Karthick Thanigaimani

Climbing for CFA Point Cook

Hi. During September and October, I’ll be taking part in a million steps for mental health and helping to raise $500,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSI and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $1,400 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

I've completed 78,307 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Karthick’s friends

  • $25
    Doris Lang
    2 months ago ● Go Karthick
  • $50
    Kaliope Vassilopoulos
    3 months ago ● well done Karthick for a great cause!

    Thank you Kaliope

  • $25
    Roma Pedersen
    3 months ago ● Good on you Karthick!

    Thanks Roma

  • $25
    Shanti Balakrishnan
    3 months ago ● Well Done Karthick on this amazing effort to create a great awareness for this cause.

    Thanks Shanti.

  • $25
    Sarah Fitzy
    3 months ago ● Great work Karthick!! Amazing effort for a wonderful cause!!

    Thanks Sarah

  • $25
    Hervindar Kaur
    3 months ago ● Excellent! Thank you to you and all Fireies for your great work in keeping Victoria safe.

    Thanks Hervindar

  • $25
    Rakesh kumar mallam
    3 months ago

    Thanks Rakesh

  • $25
    Pavan Matampally
    3 months ago ● Well Karthick.....proud of your efforts...all the best

    Thanks Pavan

  • $20
    Patricia Fernandez
    3 months ago ● Great work Karthick. So proud of you.

    Thank you Patricia.

  • $25
    Samantha Pruscino
    3 months ago

    Thank you Samantha

  • $25
    Kara Macleod
    3 months ago ● Good luck and thank you for making such a great contribution to our community. All the best!

    Thanks Kara..

  • $50
    3 months ago ● Well done Karthik, what an ingenious way to complete this challenge. Best wishes

    Thanks Luci

  • $50
    Sara Marsden
    3 months ago ● Good luck Karthick, looks like you are well onto your way of smashing your goals.

    Thanks Sara.

  • $25
    3 months ago

    Thanks David

  • $100
    Neil Campbell
    3 months ago ● Great effort - looks like you need to get yourself a taller ladder!

    Thanks Neil.

  • $25
    Kean Pak
    4 months ago ● Awesome cause, Karthick! Good luck with achieving your goal !

    Thanks Kean

  • $25
    4 months ago ● Good initiative Karthik, Inspiring! Keep going and good luck:)

    Thanks Nirmal

  • $25
    Ram Thangaraja
    4 months ago ● You are all keeping us safe. Thanks for your contribution to this safe environment. Keep up the good work and be proud.

    Thanks Ram

  • $250
    Murali Kumar
    4 months ago ● Excellent initiative Karthick for a very worthy cause, proud of you.

    Thanks anna

  • $25
    4 months ago ● Good luck

    Thanks Madhu

  • $25
    Srivatsan swaminathan
    4 months ago ● Great initiative KT

    Thanks Sri

  • $100
    Vinodh Sesh
    4 months ago ● Thanks for this important initiative considering the situation all of us are dealing with. Good luck in achieving the overall goal!

    Thank you Vinodh

  • $30
    Arun KrishnN
    4 months ago ● Hey KT, Appreciate your effort to support such cause. Wish you achieve your goal.

    Thank you

  • $50
    Ganesh Raja
    4 months ago

    Thanks Ganesh

  • $25
    Subramanian Sangameswaran
    4 months ago ● Well done Karthick. So proud of you. Keep going.

    Thanks anna

  • $50
    Tulasi Cherukuri
    4 months ago ● Well done

    Thank you

  • $25
    Jeffrey Alcock
    4 months ago ● Good luck Karthick! Excellent cause

    Thanks mate