Mark Savage

Climbing for CFA Mt Martha

7 September
Well, the climb is done and I am pleased to say I completed it without issue. Got up there in 6 minutes and 27 seconds, using breathing apparatus the whole way up.

The whole event was amazing. Such a positive vibe, so well organised and great to see 600 firefighters who support this cause and are prepared to work to improve mental health amongst the emergency services. Then the many, many support staff who made the event happen.

It would be a great gesture if that was all we did, just to raise the profile and the issue. But, the money raised is a real, tangible, practical help to three great life-changing/saving organisations: The Black Dog Institute, Lifeline and the Emergency Services foundation. That you, my family, friends and colleagues were so generous in support of this cause means the world to me and I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently.

Thank you, each and every one of you.

5 September
PASSED $3000.
I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you who has supported me. I’ve completed my final training climb, it’s rest and carbs tomorrow ahead of the event.

This cause is so worthy and I can’t thank all of you enough. As I climb I will think of your support and also of all those who have struggled as a result of their service to the community, with the hope that one day nobody need suffer longer.

Thank you again. So much.

2nd September
Less than a week to go and I’ve completed a number of full climbs and am feeling less exhausted each time. The big test will be Saturday, with full kit and BA, but all things being equal I should go okay.

The support I have received has been amazing and humbling and I look forward to doing my part of the deal on Saturday. If you’re still thinking of sponsoring, please do so. Every little bit helps and will change the lives of those who need it.

15 August

Wow! $2000 sponsorship….. I am so, so grateful for this support which is a massive encouragement as I continue to train towards the event. This cause and this event is so important to me so I really cannot thank you all enough.

8 August:

Less than a month to go and training is going well. Most importantly, thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and family, I have reached my fundraising target. You have no idea what this means to me and I am so grateful to you all. Happy to receive more donations for this great cause though…. thanks again to all who are supporting me.


Hi, thanks for checking out the page and considering sponsoring me. The work of our emergency and health services takes a huge toll on those who perform it and I saw first hand the negative consequences for one of the closest members of my family. With this in mind, I am climbing to raise awareness and try to ensure that we support colleagues who are assisting the community, often at great cost to themselves. If you can spare a little to support this cause, I would be very grateful.

So far, I've raised $3,420 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Race result


6:27.187 Donned and started

Finish Line Footage

Recent donations from Mark’s friends

  • $50
    Amy Darling
    8 months ago ● What a great job Mark!!! We all applaud you at CCU LRH!! You legend, doing great things for a great cause!

    Thanks so much Amy! Really appreciate the support and your kind words

  • $150
    Danaher family
    8 months ago ● Well done Mark!

    Thank you so much Lorelie, Tom, Madeleine, Greta and Harriet. The support means so much.

  • $25
    Laura Mayes
    8 months ago ● Best of luck Mark! I'm sure you'll smash it. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow, have a fantastic day.

    Thanks so much Laura.

  • $50
    Keith Lim
    8 months ago ● Go Mark! Everyone here at WMH is cheering you on!

    Thank you Keith, really appreciate the support.

  • $200
    Graeme Chesterton
    8 months ago ● Go Mark, you're enthusiasm for CFA volunteering is exemplary. All the best for Saturday and thanks for your part in supporting the organisations working to improve mental health.

    Thanks Graeme, for your pledge and your kind words. I’m so grateful.

  • $40
    Dean ROCCO
    9 months ago ● Go Mark!

    Cheers Dean. Really appreciate your support.

  • $50
    Andrew Whitehead
    9 months ago ● Your enthusiasm has always impressed me. Good luck.

    Thanks Andrew, for your support and your introduction to firefighting.

  • $25
    Kylie Larkin
    9 months ago ● Looking fit Mark.!! Good luck

    Thanks Kylie, very grateful for your support and encouragement this week.

  • $100
    Joan Berkery-Coleman
    9 months ago ● Go Savage hahaha ,cheers norm and joan

    Thanks Norm & Joan. For everything.

  • $100
    Joan Berkery-Coleman
    9 months ago ● Go Savage , hahaha cheers norm and joan

    Thanks Joan & Norm! Appreciate your support and look forward to climbing with you next year Norm.

  • $25
    Cheryl Baker
    9 months ago ● Good Luck Mark

    Thanks so much Cheryl. Much appreciated.

  • $25
    John Aidone
    9 months ago ● Good Luck Mark!

    Cheers John, thanks for your support.

  • $200
    9 months ago ● Well done mark proud of u x

    Thanks so much Petrina! Really appreciate your support.

  • $100
    Maureen Burke
    9 months ago ● Wow Mark, fair play to you. I have read about this challenge before and am in awe of your stamina! Keep up the good work. Your dad and grandad would be so proud. Maureen.

    Thanks Maureen. Really appreciate your support.

  • $50
    Francesca Tullio
    9 months ago ● Sounds like a hell of a lot of work for a great cause! Good on you mark :)

    Thank you so much... it will be a lot of work, but on track so far with training.

  • $25
    Karen Holley
    9 months ago ● Go you good thing!

    Thanks so much, Karen.

  • $50
    darragh o'brien
    9 months ago ● Best of luck on the day!

    Thank you Darragh, I’m so grateful for the support.

  • $100
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Really appreciate your support, thanks so much.

  • $25
    Vicki Cooper
    9 months ago

    Much appreciated Vicki, thank you so much for your donation.

  • $25
    Elizabeth Charwat
    9 months ago ● Good luck, xxAuntie Liz and Uncle Klaus

    Thank you so much for your support.

  • $50
    Ashwin Subramaniam
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mark.

    Thanks so much Ash

  • $50
    Deb Sharp
    9 months ago ● Don't stop when you reach the top! Keep it going.

    Thanks Deb! If I get to the top, I'll try.....

  • $25
    Colin Savage
    9 months ago ● All the family and myself are shouting our support for you Mark Very best wishes Colin

    Thank you!

  • $100
    Simon Hattle
    9 months ago ● A very worthy cause! Good luck with the climb. My ALS is uptodate so I can be on hand to assist you if needed.

    Thanks Simon. Really appreciate it.

  • $50
    John & Ann Scholes
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Thank you both very much. I really appreciate the support.

  • $25
    Hemant Minhas
    9 months ago

    Thanks Hemant, much appreciated

  • $50
    Ai Lee & Francis
    9 months ago ● Go Mark, Go!

    Thank you both so much!

  • $25
    Alison Hill
    9 months ago ● Good luck! What a great cause.

    Thank you! It is a great cause and I really appreciate your support

  • $25
    Jeremy Savage
    9 months ago ● This challenge will have its ups and downs 😉. Step up to the Mark.

    :-) Thanks! I'll give it a go.

  • $50
    Michael Ainsworth
    9 months ago ● Good on you Mark, a very worthy cause. Good luck with your climb, almost wish I was doing it too! .....almost...... 😂

    Cheers Michael, very grateful for your pledge. Get back into firefighting and you can have a go next year with me.......

  • $100
    Andrew Green
    9 months ago

    Really appreciate your support Andrew, thanks very much. Hope to catch up for a meal soon.

  • $50
    Michelle Deminey
    9 months ago ● Have fun, Mark! Great work as usual!

    Thank you very much Michelle. You will see me practicing next week at work.....

  • $25
    Robert Savage
    9 months ago ● Well done Mark dad would be proud of you go Mark go

    Thanks so much, I hope he would be.

  • $50
    Ravi Tiruvoipati
    9 months ago ● Great Work Mark...

    Thanks so much Ravi

  • $25
    Mathew Tredinnick
    9 months ago ● Good luck mate. Great effort for a great cause.

    Cheers Mat

  • $50
    9 months ago ● Good work Mark!

    Thanks Brodie, much appreciated.

  • $60
    Boris Tseitkin
    9 months ago ● Keep on fighting the good fight! :-)

    Cheers Boris.... if you’re in town I may need your Resus skills....

  • $200
    Glenn Fitzgerald
    9 months ago ● Mark you are so committed to helping people, congratulations, I hope you are the first to the top!

    😀 Thanks so much, Glenn. Really appreciate the support.

  • $100
    9 months ago ● Go well Mark! In a world chock-full of worthy causes, this is surely one of the most important. Good on you :)

    Thanks so much Jenny.

  • $40
    tamara rickersey
    9 months ago ● well done mark, hope its air conditioned for you!!!

    Thanks Tamara.... hadn’t thought of that ☹️ The kit we wear is very warm.... part of the challenge I suppose.

  • $50
    Jeff Mitchell
    9 months ago ● Great cause, good luck

    Cheers Jeff.... hope you’re soon back on the surf board.

  • $50
    Michael Toolis
    9 months ago ● Good luck Mark - I hope you're training!

    Thanks mate... yep, training for it. No hope otherwise.

  • $100
    Santiago Cegarra Garcia
    9 months ago ● Go Mark. Santiago

    Hello Santiago, thanks so much for your donation. Hope all is going well with you. Very best wishes.

  • $50
    John & Sharon
    10 months ago ● Which helmet to wear?

    Thanks John and Sharon, much appreciated. Still deciding which helmet, may contact the organisers and see....

  • $50
    Sanjay Porwal
    10 months ago ● Excellent work Mark You're the Inspiration!!

    Thanks Sanjay!

  • $50
    Max Moser
    10 months ago ● Nice work Mark :)

    Thanks Max!