Mark Patterson

Climbing for Draeger Australia & New Zealand

Hi Everyone,

For the third year running I have signed up again, climbing to support the fight against Depression, PTSD and suicide.
This year we are aiming to raise $700,000 for mental health to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and build and raise awareness, this is a big increase on last years total of $514,276, so please help by donating below.
Every amount no matter how small will be welcomed to benefiting our charities, Lifeline and Black Dog Institute.

Thanks for your support.

So far, I've raised $1,715 of my $2,500 fundraising goal.

Race result


5:08.840 Donned and started

Recent donations from Mark’s friends

  • $100
    18 days ago ● Well done Mark! Great time! 😄👍

    Thanks Mel, great donation and i really appreciate the support 😁

  • $25
    Shane Vassallo
    24 days ago

    Cheers Shane apprecaite the suppport mate.

  • $50
    Catherine England
    24 days ago ● Well done!

    Thanks Caty appreciate your support!

  • $25
    Rhys Trembath
    25 days ago ● Smash it Patto!

    Thanks Rhys, you can come and smash it with me next year!!

  • $50
    Satiesh Muniandy
    one month ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Thanks Satiesh, appreciate the support mate.

  • $50
    wqilliam james patterson
    one month ago ● good luck son try to beat last years time

    Thanks Dad, Mum, ill try but itll be tough.. :-)

  • $100
    Damian Eggleston
    one month ago ● Climb - This is a great event and support a great cause. Forward always. Always forward.

    Thanks Damo, you’ll have to come over one year and have a crack..! 😁

  • $25
    Stephen Stanway
    one month ago ● From one FEC to another. Sometimes I feel the black dog nipping at my heels. I hope I can stay ahead, like you on the stairclimb

    Thanks older FEC, keep running mate! Cheers for the support 😁

  • $50
    Martyn lamb
    one month ago ● Good luck patto son

    Thanks Martyn, appreciate your support mate. 👍

  • $25
    Peter Twaddle
    one month ago ● Good luck Mark

    Thanks Peter

  • $25
    one month ago

    Thanks Carol, really appreciate the support.

  • $50
    Neil Fredericks
    one month ago ● Good luck!

    Thanks Neil, appreciate your support.

  • $50
    David Drover
    one month ago ● Good luck Patto!

    Thanks Dave, you should sign up next year. 👍

  • $25
    David Bushell
    one month ago ● Don't hurt your back!

    Thanks Dave, I hope not too! 😁

  • $50
    Klaus Schroeter
    one month ago ● Go Mark. Good luck and lots of stamina!

    Thanks Klaus, Much appreciated, you’ll have to sign up for the Auckland sky tower version!

  • $25
    Ulrike Myrau
    one month ago ● Good luck!

    Thanks Ulrike.

  • $50
    Richard Cramp
    one month ago ● Great cause Mark, hope you beat last years time :)

    Cheers Rich, so do I, it'll be tough though...!

  • $50
    Sharon Oakley
    one month ago ● Good luck Patto! :)

    Thanks Shaz appreciate your support.

  • $50
    Rosemarie Barbaric
    one month ago ● Good on you Mark for participating every year, hope you do well, a very worthy cause.

    Thanks Rosemarie, yes it is a worth cause and every $ helps.

  • $25
    Jo-Anne Klocke
    one month ago ● Go Mark :-)

    Thanks Jo-Anne apprecaite your support

  • $25
    Luke Reddy
    one month ago ● Expecting another big effort Patto! From Chrissy and Luke

    Thanks to both of you, I'll do my best.

  • $50
    Fady Riad
    one month ago ● Good luck Mark

    Thanks Fady appreciate your support

  • $25
    Fiona Baillie
    one month ago

    Thanks Fiona really appreciate the support. 😁

  • $100
    David Sharp
    one month ago ● Good luck, Mark!

    Thanks David, appreciate the support!

  • $100
    one month ago ● Good luck Marky !

    Thanks Robyn, very generous and it’s going to a great cause.

  • $25
    Ian Bell
    one month ago ● No tallies

    Thanks Ian

  • $50
    Manuel Schorn
    2 months ago ● Good luck Marky!

    Cheers mate

  • $50
    Michelle Cox
    3 months ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Thanks Michelle

  • $25
    Markus Roth
    3 months ago ● good luck Mark

    Thanks for your support Markus, much apprecaited.

  • $50
    Graham Milton
    3 months ago ● Good on you. I used to run up stairs in BA and get paid for it. Also know the stress and after effects of what us firefightets see everyday. Great cause

    Thanks Graham - Really appreciate the support.

  • $50
    Steve Macpherson
    3 months ago ● Run Pikey, Run!

    Cheers Mate, I’ll run as much as I can which won’t be a lot..

  • $100
    Mark Patterson
    3 months ago

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