Samuel Newley

Climbing for CFA Wodonga

Hi all On 1st of September I will be attempting the climb again of 28 flights in 25kg of turnout gear to raise awareness and much needed funds for research and to help those suffering from depression and PTSD. I’m a volunteer fire fighter of 9years. In my years of service I’ve been to a number of fires and other emergency situations. I have worked along side career fire fighters and other emergency worker as well as military emergency service workers. To not only see but live with the stress and emotions of an incident can take a toll on the mental well-being of a person. so please take the time to look into other stair climbers profiles and look into what this great cause can and is doing to help other fight against PTSD. As every little bit counts. Share around and donate.

So far, I've raised $870 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

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Recent donations from Samuel’s friends

  • $50
    Oscar & Levi Newley
    9 months ago ● We are proud of you daddy! Wish we were there to watch you cross the finish line 😘

    Thanks my sons. Love you both xx

  • $25
    Sherree Cullen
    9 months ago ● Good luck Sam

    Thanks shazza xx

  • $20
    Teesh Beddowes
    9 months ago

    Thanks teesh, much appreciated

  • $25
    Matthew Cullen
    9 months ago

    Cheers matt

  • $25
    Stephen Newley
    9 months ago ● We can't go with you personally but are with you in our heart. GO FOR IT!

    Thanks dad x

  • $100
    Neil&Robyne Fulton
    9 months ago ● Good Luck Sam, great thing to be doing xxxx

    Thank you so much Aunty Rob and uncle Neil. Means a lot.

  • $25
    Patty Newley
    9 months ago ● Go for it... we all admire and appreciate you and the whole crew.

    Cheers mum x

  • $27
    Stephen Newley
    9 months ago ● So incredibly proud of you son and thankful for all you guys do

    Thanks dad

  • $50
    Kylie Baker
    9 months ago

    Cheers Kylie

  • $25
    Candace Newley
    10 months ago

    Cheers candy

  • $25
    Kerri Briese
    10 months ago ● You give so much of yourself to help others- that is priceless. You got this!

    Cheers Kerri

  • $30
    Pattt Newley
    11 months ago ● So very proud of you Sam. I admire what you’re doing for this cause but not just the stair climb but your volunteer service as with CFA. You are a really positive role model. Thank you

    Thanks mum

  • $20
    Pamela Campbell
    11 months ago ● Good on you Sam

    Cheers Aunty pam

  • $50
    Kristine prior
    11 months ago ● Great work Sam

    Cheers bub

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