Rick Ventrella

Climbing for CFA Mt Evelyn

Please take a minute to read the following: On the 7th of September 2019 I hope to be part a 600 person team who will be climbing 28 floors carrying 25 kg of firefighting kit including wearing Breathing Apparatus. This is my commitment to help raise money and awareness for those who may suffer from Mental Health Issues,suffer from stigma and help supply extra funding for support services. My goal is $250:00 but I need to raise a minimum of $100:00 to be able to climb on the day. What I ask from you is to support me to reach my goal with whatever you can spare by doing this you are playing your part in not only helping me but more importantly helping those who need it the most. Like it or not we all know someone who suffers but all of them don\\’t show it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this hopefully you can help. Rick.

So far, I've raised $323 of my $250 fundraising goal.

Race result


7:06.160 Donned and started

Finish Line Footage

Recent donations from Rick’s friends

  • $50
    Elaine and Jim
    8 months ago ● Good luck Rick!

    Thank you

  • $50
    Sam Tallentyre
    9 months ago ● Good luck Rick!

    Thanks Sam

  • $25
    9 months ago ● Thank you. Em, Tim & Millie

    Thanks Emma

  • $50
    Aaron & Jodie Pike
    9 months ago ● Great Work Rick and Good Luck

    Thanks Pike family

  • $20
    9 months ago ● Good luck ricky boy

    Thanks Micky D

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6:42.517 Donned and started


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6:04.757 Donned and started