Courtney Orrin

Climbing for SA CFS Willunga

Because it’s something about doing things in threes, so here she goes.

In twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen, I climbed twenty-eight floors in full PPE, a uniform that weighs a third of my body weight, to raise money for something that holds a whole lot of meaning in my heart.

The intention is to raise some serious money for a cause that holds phenomenal value. The hope is that every step I take up, is a step we take to level up as a society; recognising, normalising, respecting and nurturing mental health, predominately in men.

If you are willing or able, every bit that you can give to show support to this cause is so appreciated. The most wholehearted and humble thank you.

For Morgan, always x

So far, I've raised $0 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Previous year’s results


7:58.293 Donned only


7:12.297 Donned only


11:07.133 Donned only