SA MFS Ride2Climb

Ride2Climb by the Australian Professional Fire-fighters Foundation
We are trying to make a difference to kids health.
On August 26th 12 fire-fighters from the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service will leave Adelaide and ride 1100kms to Melbourne then complete the Melbourne Fire-fighter Stair Climb up 28 floors in full Fire-fighter kit and Breathing apparatus (25kgs) all to raise money for the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (the largest child health research institute in Australia).
Our group is trying to raise $10,000 by asking people to purchase a kilometre for $10 so please click on the link and donate for a kilometre (Or more if you want to).
Our team of riders are listed below and you can follow our journey on
Thanks for your support!!

Previous year’s results


28 floors, 25kgs of kit

Sat 2 Sep 2017

$500,000 to raise for the fight against depression, PTSD and suicide