Owen Firth

Climbing for SA CFS Bridgewater

Please donate and help me support those in need who fight against depression, PTSI and suicide. We are one team fighting against an invisible monster, so lets get together and beat it.

For some reason I am unable to thank you all individually but your donations are amazing to think we have almost reached the goal I set is beyond me. I cant wait until I start doing the runs and I will let you all know where to find the videos i take :)

So far, I've raised $1,056 of my $900 fundraising goal.

I've completed 4,000 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Owen’s friends

  • $50
    Tom Kovac
    10 days ago
  • $25
    Kate Bonser
    19 days ago
  • $20
    Wendy Reddaway
    one month ago ● Well done Owen.
  • $25
    Beth Pfeiffer
    one month ago ● Well done Owen, so proud!

    Awesome photos last weekend, and thank you for supporting me :)

  • $30
    Jane Boroky
    one month ago ● Good effort - a worthy cause!

    Thanks Jane, sad I couldnt actually make it across Melbourne, maybe next year

  • $50
    Anne Milln
    one month ago ● Well done Owen!

    Awesome thanks anne, feel free to drop in with Tony if your around Saturday morning

  • $25
    one month ago ● best foot forward!

    Thanks Janet, hopefully mum didnt push you too hard for it haha

  • $50
    Clive Jones (SA) Pty Ltd
    one month ago ● Well done Owen! A very worthy cause!

    Thanks Clive, always welcome to bring the boys along and they can join haha

  • $25
    one month ago ● Cooper sends his love :) Good luck!

    Thanks for the donation Symantha, I'll need the luck after my legs felt dead last weekend

  • $35
    Cooper Davidson-Peacock
    one month ago ● Smash it man! Appreciate all your help in welcoming me into the brigade!

    Thanks mate, and more than happy to help with anything around the station when you need

  • $50
    David Firth
    one month ago ● Looking forward to see you doing this but don't stop when you achieve the goal just keep on striving for more.

    your always welcome to join me ;)

  • $25
    Matthew Bird
    one month ago

    Cheers matt, hopefully can do the station proud

  • $20
    Charlotte Firth
    one month ago

    Thanks mum, wasnt expecting it as you do enough already

  • $25
    liz Rogers
    one month ago

    thanks liz, i'll get mum to send you the videos after i do it

  • $10
    Bev Boag
    one month ago

    Thanks heaps bev, sorry it took so long to reply ive been having issues with replying as it only lets me do some people and not others.

  • $50
    Rudi Luce
    one month ago ● Good luck Owen

    Thanks heaps Rudi

  • $100
    one month ago

    Thank you so much, thats awesome :)

  • $10
    Chris Roberts
    one month ago ● Good luck!

    Thanks Chris, i'll hopefully be taking some video so will see if i can share it on here somewhere

  • $40
    F Thomson
    one month ago ● A step in great direction - and good work helping out the Vic force.

    Thanks for the donation, always willing to help anyone out :)

  • $25
    Emma-kate Brock
    one month ago

    Thanks so much Emma

  • $25
    Jenine Vercoe
    one month ago ● Having lost my brother to the Blackdog I thank you for your wonderful effort

    Thanks Jenine, Im sorry to hear about your brother :( hope i can help in any way with the money I raise

  • $25
    Leith Mudge
    one month ago ● Great cause Owen. Let me know when you’re doing the steps and I’ll drop in to support.

    Thanks Leith, hope to see you this Saturday at 9am at bridgewater post office

  • $25
    one month ago ● Good luck Owen!

    Thanks Katya, feel free to come down to coles if your free saturday