Simon Crisp

Climbing for CFA Longwood

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure you know that Lifeline, Black Dog Institute and 000 Foundation do an amazing job at supporting the community’s mental health – especially during COVID times.

I try and support our community when I can by being a firefighter in the CFA and hope you can join with me to support the community through a donation for our communal mental wellbeing.

I’m also doing this because I need to get fit for this upcoming summer’s firefighting!

Many thanks, Simon

So far, I've raised $425 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

I've completed 3,961 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Simon’s friends

  • $50
    Jon Baxter
    7 months ago ● Nice work, Dr K.

    Nice work to you Jonny! Many thanks for supporting such a good cause.

  • $50
    Rob Caflisch
    7 months ago ● When you get to 1M steps I may be able to break free of a lifetime habit and pay you a compliment. Don't get ahead of yourself though.

    Thank you very much Rob for your generosity. I suspect though, your donation is more like a bet, to see if I can/will do this!

  • $25
    Joan Gordon
    7 months ago ● Wow! Now that's a challenge!! BTW I prefer the photo in the bath at the Shed! The best of luck xxx

    Thanks so much Joan! Yes, me too! Here it is:

  • $75
    Vic and Jen
    7 months ago ● Good Luck!! Photographic evidence required!

    You two are the most generous people I know! Thank you!

  • $25
    Gayle Goldsmith
    7 months ago

    Thanks so much Gayle! I'll run a few steps for you! Cheers!

  • $200
    Emma Lund
    7 months ago ● Go Simon!!! A great cause and good idea to get fit 😜

    Thanks so much Emma!! Your support means so much to me. :)