Michael Lowe

Climbing for CFA Highton

On the 2nd of September I’ll be racing up 28 floors whilst wearing 25kg of my fire gear (the turnout gear and a breathing apparatus). All in an attempt to help raise $500,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

So this year I’ll “Step up to the fight against depression, PTSD and suicide” and hope to smash past last years time now that I know what I’m in for! Any and all donations are greatly welcomed and appreciated!

So far, I've raised $730 of my $700 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Michael’s friends

  • $25
    Rebecca lowe
    7 months ago ● So proud of you! Smash those stairs boof x
  • $25
    Catherine Lowe
    7 months ago ● Amazing effort, go Michael xo
  • $50
    Michael Dakin
    7 months ago ● Good luck buddy, 10 mins this time!
  • $50
    Susie & Julian Cox
    7 months ago ● Very proud of you Mike, you can do it. xx
  • $100
    Michael Krammer
    8 months ago ● Good Luck and take it one step at a time
  • $100
    Christine Sykes
    8 months ago ● Terrific effort Michael for a very worthy cause, so proud of you, love mum.
  • $100
    Ryan Speirs
    8 months ago ● Don't trip.
  • $25
    8 months ago ● Good luck or whatever 😋
  • $30
    8 months ago ● Does this get me out of walking upstairs in practice? :P
  • $150
    Rebel Sport
    8 months ago ● From your family at Rebel Sport in Geelong, best of luck!

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367th overall