alicia adams

Climbing for CFA Emerald

My name is Alicia, I’m a 39-year-old mum to 2 girls, I have just recently joined the Emerald CFA 3 or 4 months ago, so I’m brand Newie recruit. I love learning about all the CFA has to offer and learning on how to help out my community and give back to them. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Coming up to nearly 40 years of age, some people say you can’t try that or you cant do this, your getting older now, how are you going to manage that. Well my advice to anyone who says that I,s that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you have the passion and the drive you can achieve great things. No matter how old you are.

So with that in Mind I’m challenging myself even harder by doing this stair climb, even though it will be the most challenging thing I have ever had to do physically in my entire life, I will show people who don’t think they can do things, that they can, with a bit of passion and determination. You WILL get there.

I don’t plan on making records or even setting myself a time to get up the top fast, slow, and steady and I will make it to the top. (eventually).
The mental toll on emergency services in doing what they love to do is enormous and this stair climb is to raise vital funds to help support the amazing services that are there to provide support to is when we need it.

So please if you can please donate to this amazing cause.

9/11 Memorial

The Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb remembers the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 11th September 2001.

My stair climb race bib will include the name and photo of FDNY Firefighter Frank J Callahan in memory of their sacrifice made on that fateful day. Search and read more about Frank J Callahan.

So far, I've raised $270 of my $500 fundraising goal.

Race result


7:51.0 Donned only – Non Competitive

Recent donations from alicia’s friends

  • $25
    Nathan Agius
    3 months ago ● Great stuff Alicia. Do it for the newbie's.
  • $25
    Jody Yandle
    4 months ago ● Go Alicia! I am SO in awe and proud of you! 🚒👏

    Aww thanks Jody. I'll give it my best shot to get to the top in one piece. X

  • $25
    4 months ago ● So proud of you!!! You’ve got this

    Thankyou lovely. I couldn't do this without out all of your love and suppport and encouragement every day.

  • $50
    4 months ago ● Congratulations. Well done. Wifi.

    Thankyou. I'll try my best!!!!

  • $50
    4 months ago ● GO KIDDO YOU CAN DO THIS. Well done for the effort.

    Thank you. I couldn't do it without your support every day

  • $25
    4 months ago ● Go Alicia!! I’m in awe of you xo

    Thanks so Much Ellen. Your such a treasure.

  • $20
    Cienna and Brighlee
    4 months ago ● Mum i wish you luck and love u so much♥️(cc) 13yrs Mum I hope you get to the top of the stair climb. I wish you 5 lucks. I love you Mum (Brighlee) 7yrs