Blair Dellemijn

Climbing for CFA Melton

Citizens, a number of people will know me as the bloke that holds a camera around the Fire Brigade.

CRANK is the more commonly used term I suppose.

So this year, as well as shooting the Stairclimb, I also wanted to take part. It’s going to be a bit of an effort for this old fatty, but I would really appreciate your help. Every cent goes towards helping our brothers and sisters in their times of need. Even if one person gave $1 each, I’d be well on my way to my goal.

Thankyou, and Stay Safe.

So far, I've raised $895 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Blair’s friends

  • $50
    Heather Vile
    4 days ago ● Good on you for signing up. Best of luck Blair!
  • $250
    Firefighters Credit Co-operative
    19 days ago ● Best of Luck big man we are so happy to support "The man behind the camera" who is there to make so many firefighters special day a day they will be able to look back with pride in the future through photos you take.
  • $50
    Lex Johansson
    25 days ago ● This donation is in support of your cardiovascular system.
  • $25
    Steven Schueler
    one month ago
  • $5
    Aaron Coghill
    one month ago ● Awesome job there Blair.
  • $5
    Whitley Coward (Me)
    one month ago ● Good luck mate, all the best!
  • $50
    Carlie Newman
    one month ago ● Good luck Blair. Hope to at least see some selfies from the day!
  • $25
    Jason stone
    one month ago ● Go Blair go
  • $15
    Tony Bennett
    one month ago ● Go hard and get lots of photos!
  • $20
    Tom Winter
    one month ago ● Fantastic work Blair, see you at the top!
  • $25
    Adam Jones
    one month ago ● Good luck Blair
  • $25
    Jo Thompson
    one month ago ● Great work Blair!
  • $25
    Travis Dixon
    one month ago ● All the best, Blair. 👍
  • $25
    Peter Baker
    one month ago ● Great work mate!!
  • $25
    Heather Dellemijn
    one month ago ● You know
  • $25
    Mellie Talbot
    one month ago ● Good luck, Blair! You got this one stair at a time! 💪
  • $25
    Michele Abbott
    one month ago ● Go Blair on behalf of the entire Abbott clan.😊
  • $25
    Bruce Bramwell
    one month ago ● Just hope that person on the pushbike isn't coming from Adelaide with his negative words! Good on ya bloke - give it a go
  • $25
    Allison Hamilton
    one month ago ● Please don’t die! 😂
  • $25
    Bobby Cerny
    one month ago ● Good luck, Blair. You can do it!
  • $100
    Bayswater Jayco
    one month ago ● Thanks foe everything you do Blair
  • $10
    Vaughan Stott
    one month ago ● Go for it BFG!
  • $25
    Liz Frazer
    one month ago ● Best crank getting around! Up there!
  • $10
    Chanel Forbes
    one month ago ● Go Blair 🙌🏼