it for this great cause!

    Scott Wilson (QFES) To have the support of the top individual fundraiser of the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb in 2017 and 2018 is awesome. With your absence at this year's stairclimb, the symbolism of yours and Elise’s support is not lost to Pauline and I. But guess what? Your donation now makes you a part of my drive. So, that being said, I am going to do my best to bring you a third straight fundraising win. And fundraising IS what this is all about. -Mik 😉🚒💪🍻 Here is a special song dedication for you both; Imagine Dragons-Whatever It Takes.

  • $50
    Aunty Mon
    9 months ago ● Any more pics of Taylor Kinney shirtless??

    Aunty Mon SECOND DONATION Another brilliant donation that was earmarked for the Double Donation window if it appeared-and it DID!! Thanks Aunty Mon. Here’s some more Chicago Fire action.

  • $25
    Kylie Tyzack
    9 months ago ● You are the epitome of one of my favourite mantras, Mik...Be Inspired, Be Inspiring!

    Kylie Tyzack (Monty Life 3094) welcome back for 2019! It’s great to have your participation yet again. Your kind words are also very humbling. But what is truly important is your willingness to do something. I appreciate having great people like you supporting me and raising awareness of mental health issues. All this and you’re also a neighbour as well! Here’s a song for you; Cornershop-Brimful Of Asha

  • $400
    Kate Perryman
    9 months ago

    Kate Perryman congratulations on being the winning bidder for Mira Riddle’s Dinner For Eight kindly donated by Mira to the stairclimb. This was something I was made aware of way back in 1999 on The Panel Tv show and considered doing it myself until Mira herself graciously offered it this year. Your kind participation is a prime example of the evolving teamwork I am really enjoying between my supporters. One thing is for sure-your home will be the place to be!! Terrific stuff. Enjoy the song; Good Shirt-Place To Be:

  • $50
    Leanne MCPHERSON
    9 months ago ● Proud of your awesome efforts in both your training and money raising for good causes each year. Hope you smash your last years effort in both the climb and amount raised. Awesome work cuz. 💪👩‍🚒

    Leanne Cullen Mcpherson I have to let you know how much your contribution means. Your interest, your funding, and your support is supercharging. I have often wondered if I were unable to climb for some reason and I were cleared to choose a substitute to run in my place, who would I choose? I would choose you. I have a feeling that with a tiny bit of training, you would break all the records. Thanks cuz. You ROCK!! 💪🦸‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Wrap your hearing things around this; Bjork-Army Of Me:

  • $50
    Josh Pickett
    9 months ago ● 🦇🐐🦇🐐🦇🐐🦇🐐🦇🐐 Well done mate, awesome job. #5

    Josh Pickett Yoshi cheers for jumping on board the Goat-train with Captain Batwings once again! 🦇🚒🐐🏀💪🍻 Something different in terms of a song dedication for you; Larry Bird-Basketball Genius.

  • $100
    Jayden kostas
    9 months ago

    Jayden Kostas. Long drawn out message from you (as always 🤣) Thanks for again sacrificing so much of your Japanese ski-lift pass ⛷ cash to such a great cause and as always, your timing is perfect to maximize the impact 💥. So proud of you and your drive, your massive heart, your incredible smarts, brilliant sense of humour, your ever-growing patience and philosophical outlooks, delicious cooking skills, political and historical perspectives, loyalty to family, and genuine sense of right and wrong. Thanks for an unforgettable Father-figure day, son-unit. Luv ya mate. 🛠👍🚒 Enjoy the beats; The Streets-Weak Become Heroes.

  • $75
    David Edwards
    9 months ago ● Redneck word of the day: inhale. Why inhale did I get up so early today? Not to run stairs that's for sure.

    David Edwards Big Red-great to have a cinder block worth of funds thrown on the fundraising inferno, bro. Great to see your name pop up again this year and you have got into the spirit of it by really upping your donation from last year. I appreciate your generosity-it will make a big difference. You must be happy there are no air-horns around these days 🤪💪🚒 Hand-picked a tune for you. Kid Rock-Redneck Paradise.

  • $50
    Jacki Cook
    9 months ago ● Just because you are crazy enough to do the climb you should get what you want !!

    Jacki Cook (Second Donation)!! One of the first to donate has also become the first to donate TWICE…..and on a DOUBLE DONATION day! Jacki Cook what a tremendous impact you make to get things rolling, offer the services of your massage students in return for donations, and suggest challenges with other facebook friends to match your donations. You really have gone above and beyond to help out with the stairclimb and with Jayden Mackay’s GoFundMe drive to fund the training of his assistance dog, Lina. A stellar effort! 💪🐶💪🚒👍 Enjoy the tune; Jimmy Barnes-No Second Prize.

  • $50
    Karyn&Kevin Glen
    9 months ago ● Go Mik, best wishes x

    Karyn and Kevin Glen my sincere thanks for all of your assistance raising funds either directly via your donations or by your spreading the word to family, friends, and neighbours. You have been and continue to be instrumental in the success of this event. Enjoy the song; The Highwaymen-On The Road Again 🐶

  • $150
    Jackie McHugh
    9 months ago ● Go Mik 👏👏

    Jackie McHugh Cheers for really adding to your already magnificent efforts from last year and also for smashing it through on the Double Donation day. I admire your patience and I’m glad this opportunity did indeed present itself in the end. Your keen interest and observation of the stairclimb workings is appreciated. Many thanks. I know you’ll appreciate this song; Goanna-Solid Rock ☀️⚫️🔴

  • $255
    Bell Family
    9 months ago ● Pleasure to support you and this great cause Mik. You are an inspiration.

    Bell Family Shaun, Tahnee, Sienna, and now wee small Beatrice. Thanks for again being a part of the stairclimb fundraising in a big BIG way. Between your constant support and the hippopotamic support of Chris and Lorraine who really get behind the Sportsnet Holidays ticket offers, the Bell family collectively generate huge ‘cornerstone’ fundraising amounts and I am blessed to be the recipient of their efforts. It is a pleasure to have your participation, ideas, and encouragement. Enjoy he cruisy tune; Shawn Bell-In The Wee Small Hours

  • $265
    Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd
    9 months ago ● Thank you for our 2018 unique Icon Xmas card. We are all supporting you and wish you well with the climb. We can’t wait to enjoy the hamper. It looks amazing. Thanks for making a difference and raising funds for this cause which affects so many people in our community.

    Icon Equipment International PTY LTD. What a legendary Aussie bottle filling machinery and packaging company! Every year I assist with the Icon Christmas card and every year Icon blast monetary adrenaline into my stairclimb fundraising. This year that relationship became even more beneficial with Icon Equipment taking out the winning donation for the Craft & Vine hamper which they plan to use in their own Christmas raffle to raise further funds for the Childrens Hospital Appeal. There’s a good news story to start your Sunday!! Thanks Icon, David, and Pauline for getting right into the spirit of participation and coming up with a new way to raise funds across two events. 👏💪 I can see the whole warehouse and office complex dancing around to this excellent tune for the next Friday arvo PA song. Enjoy! Feelstyle-I Do Believe

  • $400
    Pauline Kostas
    9 months ago ● For Kartaway Christmas Cartoon 🌲

    Whelan Kartaway Thanks to the ‘Christmas card clause’ this year it contributes to improving mental health through Black Dog and Lifeline. Enjoy the rocking song! Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-You Better Pray.

  • $100
    Paul Harrup
    9 months ago ● Keep fighting the good fight! Cheers, Harry.

    Paul Harrup what a top effort donating a massive chunk of life-saving funds during the Double Donation day for twice as much help to Black Dog and Lifeline. Proud to have your annual involvement and it always gives me a boost knowing you are there ready and willing to step up and do something with a hint of novelty turnbuckle dramatic timing thrown in for good measure, as always. Cop this tune; Eels-Novocaine For The Soul.

  • $300
    Kathleen Wilson
    9 months ago ● Nice work little bro. Good luck with the climb!

    Kath Wilson thanks for contributing so much to this stairclimb! A staggering donation that just got doubled!! Thanks for being patient and striking for maximum effect that will benefit Black Dog and Lifeline. Heaps of hugs to Yourself, Bret, Jack, Bridget, and Zoe. Truly staggering donation….. Enjoy the music video-fun for whole family! 😁😍🚒💪🐞 Bentley Rhythm Ace-Theme From Gutbuster

  • $100
    Grant Kruger
    9 months ago

    Grant Kruger, you are a man of your word and I am a man of mine. The beard hair was no longer available but your ‘innovative’ challenge was accepted. Now I have ‘even less hair’. Thanks for the Car battery assists and here is the perfect shower tune; Dragonforce-Soldiers Of The Wasteland

  • $305
    Coffee Club Sept 2018-Aug 2019
    9 months ago

    Coffee Club Sept 2018-Aug 2019. ☕️ A year's worth of saving on purchased coffees and station coffee fees adds up 💰💰💰 -and I don’t even really drink coffee. Here’s a fitting ditty! Anthrax-Cupajoe

  • $75
    Alan Titterton
    9 months ago ● well done Mik..

    Al Titterton (MFB) thank you for stepping up and making another even bigger contribution than last year to the stairclimb. Great to have your support while at FS12 Preston and even better to still have your support and participation now that I have landed at FS15. Cheers and enjoy the tune. Midnight Oil-Wedding Cake Island

  • $250
    Barry Plant Real Estate
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik. Such a great cause. All the team at Barry Plant Real Estate in Croydon are supporting you.

    My enduring appreciation to one of my longest-standing supporters in all of my stairclimb campaigns-Barry Plant Real Estate Croydon. A terrific mob to be associated with. Their service is top notch and no matter how big or small the issue, they will get onto it. Barry Plant support many other community causes-not just mine. I have been with them in one capacity or another since May 2002 and I trust them completely. Thanks to the directors and staff for being tremendous supporters of not only me, but the wider community as well. Here is a song dedication; Miranda Lambert-The House That Built Me 🏡 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQYNM6SjD_o&list=PLiGlnvNwK6SUDMls8yeIzCrEmT47dWO1n&index=10

  • $25
    Ben de bondt
    9 months ago ● Good one Mik.

    Ben De Bondt (MFB) Take a look at some of the names who have donated so far. See more than a handful that have a ‘(MFB)’ after them? That’s because my sisters and brothers in the MFB always support me and so many other causes. Ben De Bondt, you are a great example of this so welcome to the stairclimb fundraising fireground! First you bust your clacker on the pushie to get in and send me home as early as you could this morning but then you donate as well! Love your work and see you at FS15 in a few. 🚒💪🚴‍♂️ Enjoy the tune (it'll get you peddling home nice and fast!); Motorhead-Ramones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjalt83wU-A

  • $50
    Aunty Mon
    9 months ago ● Go Mik! You are still the best hugger in the family.😉😆

    Thanks for a top donation, Aunty Mon! I hope you will enjoy the special Chicago Fire pic I have provided on facebook for you. Big hugs.

  • $200
    Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park Josephina McDonald
    9 months ago ● Mik, good luck with your climb! So glad you reached out! See you soon! I would also like two 5 day camping vouchers. Maybe you can do a raffle or something! When you know who won you just send me their names and address and I send the vouchers out! Bye for now! cheers Rohan and Josephina

    Wow! My thanks, Josephina McDonald and Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park for an incredibly generous donation. Ever wondered why I have the corporate/business sponsors I do? I’m typically connected to them in some way. Thus, I am very proud to announce the newest sponsors of my stairclimb-Josephina McDonald and Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. I stay here every year. The location and people are spectacular. Beautiful views, amazing wildlife, very importantly-heaps of treks, climbs, rides, lakes, abseiling, boating, and relaxing to be done. More very exciting news on Josephina’s stairclimb involvement to follow shortly. In the meantime, thanks for your donation, Josephina! 🚲⛰⛺️

  • $25
    Rosie Achterberg
    9 months ago ● Go Mik!

    ‘Rowdy’ Rosie Achterberg (MFB) Thanks for being such a positive supporter of ALL things MFB -especially my stairclimb. Not only does Rosie support with a donation every year, but she also volunteers her own time to attend the event and spur on the climbers as we make the harrowing trek upwards. Rosie also stands proudly as the only supporter I have high-fived on my way up Crown Metropol in 5 consecutive years of stairclimbing! Thanks Rosie. Andrew WK-High 5

  • $100
    Peter Dwyer
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mik ,it's a great cause Cheers Peter & Tina Dwyer

    Peter Dwyer My fullest gratitude for your ongoing involvement in the stairclimb. You have been a remarkable supporter since Day 1 and your impact continues to make a huge difference every year. I thank you for again dedicating time and funds to this event. I know you love your 80s tunes like I do-see if you can guess this one just by listening (no peeking)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwPb7g_BlXQ

  • $260
    Pauline Kostas
    9 months ago ● You inspire me each and every day with your dedication, persistence and enthusiasm. I will be in front of you to cheer you on, behind you to have your back and always next to you so you are not alone. So very proud of you. Plus we get to go to the tennis together!! xoxox

    Pauline Kostas you breathe new life into everything. And now your awesome donation will save lives as well. Your message says it all better than I can. So here’s a song instead. Love you. Mat Kearney-All I Need.

  • $25
    Fran Paroissien
    9 months ago

    Fran Paroissien a lovely contribution from you and congratulations on joining a terrific bunch of people willing to help this crucial cause. A wonderful surprise to have you on board and your support is appreciated. Enjoy the song; Fleetwood Mac-Albatross.

  • $50
    Doug Murphy
    9 months ago ● Love your work Mik

    Cheers, Doug! Good to catch up (even if only for few seconds) at VEMTC today. And a ripper surprise to see your name and generous donation pop up here. More importantly, thanks for again doing something about mental health, PTSI, and suicide prevention. Enjoy the song; Roots Manuva-Witness The Fitness.

  • $100
    Sam wright
    9 months ago ● Keep it up mik.

    Sam Wright (MFB) Sammy you absolute champion! Thanks for upping your donation from last year in massive fashion!! You know what lies ahead for the climb itself but I am really grateful to have your support again, brother. Very selfless donation and it will be put to great use by Black Dog and Lifeline. Cheers!🚒 Enjoy this rocking tune next time you hit the gym; Five Finger Death Punch-Blue On Black

  • $260
    Chris Bell
    9 months ago ● Great going Mick and l look forward to receiving tickets. Keep up the good work Chris and Lorraine Bell

    Chris and Lorraine Bell Cheers for supporting the stairclimb with another very generous donation. Your contributions have added tremendous momentum to my fundraising but also mark substantial, life-saving funds for Black Dog and Lifeline. Add to this, you are getting right into the spirit of my fundraising by getting heavily involved in the ‘donauctions’ towards items kindly provided by Dan Cecconi at Sportsnet Holidays. Thanks for getting involved and participating again this year. It’s ‘Love-All’ as far as I’m concerned! Enjoy the tune; Roger Glover & Friends-Love Is All.

  • $100
    Sue Leardi
    9 months ago ● Mik You are such an inspiration to us all Keep up the fight against depression You certainly make a difference!!! All the best of luck with the stair climb You’ll smash it Love The Leardi family

    Sue Leardi and family. Very kind words. Inspiration comes in many forms and from many people-including you guys. Thanks for being such strong people and loyal to the last. Proud to have your backing and your contributions, as always-including your presence at the stairclimb last year! Congratulations on making a big difference. Here's a cool song and clip; OK Go-Here It Goes Again

  • $120
    Mary Saunders
    9 months ago ● Go Mik! From the Saunders mob.🐉

    Mary Saunders my heartfelt thanks and cyber hugs (until real hugs will ensue) to the Saunders Mob for awesome support and a big boost to the fundraising. Very kind and giving donation that is sure to make a positive impact at Black Dog and Lifeline. And here is a very special song dedication your sisters may have had some part in selecting; Marty Robbins-White Sports Coat And A Pink Carnation

  • $50
    Dave Chu
    9 months ago ● Mik, this is such an awesome thing you do each year. Keep up the great work!

    Dave Jo Jamie Liam and Hayley thanks for your very generous injection of much-needed funds towards Black Dog and Lifeline. Truly special to have your humour, support, and presence. Enjoy the rockin (different) tune; Andrew WK-Air Drumming Napalm Death’s Extremity Retaine

  • $309
    Car Battery Recycling
    9 months ago

    Car Battery Recycling Run #2 Thanks to the following excellent people who rummaged around for old car batteries for recycling funds that go directly to Black Dog & Lifeline. My second run featured the assistance of Tammy Nguyen and all at the Pay It Forward Knox facebook group; Dan Maree Natarsha Maree Joanne N Kent McAuliffe, John Carlton, Laura Ann, Kelly Oakham, Sarah Nguyen, Melissa Fagan, plus Grant Kruger, Stuart Noom, Jenni Eley-Lane, Fred Tschirsch, Luke and the crew at SES Nillumbik, and a random RACV bloke who happened to park across the road from my place and then handed over two old batteries he had on board when asked. 🚒🔋💪👍 Cheers, -Mik. Energizer Batteries-Drum & Dance:

  • $200
    Maureen Cullen
    9 months ago ● Go Mik. Wish i had your legs. The Cullen Clan is right behind you

    Thank you for your glorious efforts! From your overall interest in the event every year, to your concerns about the sanctity and structural integrity of your cousin's knees 🦵 and legs in general, and your William Wallace-style claymore ⚔️ donations, you always provide a vital boost that I need to keep the momentum going. Cannot wait to see you and thank you in person, Maureen, on behalf of all of the people whose lives you have no doubt saved through your involvement. Still shaking my head in disbelief at your generosity! 🥰

  • $100
    The Arvo’s
    9 months ago ● The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, the BEST in the present, future and past, and if you don't like me…. you can kiss The People's ass! Go Mik....

    The Arvo’s. Erica, Con, and Alexis thanks so much for rocking my stairclimb with another thunderous donation!! Always enjoy your encourageThe Arvo’s. Erica Licht-Arvanitis, Con, and Alexis thanks so much for rocking my stairclimb with another thunderous donation!! Always enjoy your encouragement, too-if you smell what I’m cookin. 🤨 Undertaker🧟‍♀️-My Sacrifice.

  • $25
    M. E. Cowman
    9 months ago ● Go Mik - enjoy

    Les Cowman my gratitude for again answering the call for funds and contributing to the stairclimb. Thanks for your support. Enjoy the song; Johnny Cash-I Walk The Line.

  • $88
    Linda and Steve
    9 months ago ● Good on you Mik for again putting yourself through so much for others. You are truly one of a kind. Hats off also to Pauline and those close to you who support you so much to enable you to do these wonderful things for others. It really is a team effort. All the best and we are sure you will blitz it (again).

    You two are champions. Thanks for your interest, help, participation and very generous donations to both the stairclimb and also to Jayden Mackay’s GoFundMe page for his assistance dog training costs. It’s a tremendous difference you have made. Here’s a tune; Switchfoot-Dare You To Move.

  • $75
    The Choc brand of Wilson
    9 months ago ● Family hugs are the Best. I mean the Wilson's kinda hug. Proud of you bro. Lets go. Zee/MunaBless

    Blessing Muna Chimziterem a big hug and thanks from the ‘vanilla’ (or maybe even ‘caramel’?) Wilson brand. Glad that we were lucky enough to get some hugs in last night but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous contribution to this great cause. Thanks for backing me, bro. We will get there in the end! Here is a great song dedication; Che Fu-Misty Frequencies.

  • $20
    Joan & Cliff James
    9 months ago

    A gracious cheers to Joan and Cliff James for getting behind my stairclimb again this year. Enjoy the song, Little Chief-Mountain Song.

  • $25
    Lachlan Mclean
    9 months ago ● Stay strong, it will be a challenge to get that forehead up the stairs.

    Lachlan McLean (MFB) Cable cheers for again jumping on and hurling some dollars at the cause and my bonce, brother. Enjoy the song, Grinspoon-No Reason

  • $100
    Brione Johnston
    9 months ago ● Go Mik!!!

    Brione Johnston Thank you so much for becoming a part of my stairclimb fundraising drive. Thank you for so much more. You can imagine the significance and what it means to me to have your tremendously compassionate, thoughtful, and powerful encouragement. It will make me run just that little bit harder now with a cheerful little set of eyes following my progress. ❤️ Incredibly proud to have your support. “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” – Maya Angelou. Here is a song for yourself, Sam and Lily. Weezer-Island In The Sun

  • $50
    Neil & Trish Whiffin
    9 months ago ● Congrats, Mik. Keep up the good work!

    Neil & Trish my thanks to you both for being long time family friends and supporters. It is a privilege to have you a part of the stairclimb fundraising every year. My sincere appreciation for your efforts in helping combat mental health issues. I trust you will tap a Trusty friend beat to this tune; John Lee Hooker-Boom Boom.

  • $50
    Emmanuel Giannopoulos
    9 months ago ● Good Luck

    Emmanuel thank you for stepping up and doing something to combat PTSI, Suicide and Depression. Your awareness of these issues and your willingness to do something about them are a great traits and an example to all.

  • $150
    Mum and Dad
    9 months ago ● Go again, legend.

    Thanks to my parents for donating some of my inheritance to the 'climb.🤣 Much love and thanks for your support in ALL things ALWAYS.🚒💪💛 You are most likely the reason I do these things. Here is a song for you both. Eric Clapton-Change The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkitCxOcDKs

  • $56
    9 months ago ● Well done Mik, super proud of you as always. Keep up the amazing work 👍🏼 Time to get rid of that beard now though....

    You make the big bad worthless things so much smaller and the little important things so much better. Thanks for answering the beard challenge! It is gone! ✂️👍Your support is constant and super-charges my training and conviction. Your cheerful and honest input in all things-especially the little things, draws all of us to you. You are awesome and I love you heaps. 😘💗🚒⛷🥓🍳🥑 Enjot The Tune; Jessica Mauboy-Little Things.

  • $50
    Jamie Baker
    9 months ago ● Keep up your fantastic work. Inspiring to see!

    My thanks to Jamie Baker (MFB) for stepping up again and again for mental health both on the front line at work and a constant mover and shaker behind the scenes as well. Cheers for your involvement and continuing the all-important work of saving lives. Have a listen to the tune, Andrew WK-Break The Curse. 🤘🚒

  • $25
    Simone Vagg
    9 months ago ● Best of luck Mik for this year's climb!!

    Simone Vagg Cheers for your kind participation again, Simone. I can always count on your support and, fortunately, the odd marathon running training tip too! Have a listen to the song. City Silos-Just Like Her.

  • $25
    Ramya Ganessane
    9 months ago ● Go Mik!!!

    Ramya thank you for participating again this year. Your continued support is wonderful.🚒👍

  • $150
    Leanne marii
    9 months ago ● Onya Mik, you are an all round amazing person, such an inspiration to everyone - supporting all the great causes XX

    Leanne Marii more incredible support from down south. Another brilliant contribution and my thanks for being even more generous-that’s what this is all about going one step further. 🚒💪🤪 Enjoy the song, Queensland Music Festival-Hang On Help Is On Its Way

  • $50
    Maureen Goodwin
    9 months ago ● Awesome effort as always Mik!

    Maureen Goodwin A big cheers for your excellent donation. Great to have your support again this year. Enjoy the tune! The Cult-Medicine Train.

  • $100
    Claudia and Musa
    9 months ago ● Our donation is dedicated to Des and all those people who suffer in silence. Whatever you do, speak up. Mik, as always, you're a star. Musa and Claudia x

    Claudia Sorrentino and Musa your message says it all. Well said and my sincere appreciation for your support to the stairclimb and for Jayden Mackay. Much love. 🚒💪 Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush-Don’t Give Up

  • $192
    Dry July
    9 months ago ● Obsessed Is A Word The Lazy Use To Describe The Dedicated.

    I'll drink to that!

  • $100
    David Russo
    9 months ago ● Go Mik! You do some amazing work to support and motivate others. Keep it up.

    Russ thanks for your presence and kind words. I have sorted out the donation stuff and finally get to publicly thank you for a tremendous boost to my fundraising and for just being a magnificent supporter. Cheers, mate.

  • $50
    9 months ago ● Well Done Mik!

    Chris Turner (MFB) Tangles thanks for your support. Knowing the staunch, vigilant, and calm social observer that you are, it means a lot to have you back me. Love your work doing the climb last year as well. Cheers.

  • $50
    Shane Palmer
    9 months ago

    Shane Palmer Another very rare member of the Stairclimb and Jayden Mackay donation club. Shane thanks for contributing to both of these top causes. Two fisted assistance as always. Thanks, mate.🏀🚒💪 Here's a tune you'll enjoy; Coach Carter-Fuego🏀🔥

  • $25
    Brenton Crow
    10 months ago ● Onya Mik. Great Bloke. Great Cause. Cheers. 👍🏼👊🏼

    Brenton Crow (MFB) cheers for participating in my 2019 stairclimb. You are another past stairclimber (so you know the pain), Recruit Course brother, and kind supporter. 'Job's stuffed, country's stuffed', but you're putting in.🤣 Thanks again, Rusty! Enjoy the song; Counting Crows-Thank You For Coming!🚒💪

  • $50
    Geoff Lack (Luke)
    10 months ago ● All the best for this great cause

    Geoff Lack good on you for contributing to this important event via my fundraising. Luke said there were quite a few blokes who are keen to make a difference. You are certainly one of them! Cheers for participating. Here's a song dedication; Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love

  • $55
    Gabby Kneebone
    10 months ago

    Gabby Kneebone congrats on shaving my face clean! Cheers for getting involved and having some fun along the way!💈✂️ more challenges to follow.....🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶!!!!! Enjoy the tune The Beards-Got Me A Beard

  • $54
    James Bennetts
    10 months ago

    James Bennetts congratulations on falling short by a single cent and putting a bit of fun into fundraising in the process. I think this means I shave off your beard now. Enjoy the song; Kenny Rogers-The Gambler: 🎰

  • $25
    Scott Graham
    10 months ago ● Great stuff Jooce keep training hard mate 👍

    Scott Graham (MFB) Drama, thanks for calving into the target total with your kind donation again this year. We all know you can’t spell legendary with leg_day. Love your work 🚒💪. Here’s a song treat for you; I Skip Leg Day

  • $100
    Rob Ram
    10 months ago ● Representing the 108.

    Robert Ram (MFB). Cheers for your selfless support of BOTH my stairclimb fundraising for Black Dog and Lifeline, and in addition, your contribution to Jayden Mackay’s GoFundMe page raising funds for the training of his assistance dog Lina. https://www.gofundme.com/courageous-mighty-strong-jaydens-assistance-dog/ You are a former stairclimber, a RC108 course-mate, and a ‘chempion’, brother. Enjoy the tune, Ben Harper & Charlie Mussellwhite-Blood Side Out. 🚒💪

  • $50
    Trav Hamilton
    10 months ago ● Awesome work Mik! Smash it!

    Trav Hamilton (MFB) Always one for helping out the little guy coz let’s face it, everyone’s little when standing next to you, B.G.! Thanks for DOUBLING your donation to the stairclimb cause this year-ripper support from the right hand marker! QOTSA-Feet Don't Fail Me.

  • $45
    10 months ago ● Keep up the great work Mik

    Reece Lines thanks for getting into the shpirit of this event and making another great contribution-or should I say a greater contribution by putting in even more of your hard-earned this year. Top effort and thanks doing something about this issue, mut. Enjoy the song.

  • $200
    phil price
    10 months ago ● good luck.....ur doing a great job....

    An incredible donation from Phil Price at Anywhere Stairs. Phil has just stepped up in huge fashion and lifted my fundraising total with a great donation. This is tremendous support from a Monty neighbour and I am extremely grateful to have Phil’s participation. Phil is very busy with work at the moment but please keep Anywhere Stairs in mind if you are thinking of having some stairs installed in the future. Stairbuilders and a stairclimber-now there’s a team! Phil, hopefully see you at the Grape N Hop soon. Check out Anywhere Stairs here- http://anywherestairs.yolasite.com/ and enjoy the song dedication; INXS-The Stairs

  • $100
    Jo Tsakmakis
    10 months ago ● Get that hard training going Mik!! Always glad to donate!

    Jo Tsakmakis. Cheers for being so very supportive with these important community causes. Very grateful you continue to select my appeal to donate to. Thanks for getting involved and saving lives in 2019.

  • $100
    10 months ago ● Go Mik! Proud of your consistent efforts to help a worthy cause! Best Wishes Terri xx

    Terri Sciola. What a magnificent injection of support to the stairclimb fundraising. Thanks for being a generous supporter again in 2019 and for making a difference-your fully tax deductible donation to Black Dog and Lifeline guarantees it.

  • $100
    George and Christine Krashow
    10 months ago ● You are such an amazing person and we love having you as our "son-in-law". We have doubled our donation from last year so you can come and trim our olive trees. We are so proud of you. Go Mik!!

    George & Christine Krashow-fuelling my firefighter stairclimb training (bottomless tummy) since 2014!! Top effort DOUBLING your donation from 2018 and I will gladly trim the olive trees in return! It gives me a tremendous boost to have your support in so many ways. Big big Thanks. Great song for you; Tamara Todevska-Proud 💪🚒

  • $50
    Cam McPherson
    10 months ago ● Good on you Mik! Can always rely on you to represent the brigade in the best way possible, working hard to help others with a smile on your face. You're a good man.

    Cam McPherson (MFB). Yet another of the adventurous and selfless firefighter family dipping into their hard-earned and upping his support for this cause massively. Cam has done his share of stuff for charity to degrees that many would not be prepared to go to. An avid adventurer-as seen by Cam’s recent Kokoda trek with Matthew Burr and Michael Scales (also recent stairclimb donors), it is great to have Cam’s support again. Enjoy the song dedication, mate. Temple Of The Dog-Reach Down (Live).

  • $100
    luke mcconnell
    10 months ago ● Well done Mik - keep it up Legend

    Luke McConnell. Top effort DOUBLING your 2018 Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb contribution towards Black Dog and Lifeline! And pretty simply-it’s awesome to have your support again. It means a lot. Cheers, champion. Enjoy the tune and hope to see you very soon. Creed-Motivation Training 🏃‍♂️ 🏋️

  • $50
    Matt Burr
    10 months ago ● Great work Mik! Good luck and get those little legs pumping :)

    Cheers, Matt. Thanks for talking about this event and the ways it can be expanded and highlighted further within the MFB, especially. Most importantly, cheers for participating with your generous donations every year and your encouraging words of support. And wilco-these little legs will do what they do on the day. Enjoy the fitting song (from one once called 'Judas' for a short while!) 💪🚒 Judas Priest-No Surrender.

  • $220
    Luke Finnigan
    10 months ago ● I couldn’t climb 3 floors of stairs !!...

    Luke Finnigan. Astonishing work by Fig. Here is a man I first really got to know as his basketball coach. Towards the later stages of coaching him, I invited Fig into my own basketball team as a teammate-such was his ability and drive to improve. But above all else, Fig is a hilarious, random, and totally loyal and selfless man who has now gone above and beyond to participate in this event. He has MORE THAN DOUBLED his donation from 2018 and also offered to post flyers at his place of work. Reminds me of a final I was coaching when I asked Fig to take the ball and drive to the basket at the end of the game. And he did versus the entire opposition Eltham Wildcats team. The other instructions I gave him were a bit sneaky only due to the treatment we were receiving as the visiting team and will remain between Fig and I but suffice to say, he did it and it and the gamble we took worked out against the odds. And he’s come through yet again. Cheers, bro. See you very soon. 🍻💪🚒🏀 Enjoy the tune. Alice In Chains-Voices.

  • $50
    Michael Scales
    10 months ago ● Rock on Mik. Good work

    Mick Scales you legend. Always there with a kind word and some inspiration. Now sporting a beard full of wisdom these days but still with a heart of gold. Cheers, mate. Enjoy the song. Sammy Hagar-Give To Live

  • $110
    10 months ago ● Supporting you and others in their huge dedication, effort & commitment.

    Mirjana Riddle my gratitude for your solid support yet again. Not only have you upped your donation amount from last year, but you have also suggested a fantastic fundraising idea donating your time and effort to cater for a dinner function for 8 in return for donations. You have truly dived into the spirit of the event and I’m proud to have your involvement. Enjoy the song dedication. Aaliyah-Try Again.

  • $50
    Helen krashow
    10 months ago ● You’re a warrior Mik!!!

    Helen Krashow. My wonderful ‘sis-in-law’ thanks for participating with your thoughtful donation! Especially today. Big hugs and thanks. I heard a rumour you may enjoy this song choice. Lady Gaga-Shallow(Live)

  • $50
    Murrie & Peter Annal
    10 months ago ● Keep up the good work.

    Murrie & Peter Annal your help is truly appreciated and is making a bigger difference every year. Not only for Black Dog and Lifeline but also Jayden Mackay. Please enjoy the song and my gratitude for being so supportive from afar. Mik.

  • $50
    Marisa Puccio & Family
    10 months ago ● Go Mik! Admire your passion and enthusiasm each year! Best Regards The Puccio Family x

    Marisa Puccio & Family. Marisa is one of the toughest, most determined, and feisty people I know. And where many would give up in the face of an oppressive bureaucracy, Marisa will stop at nothing to right a wrong. Tremendous to have your support again this year.💪

  • $158
    Car Battery Recycling
    10 months ago

    Thank you magical Car Battery Recycling pixies! 🚒🔋😉👍

  • $50
    Andrew Broadbent
    10 months ago ● Champion #5

    Bravo, Andrew Broadbent, bravo! Thanks for yet another spectacular encore performance in the donation stakes. Really looking forward to a catch-up when Book Of Mormon or your excellent self comes back to Melbourne-whichever happens first! Cheers for your support and have a listen to the song dedication attached. You are a prince!

  • $391
    Car Battery Recycling
    10 months ago

    Car Battery Recycling run #1 (My thanks to BP Montmorency, Nick and Leo at Montmorency Service Centre, Adam Boyce and Danielle, Stuart Noom, and Grant Kruger) for a great Car Battery recycling effort. $391 for 26 old car batteries. Here’s a tribute; 🔋🚒💪🏃‍♂️Van Canto-Battery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEwNrjvNiYs

  • $20
    ian Mckenzie
    10 months ago ● Great effort again Mik, you are a gun mate.

    Ian McKenzie (MFB) Cheers for getting involved again, Ian. Coming from such a powerful fundraiser as yourself, it is a great boost to have your support. I hope you will look me up as well for your next fundraising project. Enjoy the tune. Imagine Dragons-Whatever It Takes 🚒🔥

  • $400
    Jellis Craig
    10 months ago ● Break5, Mik

    Jamin Silluzio at Jellis Craig. Please take a moment to share my appreciation for the work of Jamin Silluzio and all at Jellis Craig Real Estate Eltham. Not only do Jellis Craig generously contribute to my annual stairclimb appeal, but Jellis Craig also support Eltham Wildcats Basketball Association (of which I also happen to be a playing member on Monday nights). Jamin and his team are responsible for the sale of 1 in every 5 homes in the area which equates to 680+ people finding homes each year. Take a look via this link; https://www.jelliscraig.com.au/office/eltham

  • $50
    Jayden mackay
    10 months ago ● Go Mik!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!! You have helped me so much and you just keep helping me and other people! We are so lucky to have a Mik in our lives!!! Mum said we will try our hardest to come cheer you on! If anyone can do it, its you Mik! Go Mik. Lots of love Jayjay and Lina

    Jayden Mackay. A special donation from a very special young boy. You did really well in front of the cameras yesterday. Jayden keep up your own good work too, buddy. You are inspiring so many people, me included. I look forward to helping out even more in the future. 🚒 💪 👍For everyone reading this, please donate to Jayden’s GoFundMe page to help pay for the $20,000 training costs associated with Little Lina’s apprenticeship. https://www.gofundme.com/courageous-mighty-strong-jaydens-assistance-dog Enjoy the music video clip in this post.

  • $200
    Andrew Bennetts
    10 months ago ● Don’t stop Mik! Love your work.!!

    7/200 Andrew Bennetts My sincere thanks for stepping up and making a difference for mental health. An epic contribution from an epic bloke. Proud to have your support, as always. Thanks, brother. Enjoy the song selection

  • $169
    #23 Stu
    10 months ago ● a PleasurE helping you Nail your InSpiring goal!

    Stu Noom you’re a champion for putting in even more this year with what is a very meaty donation!! Long Overdue for a piNt embibinG PaRty One of these niGhts! Hopefully somewhere that serves a #5-sized rib eye! Enjoy the tune and Don’t stop believin’, Big Chief.

  • $30
    David Magnanini
    10 months ago ● Smash that target with your Iron Fist!

    Dave Magnanini I will show those stairs No Remorse, bro. Thanks for getting on board, have a listen to the song, and cheers for throwing in a bit more this year. Every extra dollar helps. 🏀🚒

  • $30
    10 months ago

    Troy Eaton (MFB)-Hungry welcome back to the fold and thanks for being a reliable and generous participant especially for a cause such as this which is close to our hearts. Enjoy the tune and really great to again have your support. 🚒

  • $255
    Sofia Paroissien
    10 months ago ● As always, awesome effort Mik. All the best mate. 54

    Little Sofia, Boges, and Annette-thanks for really stepping up and increasing your contribution this year. Massively! I am busily working on a 'Hero caricature' for your donation now. And Boges thanks for being a constant wingman for my causes. Not sure which of us is Goose or Maverick but the Defense Department still reckon we're stoopid either way. Cheers Bogeses. 🚒✈️

  • $50
    Jacqueline Leigh Cook
    10 months ago ● I still think you are crazy for doing this !! Great effort

    Jacki, thanks for getting the ball rolling with a great donation! Cheers also for your efforts to get donations for massages by your students going in North Melbourne area as well. A constant supporter. Enjoy the song and a special gift will be on its way for being the first to donate for 2019! Hugs and thanks. 🚒

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