Mik Wilson

Climbing for MFB West Melbourne

Every year, this remarkable event allows firefighters to ‘take steps’ for a great cause. Each year I have smashed my previous year’s fundraising total. Help me do something remarkable by smashing it again. -Mik.

So far, I've raised $7,310 of my $5,243 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Mik’s friends

  • $38
    Pauline kostas
    7 months ago ● Love you so much.

    Love you more.

  • $25
    7 months ago ● Happy Mik-figure day!!! Well done xxx ❀❀

    What a beautiful fathers day present. Thank you, Tess my amazing girl.πŸš’πŸΈπŸ˜‰

  • $50
    Greg Plier
    7 months ago ● Great effort today and your fundraising effort was amazing, a podium finish is on the cards. πŸ‘

    You set a cracking pace, chief! So much respect and great effort on your fundraising. Ripper session thereafter with the respective support crews, too. Cya tuesday.πŸ˜‰πŸš’

  • $355
    Jeff Pearson and Mychal Thompson
    7 months ago ● Dedication.

    For you both.

  • $50
    George & Christine Krashow
    7 months ago ● Mik is "Ace O". Very proud of you. All the best for the climb.

    Thank you so much Christine and George for everything. Now to 'Ace' these stairs!

  • $50
    Pickett Family
    7 months ago ● BATWINGS

    πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡The Wilson-Pickett connection strikes again!! Thanks for your awesome donation to my stairclimb. Cheers from Dances With Wings Of Bat.

  • $25
    Tammy Nguyen
    7 months ago ● Great effort Mik!

    Tammy Nguyen What a ripper surprise to see your name attached to a stairclimb donation! Welcome aboard this mighty old freightrain! We've smashed last year's total well and truly thanks to beautiful people such as yourself putting your hands up to make a difference. Sincere thanks. -MikπŸ‘¨β€πŸš’πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺ

  • $25
    Mark Williams
    7 months ago ● Good work Mik.

    Mark Williams Cheers for throwing some of your hard-earned at this very relevant cause, brother. Maybe one of these years you might have a crack at the stairclimb, too? I reckon with a bit of training, yourself, Rusty, and Happy could probably trouble the frontrunners. Appreciate your involvement and kind messages along the way heaps, Choc. Hopefully see ya very soon.-Jooce.

  • $50
    Shaun Rainer
    7 months ago ● Good work Mik, all the best for the climb

    Shaun Rainer many thanks for your very impactful donation. Your generosity will make a difference and I am really grateful for your support. Very humbled by your contribution.

  • $40
    Bev and Margaret Unit 2
    7 months ago ● Donating $1.00 for each floor plus a little more for being a top bloke. Good luck on Saturday.

    Bev and Marg-my thoughtful, incredibly intelligent, wonderful friends and neighbours, really chuffed to have you join the Wilson Stairclimb team this year! Love your donation idea of setting it on a 'per floor climbed' basis. Very kind words from you and I'm excited about the climb. Thank you for contributing and especially for being so supportive.

  • $25
    Mandy Clancy
    7 months ago ● Onwards and Upwards. Proud of your amazing efforts Mik xxx

    Mandy thanks so much for your kind fundraising boost to my stairclimb total and your humbling words! 'Onwards and Upwards' indeed!

  • $91
    MFB FS02 West Melbourne
    7 months ago ● Well done to Mik part of the greatest Platoon at FS02.

    MFB FS02 West Melbourne-Cheers for all of the coins (and some glorious notes!!) that made it into the impenetrable Stairclimb fundraising sharps container over the last few months or so. Every little bit counts and you have all contributed heaps.

  • $150
    7 months ago ● Congratulations Mik on supporting such a great cause. All the best.

    Jase and all at Homely.com.au-thanks for making a huge donation to what has already been a record-breaking result for my Stairclimb fundraising. Wow! I take great pride in having your sponsorship contribution.

  • $20
    Kylie Tyzack
    7 months ago ● Fabulous effort! Great job Mik! Cheers!

    Great big thanks for getting involved and donating to my fundraising. Might see you on the stairs!!

  • $25
    Britta Poljansek
    7 months ago ● Thank you for supporting a great cause and for your commitment to our community!

    Britta Poljansek I want to pass on my heartfelt appreciation for your donation to someone who is, for all intents and purposes, a stranger. Yourself included, the kind people of Montmorency are in the process of taking me to new heights figuratively and literally. Already love this place but now I am even prouder of this community. You all rock. Thanks, Britta-you rock.πŸš’β¬†πŸ˜‰β˜‡πŸ’ͺ

  • $20
    Nikki Sterel
    7 months ago ● Go Mik!

    Nikki Sterel Thank you for reaching out with some generous funding to this remarkable cause. The people of Monty are responding in a very humbling way and makes me wonder why I haven't posted earlier. Yours is the 4th donation I've received in WELL under 24 hours. With 1 in 4 Aussies at some stage in their lives feeling the brunt of depression, you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back for getting involved and doing something. Sincere thanks.πŸš’πŸ€—

  • $25
    Stephen Lording
    7 months ago ● Amazing effort, Mik!

    Stevo you legend! Thanks throwing some much-needed coin at this awesome cause. It damn sure beats some other bugger ripping it from you in a river card! A Godzilla hug is currently mutating in preparation for nrxt time we meet in person. Thanks so much, bro.

  • $25
    Sacha Neal
    7 months ago ● Good luck and well done for doing this. Such a wonderful thing to do.

    Cheers, Sacha! And thank you for your message and for getting involved and donating!! Wow. Hopefully I will get the chance to thank you personally one day.πŸ˜‰πŸš’β¬†

  • $25
    Wendy Kelly
    7 months ago ● Best of luck on the climb Mik and well done to you and all the other firefighters on the day

    Wendy Kelly cheers for your kind message of support and then a donation as well!! As fate would have it, your former Kelbow neighbour and very likely now also your current Monty neighbour Pauline also wants to thank you!!πŸš’πŸ˜‰

  • $20
    Murrie Annal
    7 months ago ● Monty is proud of you.

    Thank you again to the Karyn & Kevin Glen Family for spreading the word and getting your extended family involved in this very worthwhile cause. Please pass on a Mik-hug to Murrie from me. I wonder if Monty is a fan of hydrants??

  • $50
    Jayden kostas
    7 months ago ● you better win x

    Thanks, son! To get such a big donation from you means a lot and makes eating those chillis worth it. Luv ya, mate.

  • $100
    Michael Burnell
    8 months ago ● Always happy to support the cause and you of course ya nutbag. Duck.

    Muchas gracias, amigo! Awesome effort injecting such a huge chunk of funding into the firefighter stairclimb! Thanks for your ongoing support and participation. "For I am Wilson...Lord of the nutbags!"

  • $10
    Blessing (Uchenna)
    8 months ago ● Way to go Bro next year we'll challange em to run the stairs on one leg. And guess what? You would win. Loves

    A big Wilson hug and thank you to the newest member of my family, my new brother, Blessing! It really means a lot to have you sign up and support my Stairclimb fundraising cause, bro. And if it raises money for a good cause, I actually would race it on one leg!! Proud of you, bro and thanks again for your generous donation.

  • $100
    Mum & Dad
    8 months ago ● Mum and Dad extremely proud of your fantastic fundraising effort. You are truly generous and compassionate towards those with mental health issues. Live life to the full, son!!

    Thanks Mum and Dad for a ripper hand-delivered donation!! Thanks for everything as always. And many hugs for organizing Aunt Cela & Blessing's donations to find their way to me today. Great teamwork.

  • $50
    Cela & Stephen Saunders
    8 months ago ● For wonderful Mik from his adoring old Aunt Cela and Uncle Stephen Saunders.

    A heartfelt hug and thanks to my viking cousin mob out west for your big donation to my Firefighter Stairclimb 2017!πŸ˜‡

  • $20
    Dylan Brooks
    8 months ago ● Enjoy a good Cricketers Session afterwards.

    Dylan Brooks cheers for your generous chunky lobster donation, Brooksy! And great aggressive game last night. Really appreciate you getting on board the Stairclimb fundraising freight train, mate. 3.5% cheers!!

  • $25
    The Brennans
    8 months ago

    Dan and Brookie Brennan a warm thank you for your 2017 contribution to combat P.T.S.D, Depression and Suicide and for your continued support of my stairclimb fundraising. Thanks guys.

  • $25
    Chris Hare
    8 months ago ● Well done Leading !

    Chris Hare (MFB) thanks for jumping on board and making a contribution towards my 2017 Stairclimb fundraising. Just like this effort and the 'current project underway', it is always a pleasure to work with you. Cheers.

  • $113
    Secure Dynamics
    8 months ago ● Chair γ€Šinsert INspirational message here, and stuff.. and things》

    Nick Burkitt and Secure Dynamics thanks for a slammin' donation to my Stairclimb fundraising!! Attached is an instructional video we should both study in light of our alley-oop efforts of recent times. Many thanks for such a huge dunk into the bucket to help Lifeline and Black Dog. Check out Secure Dynamics for customised network and information security solutions including penetration testing and intrusion prevention. Have a look at: http://www.securedynamics.com.au

  • $50
    Daniel Cecconi
    8 months ago ● Inspiring yearly effort Mik, you are an exceptional human being!

    Daniel Cecconi Cheers for making such a generous contribution to my 2017 stairclimb fundraising. In honour of your explosive triple threat stance back in the day, here are the boys in azzurro in triple in Pisa recently. Anyone interested in a sports holiday traversing the globe to enjoy your favourite sports/teams/athletes, look no further than Dan at Sportsnet! I have utilised their excellent services in the past to arrange NBA tickets and they do an awesome job. https://sportsnetholidays.com

  • $25
    Steve Hollowood
    8 months ago ● Now you'd better win the climb mate!!

    Stevo!! You legend! Thanks for your donation. That high-arcing jumper of yours is missed. As for winning the stairclimb race-well, it's possible. I'm happy to have smashed my previous year's total already but if I can continue to beat my times each year as well, then yeah, I guess one day I might get top spot. Thanks for your kind donation-a really cool surprise to a great cause.

  • $100
    Glen Family
    8 months ago ● Mik you're a star !

    Karyn and Kevin Glen, thanks for being such excellent, caring neighbours and for your welfare check today. And then thanks for jumping on board and hurling a massive roll of funding at the 2017 Stairclimb! We are very fortunate to have such great friends as our neighbours and such generous people willing to help with anything at the drop of a hat. Thanks so much for getting involved. 🐢

  • $75
    WnWa Eltham, Nightshift, & WnWa Bulleen Basketball teams.
    8 months ago ● Thanks for all of the assists.

    Thanks to my 'Hardwood' brothers for throwing your loose change into the donation tin at the games. Goes to show what a handful of coins from a handful of blokes can come to!! Top effort, lads. The August tin challenge continues and the winning team gets a round AND a trophy. Keep the coins coming for Rd.2!! Cheers.

  • $300
    8 months ago ● Proud of you Mik...don't do a hammy !!!

    To The combined Kath Wilson Jack Jack Jackie/Kneebone/Davidson mob-really honoured to have you contribute so greatly to my stairclimb fundraising. Your donation over the last Double Donation weekend actually tipped me over the threshold and I have now met and exceeded my 2017 target of $5,243!! As three sets of family combined, I have a special set of three photos for you. (Note the Bomberos 'Essendon' reference!) Love youse all.πŸš’πŸ”₯πŸ˜‰πŸΎπŸ’“

  • $100
    8 months ago ● So proud of all your hard work and dedication, for such a great cause. It is awesome being on this journey with you, and can't wait to watch you smash out another stair climb!

    My beautiful amazing girl Tess. What a special young soul you are. Everything is better with you around. And that now includes my stairclimb total. Amid everything you do being always so busy with work, uni, gym, and your family and friends, you find the time to donate (way too much by the way) and you waited for the double donation weekend to do so. Love you heaps and so very very proud of you, Tessie-girl.🎸

  • $50
    Paul Harrup
    8 months ago ● All the best with the climb Mik! cheers, Harry.

    Harry you legend!! You are a long time supporter if my stairclimbs and I cannot wait to catch up in person and thank you. Your donation will be a triple-figure sum once Firefighters Charity match it so excellent work by you. Very lucky to have your contribution.

  • $50
    David Edwards
    8 months ago ● We all know my thoughts on running. We also know my thoughts on stairs. Its a good thing you think the opposite to me. Smash it out and fly like an eagle.

    David Edwards(MFB)-Big Red, cheers for throwing some excellent funds at my stairclimb, brother. You've shown you can take the boy out of FS02 (and send him to stairless FS39) but you can't take the FS02 out of the boy! Really generous on your part but it gets better-your double figure input will be a triple-figure sum once the Firefighters Charity are done with it. Personally, I want to thank you for providing me with a study break (Leadings Course begins tomorrow!)-10826.

  • $35
    Ric Flair
    8 months ago ● Wooooo!

    A donation all the way from Space Mountain!! WOOOOO! Thanks for taking a breather from inhaling all that sushi to make a contribution to my stairclimb fundraising, bruthaaaaa. πŸ—Ώ

  • $100
    8 months ago ● If you stomp up those stairs as good as you move big fridges you will do well.

    Fred Tschirsch and Penny Rickard Thank you for selecting MoveMyGiantFridge.Com.Ow as your preferred refrigerator relocation specialist. Please consider our sister companies EatMySushi.Yum.Me and for all your Auto requirements Rotate.My.Tyres.U.Idiot. Congrats on your donation timing, you legends.

  • $50
    Con Arvanitis
    8 months ago ● Double trouble on a double down weekend - for a great cause.

    Con thanks for another 'Arvanitis Amount' towards ny Stairclimb fundraising! Ripper timing on the double-down as you mentioned. Nice to be able to thank you in person over those delicious pizzas, too! Cheers as always for your ongoing support. πŸ˜‰πŸ»πŸŒΆπŸ•

  • $50
    Maureen & Dennis Cullen
    8 months ago ● Hope this helps your target. Go Mik.

    Dennis and Maureen Cullen-thanks for another portion of Cullen generosity and yes of course it gets me another big step up towards my target total! Congrats on your timing-because it came over this weekend, your donation will be doubled by Firefighters Charity Fund. Big hugs in the bank for you both. -Mik.

  • $400
    Pauline Kostas
    8 months ago ● The Bali Girls are once again donating their Christmas Charity fund towards the fight against depression, PTSD and suicide and support you all the way. Thank you for all you do to raise money for this cause and all the previous charities. You are a special person. Keep climbing..... from Terry, Mira, Donna, Jo, Leanne, Jackie, Anita and Pauline

    To Terri, Mira, Donna, Jo, Leanne, Jackie, Anita, and Pauline-it really is an honour to receive your annual christmas donation. It is always a massive boost to my fundraising as well as my training intensity. And on this weekend, you have done an even more wonderful thing as your amount will be doubled. So lucky to have your continued participation. Love to you all.

  • $50
    Gareth White
    8 months ago ● Kick some butt champ.

    Gareth Gregory White (MFB) Wow! Thanks for contributing to my Stairclimb fundraising and, for that matter, all of your support in not only this event but also your tips on how to survive MFB Fire Station 02 in general. You are a very VERY tolerant and patient man to be mentoring so many eclectic nutbags (ALL ranks). Long may that be the case, brother! Also, your donation will actually be a triple-figure contribution once the Firefighters Charity Fund match it!! BANG! So here is the Pyros Vistiki and yours truly in Athens, Greece. And yes, there is absolutely a shouvlaki mut and greek beer on the table I'm at (out of shot). Thanks heaps for being interested and involved.πŸš’πŸ˜ŽπŸ»πŸ”₯πŸŽ–

  • $35
    Reece Lines
    8 months ago ● Keep up the great work Mik

    Thanksh Reecshe mut! Your contribution will be doubled by the Firefighters Charity Fund!! Excshellent work by you ash well.

  • $10
    Mark Griffin
    8 months ago

    Thanks for throwing in a contribution, Mark! As thanks, we had a wun last night.

  • $25
    Shane Palmer
    8 months ago

    Shane Palmer thanks for making a great addition to my 2017 Stairclimb fundraising! Very kind of you to get involved in this important cause. Cheers.

  • $100
    Dave hand
    8 months ago ● Go get em big fella

    Dave Hand you are a champion!! Your massively generous donation has just lifted my personal 2017 Stairclimb fundraising total into 4K territory!! Thanks for being a part of this amazing event and for becoming the newest member of my Stairclimb fundraising family. Legend. Next round is on me.πŸš’πŸ»πŸ–πŸ˜‰

  • $50
    James Kerwin
    8 months ago ● Great work again Jooce!

    Jimmy Kerwin-a fundraising generator beast of long standing! Thanks for chipping in and supplying much needed funds to the cause, my brother. Anyone who has even the slightest inkling of basketball.....keep an eye on this bloke and his excellent work with Helping Hoops. www.helpinghoops.com.au

  • $50
    Krashow family
    8 months ago ● You are amazing Mik Sending you lots of support for your next challenge From your Krashow family

    To my genetically-enriched family; I am always so very grateful to have your nutritional and financial assistance. You know how much a lamb on the spit got me powering up Eureka on 24 hours notice-a fresh bit of kora and your donation will propel me up the Metropol challenge as well!!

  • $250
    Barry Plant Croydon
    8 months ago ● Best wishes for a great cause Regards, The team at Barry Plant Croydon

    Thank you to the entire Barry Plant Croydon team for your vital support. I am lucky to work with you in business and in fundraising and you surpass expectations in both. Extremely grateful to have your continued support.

  • $50
    Leardi family
    8 months ago ● Go Mik So proud of our fire fighter mate Best of Luck The Leardi's

    Leardi Family-you guys have some of the biggest hearts of all. Really lucky to have your support and encouragement. Grazie!

  • $50
    Luke McConnell
    9 months ago ● Well done Mik - a great cause !

    Cheers for being involved again, Luke. Your 'deposit' on my fundraising 'table' is most generous. Along with Jamin, Jake, Bart, and Boges, your 1995-96 WnWa Draft group has proven itself to be invaluable since Day 1. Cheers.

  • $50
    Joe Fekete
    9 months ago ● Put a slide in and then come down..... have a great climb. Fekete Family.

    Joe Fekete & Family-my sincere thanks for yet again contributing to my Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising to fight P.T.S.D., Suicide, and Depression. My current total is $3,352 and 'climbing'. Cheers, -Mik.

  • $50
    Maureen Goodwin
    9 months ago ● Keep on climbing Mik... Great effort!

    Maureen Goodwin thank you again for your support. This year will hopefully see all previous totals AND times improved yet again! Cheers for always being so giving.

  • $100
    Jeremy boulton
    9 months ago ● Luke Finnigan talked you up... thanks for supporting your community..

    Wow! If Luke Finnigan can talk you into the sort of donation you provided, maybe I should get him on board as a campaign manager!! Jeremy Boulton thank you for getting involved in my fundraising and I would very much like to meet you and thank you in person. Your generosity from out of nowhere is very humbling and seems to be part of a surprising trend at least from my perspective. Keep in touch and jump on to check progress-particularly on 2nd September. -Mik.

  • $5
    James Bennetts
    9 months ago ● You find me this year in (hopefully temporarily) reduced circumstances, so please accept this downpayment. All being well, more shall come...

    James Bennetts thanks for your 'income-comparitive' donation! Some say all donations should be a percentage of your income. By that definition (and with current circumstances in mind) yours may actually be the largest donation of all!! That's what I think. Thanks for your ongoing support and good luck with the job hunting. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΎπŸš’

  • $150
    Luke finnigan
    9 months ago ● Keep on keeping on ..

    Cheers, Fig! Big big BIG Cheers. Huge fanx for your whopping donation! Is this payback for all those pkays I set up for you as your coach and then as your teammate?? ;-) Hope to thank you in person very soon at next WnWa reunion. Really grateful to have your contribution, mate.

  • $100
    Ned Moyle
    9 months ago ● Your hard work and unwavering positivity is an inspiration to us all brother.

    Nedly!! You laugh at my dad jokes-don't tell anyone but THAT is why I want to stay at 02! I onow this year's causes are up close for more than a few of us. Next nekkies on me and lookin forward to getting back on shift with you, brother. Hugs are coming-prepare thyself.

  • $25
    Trav hamilton
    9 months ago ● Great work Mik! Smash it mate!

    Are you talking about the steins afterwards?? Cheers, Baby G. Thanks for jumping on board the Juice Train. I can always rely on you and Megz.

  • $25
    David Magnanini
    9 months ago ● Great work as always Mick... And just a random message for u, for your reading pleasure... The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say.

    Dave Moog your mullet in the 90s was an inspiration to me so I grew my own. Now your big donation pushes me on to new heights. And yes, 'The pleasure is to play makes no difference what you say'. Finer words never spoken. Not sure where you found them but the following sum up my attitude to fundraising: 'Double up or quit, double stake or split, Pushing up the ante, I know you got to see me.' Cheers, bro.

  • $50
    David & Susan Russo
    9 months ago ● Great work Mik!

    Thanks for contributing in such a generous way, Dave and Suze. Your support is always most welcome and great to have you on board.

  • $250
    Graham Jones
    9 months ago ● Good luck.... you meet the most interesting people in a rooftop swimming pool in Barcelona!

    Graham Jones thanks for being on the roof in Barcelona at that point in time!! You ARE a good bloke and a champion gesture on your part to donate so much to a complete stranger. Hope to see you again one day but will keep in touch at the very least with future stairclimb event info as requested. Still shaking my head in disbelief. Cheers, mate. -Mik.

  • $100
    Assistant Crossing Supervisor Alan Jackson
    9 months ago ● Rough year for me Mik... one minute you're on the fast track to Commissioner, the next you're lugging a lollipop in Melton South. I still have no idea how that evidence bag got in my bloodstream. Nevermind, onwards and upwards. (See what I did there?)

    Ass Crossing Sup. Jackson, I truly appreciate your generosity in the face of such personal hardship. And onwards and upwards indeed or in the words of the respected philosophical 20th Century collective NKOTB: "Step by step Ooh baby Gonna get to you girl Step by step Ooh baby Really want you in my world (step) (step) (step) (step by step) Step 1: We can have lots of fun Step 2: There's so much we can do Step 3: It's just you and me Step 4: I can give you more Step 5: Don't you know that the time has arrived (AH!)"

  • $25
    Marisa Puccio
    10 months ago ● Good Luck Mik! Such a worthy cause. The Puccio Family

    To the Puccio Family Marisa and Frank and kids-I'm honoured to have your support again for this great cause. Cheers.

  • $50
    Steve & Linda & Family
    10 months ago ● Great work, always glad to support an excellent cause

    Steve and Linda and kidlets Cbeers again for your ongoing support. Your contributions over the years and, no doubt, into the future, make a difference.

  • $55
    Chris Parkin
    10 months ago ● Go you good deeply tanned thing. From the Parkins.

    Cheer Chris Parkin and Albinarko family for donating to my Firefighter Stairclimb appeal. And massive congrats for getting on board to smash some stairs yourself this year-great work old fella!! Also, remember, it's not how deeply tanned you are on the outside, it's about how tanned you are on the inside...no wait, that's not how it goes..um, you know what I mean.

  • $50
    Brett Hall
    10 months ago ● Go mut!

    Brett Hall Thank youshe for your very generous donation to my Shtairclimb fundraishing appeal, mut!

  • $25
    Gavin Brown
    10 months ago ● Good work MikπŸ‘

    Thanks for the contribution, Gavin Brown! Great to have your support. As promised for each RC108 donation, I will post a cheesey or embarrassing pic.

  • $150
    Cullen family
    10 months ago ● Love from the "Clan".

    Yet again the Cullen Clan 'circles the wagons' and gives my fundraising an injection of much-needed zest! You guys; my legendary family, have been so very generous and I thank you so much on behalf of all the people this event will eventually affect in a positive manner. Love to you all and bring on some famous fried rice as stair-fuel!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • $50
    Andrew Murphy
    10 months ago ● A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu

    Andrew Murphy cheers for getting on board again and helping raise funds to combat Depression, P.T.S.D., and Suicide via my Firefighter Stairclimb. Very generous of you and your support and advice (on and off the court) is always welcome. Thanks, bro.πŸ˜‰πŸ€πŸ»β›Ή

  • $25
    Troy Eaton
    10 months ago ● Good work Mik. Keep flying the flag mate.

    Troy Eaton thanks for your annual contribution to my 2017 Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising appeal. You are typically the first of my MFB RC108 brothers to get involved with these great causes and I'm always grateful for your support-especially for the cause of fighting Depression, P.T.S.D., and Suicide. I'm also 'hungry' for those stairs!! Cheers.πŸš’πŸ”₯πŸ’ΉπŸ˜‰πŸ’Έ

  • $100
    Shaun, Tahnee and Sienna Bell
    10 months ago ● Good on you Mik. Even training on your holidays!

    Shaun Bell, Tahnee, & Sienna Bell-Wow! What a ripper donation!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my little calloused mikonos sand-covered feet for your VERY considerable donation to the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb 2017. And also big thanks for your encouraging message. Training is sometimes that much more difficult when on holiday but that's life and I am just so very lucky to be able to do this so no complaints from me (see 1hr7min run time Saturday). Looking forward to thanking you all in person as well. Cheers. πŸš’πŸ”₯β€πŸ»πŸΎπŸ””πŸ””πŸ””

  • $100
    10 months ago ● Keep Truckin' *silence, pause "chair"

    Stuart Noom-Cheers for the massive donation (almost as massive as those big toes of yours!!) and for taking a chair to Depression, P.T.S.D., and Suicide. Very very generous, Big Chief. -from Little Chair...i mean, Chief. Looking forward to catching up over some frothie ones. 🍻πŸ”₯πŸ˜ŽπŸΎπŸ–

  • $66
    Erica Licht-Arvanitis
    10 months ago ● The number of the beast, for a beast who selflessly give to others by repeating a 'leg day' workout. The Arvo's

    Erica Licht-Arvanitis & Con & Alexis & Riff & Raff-Cheers for 'throwing the horns' at PTSD, Suicide, and Depression via your rocking 'Number Of The Beast' donationπŸŽΈπŸš’ In the MFB, we sometimes refer to the really hot red stuff as 'The Beast'. In this instance, another 'Beast', his tshirt, and his advocate convey nicely what your donation does for me! πŸ’ͺ Also, your international power adaptor gadget is excellent-it's like a useful transformer robot! πŸ€–

  • $50
    Michael Scales
    10 months ago ● Go Mik. Legend

    Michael Scales-another true gentleman and a very level-headed WnWa veteran legend has again shown great judgement and insight to choose to contribute to my stairclimb appeal to combat P.T.S.D., Suicide, and Depression! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for being a constant supporter and calm head on the court. And congrats again on your Warrnambool tournament win in Jan with fellow firefighter Simon Hevey! πŸ€

  • $25
    Steve & Natalie G
    10 months ago ● Good Luck Mik!

    Big hugs to Steve George and Natalie for getting on board and becoming a part of the fundraising army! Thank you for donating to my 2017 Firefighter stairclimb.

  • $100
    Andrew Bennetts
    10 months ago ● Never stop Mik!!!

    Not only is Andrew Bennetts possibly the toughest and possibly most athletically gifted opponent I have ever faced on the blacktop, he is also a gentleman, an experienced management consultant, an actor, and now an author. http://www.booktopia.com.au/the-mess-we-re-in-andrew-bennetts/prod9780994465207.html Add to all this, he is now the latest contributor to my 2017 firefighter stairclimb fundraising appeal. Thanks Bart-and to me, you will always be that bloke who tried to break a massive ice block with his forehead.

  • $205
    Pauline Kostas
    10 months ago ● Always so proud of you and everything you do. I'm here to support you all the way. Love you and your passion to the cause.

    My beautiful, beautiful Pauline thank you for donating to my 2017 Firefighter Stairclimb appeal. You already do so much as a sometime training partner, 'hydration coach', and campaign manager and I am blessed to have you propel me up those stairs every year. You rock, Tsena!

  • $500
    Icon Equipment International
    11 months ago ● Icon support you 100% and are with you every step of the way. A great effort by you to raise money for such a worthy cause. Your generosity of time goes above and beyond as we repay you via this charity for work done on our Icon Christmas Card. Good luck from all the team at Icon Equipment.

    Icon Equipment have my gratitude for their humungus addition to my 2017 Melbourne Firefighter stairclimb fundraising total. This hard working and incredibly well respected Aussie business has exhibited much generosity and I am humbled by the donation. Icon Equipment deal with supplying packaging equipment to the diary and beverage industry both here and overseas. Check them out at http://www.iconequip.com.au

  • $50
    Andrew Broadbent
    11 months ago ● Champion

    Fist-bumps to Andrew Broadbent for throwing a very welcome assist back my way for a change! I have played basketball with this man for almost my entire bball life including to this very day (last night's victory as a matter of fact). We have enjoyed much success and many premierships. Broady and I share a unique way of communicating on the court that comes from countless withering practice sessions and pressure-cooker on-court situations and I love playing ball with this bloke. Sometimes we leave all other 8 players shaking their heads once we've competed a play. It's a largely non-verbal, kind of random, but hugely successful kind of thing. Much like these donations. And I'm sure Broady brings that to everything he does. As a matter of fact, check it out for yourself and catch Broady at this little stage play thing you may have heard of lately..... http://bookofmormonmusical.com.au/

  • $500
    Jamin Silluzio
    11 months ago ● You are a legend, Mik for supporting this important cause. It is incredibly impressive that you are achieving faster times with age. All the best with this year's climb. The team at Barry Plant Eltham, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Doreen & Greensborough.

    Well, what can I say? Jamin Silluzio of Barry Plant Eltham (and on behalf of Barry Plant Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Greensborough, and Doreen) has yet again flooded an incredible donation towards my 2017 Firefighter Stairclimb appeal for combatting PTSD, Suicide Prevention, and Depression. Jamin and Barry Plant Real Estate have been a constant supporter of my charity work via the Stairclimb from day dot. He is a funny bugger, a talented athlete, a long-time friend and 'co-conspirator', and obviously a very generous business man. I cannot be more grateful. I also wish to thank Keiran Whaley who no doubt had input into this customarily explosive escalation to my appeal total. I challenge all my small business contacts out there to match Barry Plant Eltham (et al)'s contribution. In fact, I challenge you to BEAT it. To follow donations and my progress, go to https://www.firefighterclimb.org.au/climber/mikwilson And finally, on a more personal note, if you are looking for first-hand advice on renting/buying/investing in property, please contact me-I can personally put you on to some great contacts within the Barry Plant franchise. I have been a willing spruiker of their brand even before I approached Barry Plant for fundraising support and I can attest proudly that they have looked after me very well since May 2002 and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone in need of a trustworthy Real Estate franchise. Pretty stoked right now. http://www.barryplant.com.au/eltham/

  • $100
    Bogues & Annette
    11 months ago ● You can do it!! (Rob Schnieder voice)

    Thanks to Boges and Annette Galante for your amazingly thoughtful donation to my stairclimb fundraising appeal. Pauline mentioned you are usually the very first to donate each year and that is a stat certainly worth telling people about. Love you guys.

  • $50
    Simone Vagg
    11 months ago ● Good luck Mik with your event this year. It is a pretty big effort to drag that equipment up those stairs at such a speedy pace. Impressive!

    Simone Vagg thank you for your excellent funding towards my stairclimb in September! Your support is very welcome and indicative of the Icon family. Cheers.

  • $50
    Claudia Sorrentino
    11 months ago ● Well done for everything you do to save lives! Cxx

    Claudia Lucia Sorrentino a big appreciative hug and thanks for your donation and ongoing support to my Firefighter Stairclimb fundraising.

  • $50
    Jacki Cook
    11 months ago ● Great effort Mik

    Jacki Cook I thank you for kicking off the fundraising (and correcting the dates! ;-) ) for my annual Stairclimb event! You are and always have been a true supporter and mate and your contribution LITERALLY gets the ball rolling. Always one of the first to 'lend a hand' and help with a great cause. One of the world's finest masseuses, too!

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