CFA Wangaratta

Hi. On the 1st of September we'll be running up 28 floors to raise money to fight depression, PTSI and suicide. Please support us by using the Donate button below.

Combined 2020 fundraising total is $4,519

Donations from Wangaratta’s supporters

  • $25
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Lauren Dinsdale
  • $50
    Go for it guys.
    Mike Hillenaar
  • $30
    Well done on raising awareness about the mental health of our vital community and emergency services and keep that stair count going – almost there!
    Carson Smith and Melanie Levy
  • $50
    Well done! Proud of all of you!
    Nancy Gore
  • $3,257
    An amazing effort put in by our committee, with special thanks to EDGE FM, 1566 3NE and Solar Integrity for their support as well as Wangaratta Jewellers, My Slice Of Life, Rinaldo’s Casa Cucina, Aussie Disposals, McPhails Furniture, North East Fasteners, Powdersafe, Oakley, Wangaratta Caravans, Clean +Shiny Vehicle Cleaning Services, Sty Metals, Cassie Buis Dermal Therapy, Sovereign Liquor Bottlemart for their generous donations!
    Wangaratta CFA Climb Crew

Previous year’s results


1,000,000 Stairs, 30 days

September 2020

$500,000 to raise for the fight against depression, PTSI and suicide