Sandy Hearn

Climbing for MFB Preston

Hi. On September 7th I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $700,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSI and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $1,177 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Race result


5:58.913 Donned and started

Finish Line Footage

Recent donations from Sandy’s friends

  • $50
    Tim Fryer
    10 months ago ● Climb strong Sandy, hope you win again! Tim Fryer and Family

    Thanks so much Timmy! Although I didnt 'win again', with everyones generous donations I managed to exceed my fundraising goal. I appreciate your support :)

  • $50
    Heather & Frank Stockton
    10 months ago ● You are an inspirational woman Sandy!!

    Thanks so much Heather and Frank for your generous support! It means a lot :) xx

  • $50
    Michael V Keating
    10 months ago ● Great work Sandy !!

    Thanks so much MICHAEL 'Vinnie Allen Peter' Keating (I probably got that wrong ;) I really appreciate your support. Cheers Sandy

  • $25
    Terry McDonald
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy, you are an absolute star😘

    Thanks so much Terry for your donation and support, you’re a superstar ‘roomie’ 😁

  • $42
    Simon Hearn
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy


  • $25
    Rosie Achterberg
    10 months ago ● Go super sandy i know you will smash it again this year xxx

    Thanks Super Rosie! I appreciate your wonderful, sparkly support! xx

  • $50
    Jo Ambrosi
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy Go

    Thanks so much Jo! Really appreciate your support for such a great cause. Cheers xx

  • $20
    Susan McGlinchey
    10 months ago ● Great cause Sandy. Go You Good Thing :)

    Thanks so much Susan! You're a legend! Cheers Sandy xx

  • $50
    Jo and Simon prouse
    10 months ago ● In awe xxx

    Thanks so much Jo and Simon for your support! xx

  • $25
    Sam Tullberg
    10 months ago ● Good on you Sandy

    Thanks so much Sam! And good on you for your support. Much appreciated xx :)

  • $50
    Kym morrissy
    10 months ago ● Go get em sandy.Live supporting great causes xx

    Thanks Kym! Loving the support from the Ansett community. Definitely a great cause which touches the majority of us. xx

  • $100
    Michael Clarebrough
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy

    Michael!! Thanks so much for your generous donation! Much appreciated xx

  • $50
    Michelle Field
    10 months ago ● You keep climbing those stairs, I'll keep supporting you. You're a champ!!!

    Michelle, you legend! Continue living the dream! And thanks so much for your support :) xx

  • $25
    Julie McLean
    10 months ago ● You’re a superstar Sandy! Very proud to call you my friend! Jx

    Straight back at ya Jules.....a superstar yourself! Thanks for your support xx

  • $25
    Jane coutts
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy you are a machine xx

    Thank you Couttsy! Love the Ansett supporters! xx

  • $25
    Graeme Scorringe
    10 months ago

    Thanks so much padre! Appreciate your support xx

  • $25
    Maryanne Vidler
    10 months ago ● Good on you Sandy !! You go girl !! Xo

    Maryanne!! Thank you so much for your donation, much appreciated. xx

  • $20
    Dawn Hedt
    10 months ago ● Well done Sandy as always. Very happy to support your great causes ❤️

    Thanks so much for your ongoing support gorgeous Dawn xx

  • $100
    10 months ago ● Good luck Sandy. I know you will do well. My donation is for Bruce.

    Coops, thanks so much for your generous donation. I will be thinking about Bruce on my climb. xx

  • $75
    Alan Titterton
    10 months ago ● Great effort Sandy..

    Titts!! Thanks so much for your donation :) xx

  • $50
    Sue Jamieson
    10 months ago ● Keep up the good work Sandy & crew!

    Thanks so much Sue! Appreciate your generosity xx

  • $100
    Fi and Diesel
    10 months ago ● Go Sandy. You know Diesel was always so proud of you doing this every year. Go Girl xxx

    Thank you so much Fi (and Diesel) Often in my thoughts. Appreciate your generosity xx

Previous year’s results


5:37.580 Donned and started


5:27.49 Donned and started


5:28.740 Donned and started


5:24.853 Donned and started


5:26.803 Donned and started