CFA Wangaratta

Hi. On the 2nd September we'll be running up 28 floors to raise money to fight cancer, depression, and suicide. Please support us by using the Donate button below.

Combined 2023 fundraising total is $2,260

Donations from Wangaratta’s supporters

  • $100
    Good Luck!
    Paul McCully
  • $100
    Sorry I can’t be there team, but I’ll be thinking of you and cheering u on from afar. I’m sure you’ll smash it out and uphold our reputation 😉
    Cam Cryer
  • $50
    Good luck team! Go get ‘em!
    Matt LePoidevin
  • $30
    Wang brigade volunteers

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28 floors, 25kg of kit

Sat 2 Sep 2023

$700,000 to raise to fight against cancer, depression and suicide