CFA Pakenham

Hi. On the 1st of September we'll be running up 28 floors to raise money to fight depression, PTSI and suicide. Please support us by using the Donate button below.

Combined 2020 fundraising total is $5,906

Donations from Pakenham’s supporters

  • $25
    Well done to all involved.
    Briony cotterell
  • $25
    Good effort for a great cause
    Maureen barlow
  • $10
    GOOD LUCK to my beloved team members participating for a noble cause. Thank you for selfless contribution to our community. I’m proud to be associated with you all as a friend, Family member and a team member.
    Brijal Parikh
  • $50
    Tom Bruce
  • $25
    Great stuff AJ you legend and good luck too all!
    Luke Merrett
  • $25
    Good work Rusty!
    Ann King
  • $25
    Leah Stoll
  • $20
    Awesome work!
    Jana Payne

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1,000,000 Stairs, 30 days

September 2020

$500,000 to raise for the fight against depression, PTSI and suicide