Ethan Brown

Climbing for CFA Trentham

Hi. On September 7th I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $700,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSI and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

I’m a Volunteer Firefighter with the Country Fire Authority. I have been a firefighter with the Trentham brigade since 2016 but joined as a junior in 2011.

Thanks to our sponsors 100% of every dollar raised will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $770 of my $500 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Ethan’s friends

  • $25
    Kelley Doyle
    4 days ago ● Wishing you good luck Ethan. What a worthy cause to lend your support to. Kelley

    Thank you Kelley

  • $100
    Dean - The Path of the Horse
    4 days ago ● Wishing you all the best Christopher for your worthy cause. Dean

    Thank you dean but it’s Ethan doing the stair climb

  • $25
    Gareth Wales
    19 days ago ● Good luck Ethan 👍

    Thank you Gareth

  • $50
    Katrina Jones
    23 days ago

    Thank You Katrina

  • $20
    Robyn Frost
    25 days ago ● Direct donation

    Thank you grandma

  • $20
    Nicole Frost
    25 days ago ● Direct donation

    Thank you mum

  • $30
    Harry and Rhoda Moore
    25 days ago ● Cash Donation

    Thank you Harry and Rhoda

  • $25
    Karen & Michael
    26 days ago ● Ethan, this challenge looks pretty tough! Hope you can still walk at the end of it!

    Thank you Karen & Michael

  • $25
    Charles & Peta Sherlock
    26 days ago ● Keep those legs pumping!

    Thank you Charles & Peta

  • $25
    Maria Forde
    29 days ago ● You’re one fine young man Ethan Trentham are so lucky to have you All the best

    Thank you Maria

  • $25
    Debbie Versace
    one month ago ● Best of luck Ethan.

    Thank you Debbie

  • $25
    Di Parsons
    one month ago ● Good luck Ethan.

    Thank you Di

  • $50
    Peter Ritchie
    one month ago ● Cash donation

    Thank you for your donation

  • $50
    Brenda Tatti
    one month ago ● Go Ethan.

    Thank you for your donation

  • $25
    Andy Beard
    one month ago ● Good on you Ethan. That’s a gutsy effort. What’s your training regime? All the best mate. Andy Beard

    Thank you Andy

  • $100
    Marie Sharp
    one month ago ● Go Ethan, you are an inspiration

    Thank you for your donation

  • $25
    Sheryl Lamb
    one month ago ● Good on you Ethan

    Thank you for your donation

  • $100
    Kathleen Brown
    one month ago ● Hope you do well Ethan good luck 😉

    Thank you nan