Susan Edward

Climbing for QFES Craignish


I am an Auxiliary Firefighter at Craignish Station in Hervey Bay, Queensland (Queensland Fire and Emergency Service). Please join me in making a difference…. 100% of your donation goes directly towards improving support services, funding research, remove stigmas and raising awareness of mental health issues. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of many.

On September 2nd I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $500,000

Please help me “Step up to fight against depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

So far, I've raised $7,500 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Susan’s friends

  • $10
    Donation Tin
    8 months ago
  • $100
    The Highway Hotel Gin Gin Qld
    8 months ago

    Wow!! Thank you sooooo much for your donation :) really appreciate the support xx

  • $35
    Maddie Edward
    8 months ago ● Go mummy!!

    Thanks honey! xx

  • $50
    Kaz Blackley
    8 months ago ● Cheering you on!!!

    Thanks Kaz!! Really appreciate your donation and support xx

  • $100
    Shaun Edward
    8 months ago ● Good luck babe. Love you 😘😘😘xxx

    Love you more xxxx

  • $50
    Your loving daughter
    8 months ago ● Love you so much Mum! So proud of you 💕

    Love you more xxxx THANKYOU!

  • $10
    Central Realty Gin Gin
    8 months ago ● Give it your all!

    Thank you! Really appreciate your donation

  • $15
    8 months ago ● Good Luck!! You can be my PT after this! Love you!! ❤️

    Thanks Caroline <3 One PT session coming up in Greece, lol!! Love and Kisses to you and the fam xx

  • $25
    Jenny and Mack
    8 months ago ● All that hard training at the Gym will pay off tomorrow. Best of luck, we think you are amazing

    Thank you Jenny & Mack 😘 Really appreciate your support and this awesome donation!

  • $50
    8 months ago

    Thanks heaps Ebony 😘😘😘

  • $40
    8 months ago ● Thanks Sue, to you and all the other Firefighters stepping up to raise awareness of mental health issue and to improve support service. Wear good shoes, and good climbing to you all!

    Thanks Aunty Aileen and Grandma 😘 I will be wearing my BEST shoes..... Turnout boots are the best!

  • $25
    Ainslie Taylor
    9 months ago ● All the best for your stair climb Sue. Hope you smash it! Very happy to donate to such a great cause. It's people like YOU who make a difference 🙌🏼

    Thanks Ainslie 😘 I'm lucky to be associated with such awesome blokes! Really appreciate the donation 😘😘😘

  • $100
    Michael & Natalie Fagan
    9 months ago ● Thanks for saving my life on the fire ground - now indebted forever - here's a down-payment...good luck you've got this!

    LOL, Anytime! I've got your back... or I'm hiding behind it to get out of the heat 😂 🚒 437a for life! Thanks so much for getting me hooked on this job, for your friendship and this awesome donation 😘

  • $28
    9 months ago ● 🚒437 for life 🚒

    Thanks heaps Ty 🚒 #437a for life 🚒

  • $50
    Nicole Druery
    9 months ago ● Go Sue !!!!!

    Thanks Nic!!! Looking forward to a few beers after it all 😜

  • $75
    Brian boulton
    9 months ago ● From staff at anz

    Many thanks Brian and staff at ANZ Pialba for your very kind donation!

  • $100
    Coastal Wastewater Services
    9 months ago ● Go You Good Thing. You have our support.

    Many thanks for your very kind donation and support!!

  • $50
    Adam Batchelor
    9 months ago

    Adam you are a champion!! Thank you so much for your very kind donation xx

  • $952
    Hervey Bay
    9 months ago ● GO SUZIE!
  • $50
    Fred Coughlan
    9 months ago ● OMG you are persistent & won't take no for an answer! Here's your $50 GOOD LUCK!

    Ba ha ha ha ha ha you are hilarious!!! Thanks Fred x

  • $250
    Ellen Geldard
    9 months ago ● Good luck!!

    WOW ELLEN!!! I do need the luck, lol...... It's a bloody long way! but thank you so much for this very kind donation xxxxx

  • $25
    9 months ago ● You are an inspiration I love seeing your amazing adventures and your positive drive . You are an amazing lady. Thanks for stepping up, been on the dark side never want to go

    Thanks Dea xx You are obvously a very strong woman and should be so, so proud of where you are now. It's not an easy journey and unfortunately not everyone makes it, so hats off to you for being the amazing woman you are xx

  • $100
    Shane Allwood
    9 months ago ● Do us proud

    I certainly will give it a red hot shot! (to make it to the top that is, lol) Thanks heaps Shane xx

  • $100
    Brian Westlake
    9 months ago

    Brian you are such a sweetheart!! Thankyou so much xx

  • $25
    Louise shipp
    9 months ago ● Go Sue! Hope this gets you closer. Cheers, Lou

    Awwww Louise you a a sweetheart <3 Thankyou!!

  • $25
    Sweaty Betty
    9 months ago ● Good luck Sue, I know you will smash it!

    Sweaty Betty I AM TOO!!! Thanks so much for your very kind donation xx

  • $127
    QFES V's Gyms
    9 months ago ● Great night for a great cause!!

    Thanks Guys <3 you are the best!

  • $100
    Leanne Coulston
    9 months ago ● You go girl, you can do it. This is for such a good cause and will help so many people - thank you.

    Thank you so much for your very kind donation Leanne <3 This is absolutley a very worthy cause, that does not discriminate!

  • $25
    Abbie Wilkins
    9 months ago ● Awesome cause Sue - I know you will smash it!

    Thanks heaps for the donation Abbie xx It is an awesome cause, not sure about the smashing part...... as long as I make it to the top!

  • $100
    Munce Racing
    9 months ago ● Good Luck Susan from all of us at Munce Racing. We know you will achieve all that you set out to do.

    Great words of encouragement from a winning team. Many thanks Chris, Cathy & team for your very kind donation!

  • $100
    Madonna & Harry Roche
    9 months ago ● All the best Sue. Only the strong conquer and your at the top of the stairs. So proud of you!

    Don & Harry xx Many thanks for your donation and your very kind words <3

  • $75
    Ocean Festival Hervey Bay
    9 months ago ● Donations received at the Ocean Festival in Hervey Bay

    Thanks everyone who called down to see the 1932 Dennis Fire Engine, and of our course 437A :) was such a lovely afternoon/evening! Poor Blazer got tackled a few times, but takes it all in his stride.

  • $50
    Action Joinery
    9 months ago ● Good luck Sue. Great cause to be working for Daryl

    Thanks Daryl @ Action Joinery for your very kind donation! It certainly is a great cause, I feel very honoured to be involved!

  • $100
    BOQ Hervey Bay
    9 months ago ● It is a great initiative to support. I wish to well with your climb Sue.

    Thanks Wade @ BOQ for your very kind donation :) Really appreciate your support!

  • $20
    Carlyne Hulsen
    9 months ago ● Just remember the tortoise beat the hare! Love Mum

    Thanks Mum <3 don't worry I'll be going snail pace!

  • $50
    Paton's Electrical Services
    9 months ago ● Great cause you are supporting, All the best for the challenge ahead.

    Thank you Patons's Electrical Services. It is cause that is certainly worth supporting. Really appreciate your donation and words of encouragement xx

  • $100
    Clayton's Towing Service
    9 months ago ● Good luck and all the best from the Clayton's Crew.

    Wow!!! Thank you so much guys :) You do a fantastic job. Really appreciate the donation and your words or encouragement!

  • $20
    Kim & Dave Aston
    9 months ago ● Good Luck!

    Lovely having a chat with you this morning. Thank you so much Kim & Dave for your very kind donation xx

  • $100
    Peter Ward
    9 months ago ● All the very best on the day and enjoy. You have been a great addition to our crew, so happy that your vibe is rubbing off on others :) Cheers Pete

    Thanks Pete 😘🚒😁 it is your leadership that makes for a very happy crew! Thanks for accepting me and allowing me to become part of your crew 😘

  • $50
    9 months ago ● All the best Sue - Go rock 'em !!!!!

    Thank you for your very kind donation Hervey Bay and Maryborough Pest Control!! Really appreciate your words of support and your donation to this very worthy cause xx

  • $10
    Jen Nolen
    9 months ago ● You got this Sue! 💞Jen, Cassie & Nick xo

    OMG Thank you so much Jen's, Cassie & Nick 😘😘😘 really appreciate all the support and your donation! ❤️

  • $100
    Delvenne Jacqueline
    9 months ago ● To an amazing woman who stands up for a great cause. We will think of you on September 2nd from China (Roxy) and from Belgium (for the rest of us).

    Merci beaucoup!! You are an amazing family to donate to this cause from the other side of the world. Love and Kisses to you all <3 xxxxx

  • $300
    Ray Edward Real Estate
    9 months ago ● We think you are amazing and are all so very proud! Congratulations on Stepping Up for this wonderful Charity Event.

    Thanks to my work colleagues. Really appreciated your donation to this very worthy cause xx

  • $336
    Eli Waters Shopping Centre
    9 months ago ● This donation is part of a combined effort given at Eli Waters Shopping Centre Customers

    Thank you to all the shoppers who came down to Eli Waters and supported Aimee, Angela and myself. Blazer Bear was certainly a hit!

  • $30
    Aaron & Sally & Danny & Melissa
    9 months ago ● Proud to see you step up for this cause xx

    Thank you guys!!! xx

  • $10
    Carol & Terry
    9 months ago ● We believe that you are doing a really amazing thing here, all our very best wishes. Super proud of you.

    Thanks guys xx

  • $100
    Frank & Lerie Geale
    9 months ago ● Go get them Suzie, we know you can do this! We are very happy to support this very worthy cause.

    Thanks heaps Frank & Lerie, really appreciate the support!

  • $20
    Kathy Edward
    9 months ago ● Proud of you love!

    Thanks heaps Kathy xx

  • $100
    Ernie Mason
    9 months ago

    Thanks heaps for your donation Ernie, very much appreciated!

  • $50
    Lindy Peaker
    9 months ago ● Go Suzie!!

    Thanks so much for your donation Lindy xx

  • $50
    DJ Hinton Lawyers
    9 months ago ● All the best Sue

    Thanks David & Helen @ DJ Hinton Lawyers xx Looking forward to having a beer or two at the Ski Reunion <3

  • $25
    Lozz & Josh
    9 months ago ● So proud of you Sue and good luck!! xx ❤️

    Thank's to most gorgeous young couple xx Really appreciate you support!

  • $300
    JPI Linings
    9 months ago ● So proud of you!!!!#suescakeforptsd

    Thanks you so much Brett & Mandy @ JPI Linings You are the most amazing Person Mandy <3 Can't thank you enough for all you do for me xxxx Love you long time !!

  • $50
    9 months ago ● Love you 😘

    Love you more 😘😘😘😘 Thank you!

  • $100
    Jane & David Bodie
    9 months ago ● All the best Sue.....we are right behind you (in spirit).. Jane, David & Benj

    Thanks xx with you guys behind me (especially that star of a son, he is certainly an inspiration) it will be a breeze..... Ba ha ha ha ha ha!

  • $200
    Malcolm Quinn
    9 months ago ● Go Sue - fantastic initiative - Malcolm and Leah

    Thank you so much Malcolm & Leah <3 It is a fantastic cause and I am so excited to be getting off my butt and doing somthing for someone else. I know all funds raised will go a long way towards supporting those in need. Many thanks xx

  • $100
    Capital Insurance Group - Hervey Bay
    9 months ago ● Go Sue go! I'd ditch the oxygen. 25kg on your back should allow two slabs, a bag of ice plus a stubby holder! Enjoy Sue.

    LOL!! You are sooooooo funny, hopefully that will be waiting for me at the top! Thanks so much for the giggle and the donation Andrew xx @ Capital Insurance Group

  • $100
    Wide Bay Motor Group
    9 months ago ● Great cause Sue, enjoy the day!

    Thanks Heaps Jason and the team at Wide Bay Motor Group in Hervey Bay. Yes, it is a very worthy cause, definately worth the effort :)

  • $50
    Smoke N Leather (Chris & Em)
    9 months ago ● You're a Legend Sue

    Thanks so much Chris & Emma @ Smoke N Leather for your very kind donation :) really appreciate your support. You know what next year is going to bring?? Stairs, on a cruise ship, in Greece, they will be timed... lol!

  • $100
    Queensland stairs
    10 months ago

    Thanks heaps Michael @ QUEENSLAND STAIRS! You are a great training buddy, and I knew you'd be up for a donation to this climb. xx

  • $100
    A Perfect Cut Mowing (David & Narelle Collins)
    10 months ago

    Thank you so much David and Narelle @ A Perfect Cut Mowing. Really appreciate your donation and your support.

  • $25
    Louise shipp
    10 months ago ● Go Sue! Kids loved your visit last year! You will rock the cause 😀

    Thanks so much Louise xx We love coming to the schools for Fire Education, one of the best parts of the job. Looking forward to another visit to Yarrilee State School in a couple of months :)

  • $50
    Roos family
    10 months ago ● Good on you mate!

    Thanks guys!! Really appreciate your donation to this very worthy cause and for your support xx

  • $25
    Narelle Buller
    10 months ago ● I have no doubt you'll smash it!

    Thanks heaps Narelle <3 I think you should go as my double after smashing 30 chin ups yesterday!!

  • $100
    Mal McKay
    10 months ago ● Go Go Go............

    Mal it wonderful to put a face to the name today 😁 Thank you so much for the run through on the Maryborough Alpha Pump, really appreciate not only your time today but for this awesome donation.

  • $50
    Julianne Watson
    10 months ago ● You'll fly through it. Just imagine there's a beer at the top - or an oxygen tent! XX #suescakeforptsd

    Thanks Jullianne xxxx I reckon by the time I finish I'll need 28 beers and and oxygen tent!

  • $25
    Heather Cook
    10 months ago ● #suescakeforptsd

    Thanks heaps Heather 😘

  • $25
    10 months ago ● Good on you Sue! #suescakeforptsd

    Thanks heaps Jenna 😘

  • $10
    Lauren Kimber
    10 months ago ● Give it your best mate!!

    Thanks heaps Lauren 😘 I'll give it my best!

  • $25
    10 months ago ● We won't say good luck because you'll smash it! Have fun!

    Thanks heaps Kerry and Nathan 😘 It'll be fun they said, 😂

  • $100
    Peter McHugh
    10 months ago ● Great cause Susie. Boo said we should pitch in so here you go. Probably don't remember me. I used to hang around with Des Mitchell and Greg Sismey back in the day. The good luck Sue.

    Wow 😁 Thank you so much Peter!! Really appreciate your support!

  • $100
    Karen Porter
    10 months ago ● Best of luck in your climb.

    Thanks so much Karen 😘

  • $25
    Inge van den Boom
    10 months ago

    Thank you so much Inge <3 Love to all the family in the Netherlands.

  • $100
    10 months ago ● Should've joined the army Susan Good luck.

    LOL, thanks heaps Richard xx

  • $50
    Trish Robertson
    10 months ago ● Go you good thing 😊

    Wow, Trish <3 thank you!

  • $50
    Body in Motion Fitnesd
    10 months ago ● Go Sue!!! You will smash it!

    Thanks to you my amazing Body in Motion Fitness Family for keeping me on track. (You are the best :) ) Really appreciate all your support!

  • $25
    Katrina Ehrlich
    10 months ago

    Thanks so much Katrina xx

  • $50
    Marc Carpenter
    10 months ago

    Thanks heaps Marc :)

  • $25
    Ant and Karla
    10 months ago ● Good luck Sue. This is hardcore and you will smash it!!

    Thanks Ant & Karla 😘 Really appreciate your support!

  • $50
    Mick Hulsen
    10 months ago ● You've got this Sis, proud of you!!

    Thank heaps for your support 😘

  • $10
    Katrina bailey
    11 months ago ● Good luck, breath deep

    Thanks honey xx

  • $50
    John Pappas
    11 months ago

    Thank you xx

  • $50
    Ken Anderson
    11 months ago ● You Can Do It......

    Thanks heaps Kenny xx

  • $50
    Lynette Dahl
    11 months ago ● You inspire me always Sue.

    Thank you beautiful <3

  • $10
    The Monahan Fam Bam
    11 months ago ● Good luck with your adventure you'll kick ass. :) :)

    Thank you 😘