MFSC Burkey's M2M

The Damien Burke Memorial Run remembers the amazing positive impact had by Senior Station Officer Damien Burke, who tragically took his own life in February 2016.

The run will take place over seven days, and cover a route of 633km from Mildura CFA fire station to Footscray MFB No.47 Fire Station. Damien called both these stations home, and counts many amongst the crew as his close mates.

This year the will take the M2M Crew via Bendigo and Ballarat. We are incorporating Ballarat this year to honour CFA Firefighter Nathan "Shanas" Shanahan who, after a long battle with PTSD, took his own life in February 2017.

Combined 2017 fundraising total is $17,159

Donations from Burkey's M2M's supporters

  • $50
    Great effort and cause ☺️
    Winter family
  • $100
    Christine Shaw
  • $25
    Good luck to all involved. My father is a retired firefighter who suffers from PTSD. thankyou all for what you are doing in the memory of Damien
    Angela Potter
  • $50
    Hope this event keeps growing and growing. Well done everyone organising it- great work!!
    Christina Rodenburg
  • $50
    What a fantastic group of people doing extraordinary things in memory of great men as well as for the benefit of others! Run (and hydrate) well! :D
    Scott McGraw
  • $50
    All the best xx
    Tess Quinlan
  • $200
    Thanks so much Greg Cahill
    Steve Axup
  • $50
    Liam Barry
  • $100
    The Shanahan Family
  • $100
    John Branagan
  • $1,482
    Donations in collection buckets from Burkey's M2M
  • $2,000

Previous year’s results


28 floors, 25kgs of kit

Sat 2 Sep 2017

$500,000 to raise for the fight against depression, PTSD and suicide