Natasha Lasota

Climbing for CFA Wandong

Mental health is an essential component of life and intertwines with our ability to connect, handle stress and make healthy physical choices.
Mental illness can present itself in so many ways and in so many different people. Occupational hazards of first responders mean an increased likelihood of experiencing trauma and mental distress.
This is my first year participating in the stair climb challenge, and in light of the last 18 months, I’ll be climbing on behalf of ALL first responders, military personnel and front line health workers. Please think of those who run into the fire, into the war-torn countries, in to help those in trouble

So far, I've raised $464 of my $500 fundraising goal.

I've completed 50,000 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Natasha’s friends

  • $113
    one month ago
  • $50
    Stuart macmillan
    2 months ago
  • $65
    2 months ago ● Good job mate! Doing well! Keep up the good work 👏
  • $25
    Trish Santinon
    2 months ago ● You're a bloody gem!!! Still wished you'd move back to Vic!!! Miss you loads! ❤

    Thank you Trish, means a lot 😊

  • $80
    Joy Lasota
    2 months ago
  • $50
    Janina Lasota
    2 months ago
  • $20
    Joy Lasota
    2 months ago
  • $10
    Sue Marstaeller
    2 months ago ● i can't do it physically but will be right behind you in enthusiasm go get 'em girl

    Thank you Sue, hope you are well!

  • $50
    Liam Edwards
    2 months ago ● Keep up the good work Tash!

    Thanks Liam! Appreciate the support