Rick Ventrella

Climbing for CFA Mt Evelyn

This year the MFSC is aiming to raise $700,000 to help with the fight of PTSD . I signed up to climb 28 floors in full Structural Fire Fighting Gear and a extra 25Kg’s in Breathing Apparatus. How can you help? Any Donations received go to the cause and help to fund research and raise awarness of PTSD . But the truth is All of us have a friend or a loved one who may suffer from PTSD but sadly you mayn’t know till it’s to late. A few dollars makes a difference.

So far, I've raised $50 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

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  • $50
    Natalie Freeman
    22 days ago ● Good Luck Rick - I know you will be awesome!!!

    Thanks for your donation Natalie.

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