Mal Marcus

Climbing for MFB Port Melbourne

G’day Friends and Family – It is the final week before the event – I appreciate the many well wishes but need to generate some donations for this worthy cause.
Every dollar donated goes to Lifeline and the Black Dog Institute. This is no small event, I will be in my full turn-out gear and Breathing Apparatus, as will about five hundred other Firefighters travelling from across Australia and the world, raising funds for a cause close to our hearts by “Stepping up to fight Depression, PTSD and Suicide”.
I am throwing down a challenge to you to accept and for me to complete!
Mental health effects all of our lives – literally – and one of the best ways to nurture a healthy mind is to exercise. Another is to take healthy risks – like asking for help & being vulnerable. Finally, there are rewards for the reaching out in support of others in their time of need.
I am reaching out in support to complete my goal to better 5mins to climb 28 floors – $15 to just complete it (safe bet) or go all out and urge me on to go sub 5 and double it ( you can contribute more than once folks!!)I have been training but hiding out until now…. to ask for your help. Be the support we all wish for in time of need, your contribution will be valued and I will carry with me your good will. Don’t just wish me well, spur me on with a donation.
Yours in time of need – Mal

So far, I've raised $75 of my $500 fundraising goal.

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5:19.967 Donned and started

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  • $10
    Nigel Grey
    9 months ago ● Good work!
  • $10
    Steve Bingley
    9 months ago ● well done Mal
  • $50
    Farcus Tribe!
    9 months ago

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