Saeid Zarandaz Bagheri

Climbing for CFA Wollert & District

I am climbing for CFA Wollert & District. We have a supportive team of firefighters and members that unite and extend a helping hand. I learnt a great deal from them, so I am doing my best to be a good team member.

I am climbing to raise awareness of the PTSI across emergency service providers and the ADF personnel. They are sacrificing a great deal for us and our country. The least we can do is to give back and compensate a fraction of their efforts.

Please help me with my fundraising with this great cause.

So far, I've raised $2,008 of my $2,000 fundraising goal.

I've completed 167,868 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Saeid’s friends

  • $300
    one month ago ● I am so proud of you!

    Thank you Bestie, You are the most generous.

  • $20
    Aminah Mansoor Al-Kadree
    one month ago ● All the best son!

    Aminah, thank you very much.

  • $10
    Aunty Amira
    one month ago ● Good luck son!

    Thank you Aunty Amira. :-)

  • $50
    Dina Yulia
    one month ago

    Thank you Dina. Appreciate it.

  • $50
    Ricky Didone
    one month ago ● Keep up the great work Sam πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Thank you, Ricky, you are very generous.

  • $100
    one month ago ● All the best, Saeid

    Hi Waidah, Thank you so much for your generous donation. It goes to a good cause, you are part of which now.

  • $25
    Amy 😊😊
    2 months ago ● Let's get these steps! 😁

    Thank you Amy. Much appreciated.

  • $30
    Vivien G Malyon
    2 months ago ● Go for it Sam

    Thank you Vivien, appreciated.

  • $200
    Oliver Bagheri
    2 months ago ● Si! You're an amazing human brother.

    Thanks coz, quite generous.

  • $100
    Dillon Arteen
    2 months ago ● Proud of you, Mate πŸ‘

    Thanks, Dillon. Highly appreciated.

  • $250
    2 months ago ● YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB!

    Thank you so much for your generous donation, uncle Javad!

  • $50
    Pushpinder Moudgil
    2 months ago ● Much Appreciated

    Brother Pushpinder. Thank you very much. You are very kind.

  • $50
    2 months ago ● Good luck and keep safe mate.

    Thank you, Saeid. You too.

  • $20
    Ai-soon Payaksiri
    2 months ago

    Thank you, Ai-soon.

  • $50
    Prabhdeep Saini
    2 months ago ● You're doing a fantastic job Sam!

    Thank you, Prab.

  • $50
    Will lan
    2 months ago

    Hi Will, Thank you for your generosity.

  • $50
    3 months ago ● You are truly an inspiration Saeid. Good on you buddy.

    Thank you for your support, Saeed.

  • $50
    Yavar Dehghani
    3 months ago ● Go champion!

    Thank you very much, Yavar. Your support is appreciated, as usual.

  • $25
    3 months ago ● Well done Saeid. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for your support, Solmaz. Highly appreciated.

  • $10
    John Barker
    3 months ago ● Hi sam I just want to wish you good luck thinking of people you are helping as you are climbing to the top i will be there in spirit with you every step bud thank you john

    Thank you very much, John. You will be in my mind every step of the way.

  • $50
    Marjan Jowkar
    3 months ago ● You are a champion. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you Marjan. It means a lot.

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