Tim Cincotta

Climbing for CFA The Basin

Thank you for your support as I go and tackle the 28 floors of the Crown Metropol in 25kgs of firefighting gear again. Last year I raised over $1,600 with the help of family and friends after setting my goal at $1,000. This year I have set the early goal at $1,500 which I again hope to smash. The fight against depression and mental illness is very personal for me which is why I had no hesitation in signing up to take on this challenge again and probably again next year. Anything you can help with will greatly support me in reaching my goal of over $1,500 and the events goal of $700,000. I am also setting a further goal of shaving 1 minute from my completed time last year.

So far, I've raised $1,220 of my $1,500 fundraising goal.

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Recent donations from Tim’s friends

  • $145
    Stephen Axup
    8 months ago ● Great shaking Tim!!
  • $50
    Alysa Baldwin
    8 months ago ● Great effort Tim, proud you're apart of our wonderful community!

    Thanks Alysa, I really appreciate the support from Dexus at 360 Collins.

  • $100
    Michael Jeremiah
    8 months ago

    Thanks MJ,fantastic support. Greatly appreciated.

  • $50
    Jason and Jackie Loader
    8 months ago ● Great effort! Great cause! Well done Tim! Jason, Jackie, Nate, Darcy and Evan Loader

    Thank you all round Loaders!

  • $25
    Branko Milosavljevic
    8 months ago ● Good luck bro!

    Thanks Branko!

  • $25
    Pip Youngman
    8 months ago ● Great cause Tim. Good luck

    Thanks Pip. Great to get support from across the ditch.

  • $25
    Emily Mullan
    8 months ago ● Good Luck Tim xx

    Thanks Emily, really appreciated!

  • $30
    Daphne Goulter
    8 months ago ● Go Tim!

    Thanks Daphne!

  • $100
    Thomas Donald Newman
    9 months ago

    Love your work Donald! Thank you!

  • $25
    Jason Gower
    9 months ago ● All the best mate.

    Thank you Gower!

  • $20
    Alex Hall
    9 months ago ● This is a great cause! Good luck!

    Thank you Alex, appreciate that support.

  • $50
    Adrian Zapanta
    9 months ago

    Beefcake like effort Cuzzy Bro!

  • $20
    9 months ago ● You're an absolute legend, Tim! Amazing effort for a great cause.

    Thanks Kit!

  • $30
    Michael Smith
    10 months ago ● Great cause Tim - well done

    Thank you Michael. Much appreciated.

  • $25
    Arman Haghi
    10 months ago ● Good on ya Tim!

    Thanks Arman!

  • $100
    Gerry Killian
    10 months ago

    You superstar Gerry! Thanks mate.

  • $10
    Thor Prohaska
    10 months ago ● Go get em'

    Thanks Thor!

  • $25
    10 months ago ● Solute from deep of my heart!

    Thanks Ning Ning, much appreciated.

  • $30
    Bharath Sundararajan
    10 months ago ● As always Tim, way to go. Keep up the great work!!!

    Love your work Bharath! Thanks!

  • $25
    Davin Jones
    10 months ago ● Good luck Tim. From Danni, Davin & Isaac

    Thanks team Jones!

  • $25
    Cam Oliver
    10 months ago ● Good Luck Tim! See ya at the top!

    Thanks mate, look after me well at the top!

  • $50
    Matt Pivac
    10 months ago ● Awesome stuff Tim great cause!

    Thanks Ed!

  • $50
    James Della-Porta
    10 months ago ● Great cause Tim!

    Thanks James. Really appreciate the support.

  • $30
    Peter Michell
    11 months ago ● GO TIM! I'm sure you will be able to better last years time.

    Thank you Peter. Greatly appreciated!

  • $25
    Trent Battisson
    11 months ago

    Thanks Trent. Really appreciate the support.

  • $100
    David edtmaier
    11 months ago ● Smash it.

    Champion effort. Thanks mate.

  • $30
    Bree Roberts
    11 months ago ● I’ll kick things off mate.

    Thanks Bree!

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