Mark Patterson

Climbing for Draeger Australia & New Zealand

Hi Everyone,

Yep I’ve signed up again!
This year we are raising funds for charities that supports those suffering from depression, PTSD and suicide. Great causes I’m sure you’ll agree!
I hope to smash my fund raising effort of last year $2345, so please dig deep and support the cause.


So far, I've raised $2,069 of my $2,350 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Mark’s friends

  • $100
    Christopher David
    7 months ago ● All the best !

    Thanks for the generous donation Christopher, I really appreciate your support and so do the charties.

  • $100
    7 months ago ● Good luck - I hope you smash last years time!

    Thanks Mel, that's a really generous donation, and great for the charities, thanks for the support.

  • $25
    Markus Roth
    7 months ago ● good luck Mark!

    Thanks Markus, really appreciate your support and donation.

  • $25
    Stephen young
    7 months ago ● Good Luck Mark.

    Cheers Steve, appreciate your support.

  • $74
    Dräger Melbounre Raffle
    7 months ago

    Thanks for organising Daniel, great support for all three of us!

  • $25
    Leah Zhao
    7 months ago ● Go Mark, Go...

    Thanks Leah, appreciate the support and the doantion.

  • $25
    Brian Dempsey
    7 months ago

    Thanks Brian, I appreciate your donation and support.

  • $25
    Alex Pickering
    7 months ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Thanks Alex, I appreciate the support..

  • $25
    David Bushell
    7 months ago

    Thanks for the support Dave, much appreciated.

  • $25
    Verena Withers
    7 months ago ● Go hard Mark!! Sunday will definitely be pamper dad day!

    Thanks Vee, I apprecaite your support, it will be a rest day for sure... :-)

  • $20
    Neil Fredericks
    7 months ago ● Good luck! :)

    Thanks Neil, I'm closing in on my target, appreciate the support.

  • $100
    Universal locksmiths
    7 months ago ● Good luck mate.

    Thanks Brett, thats very generous of you. really apprecaite the support

  • $100
    Draeger Service, Vic&Tas and Head Office Service staff
    7 months ago ● Great initiative Mark. Good luck & enjoy thrashing yourself :)

    Thanks everyone your generous support is much appreciated, im very happy to be thrashing myself for such a good cause.

  • $25
    Gary Edwards
    7 months ago ● Good luck :)

    Cheers Gary, thanks for the support!

  • $25
    Michelle Cox
    7 months ago ● Good Luck Mark!

    Thanks Michelle. appreciate your support.. :-)

  • $25
    7 months ago ● See you upstairs. btw Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Matty, see you in the bar!! :-)

  • $50
    Satiesh Muniandy
    7 months ago ● Good luck Mark!

    Thanks Satiesh, I appreciate the support.

  • $25
    Christina Rossi
    7 months ago ● Good Luck Patto!

    Thanks Christina, I expect you to be running it next year..

  • $50
    Richard Cramp
    7 months ago ● Great Cause, good luck :)

    Thanks Richard, appreciate your support and donation.

  • $50
    Klaus Schroeter
    7 months ago ● Great cause. Good luck for the climb. Hope to be able to join in 2018:-)

    Hey Klaus, thanks for the support! You can run the Auckland skytower challenge its more floors ;-)

  • $25
    Ulrike Myrau
    7 months ago ● Good luck!

    Thanks Uli, appreciate the support, lets hope I can make it to the top!

  • $25
    Annette Courtman
    7 months ago ● Wishing you the best of luck, not an easy task by any means and a great cause. Sending our love from the UK - Beef, Annette and Alex xx

    Thanks guys appreciate the support!

  • $50
    Manuel Schorn
    8 months ago ● Good luck Marky!

    Thanks Manuel, hope we can catch up for a beer afterwards, appreciate the support!

  • $25
    fiona Baillie
    8 months ago ● Well done Mark.

    Thanks Fiona you have just put me at the $1000's appreciate the support

  • $25
    Peter Twaddle
    8 months ago ● Best of luck!

    Thanks Peter much appreciated

  • $50
    Wendy, Shaz. Adrian and Stanway
    8 months ago ● Just let us girls know if you need a rub down after the climb! We will be thinking of you.

    Thanks Girls for the offer I'll take you up on that!! Thanks Gents for the monetary support, no further assistance from your side required.. No seriously thanks to you all very much

  • $25
    Fady Riad
    8 months ago ● Good luck Mark

    Thanks Fady, appreciate the support.

  • $100
    Dr Anna Skroce
    8 months ago ● Good Luck

    Thanks Anna for the generous donation, its much appreciated and helps a great group of charities.

  • $25
    Erin Beirne
    8 months ago ● have a good fun run

    Thanks for the support Erin, much appreciated.

  • $50
    8 months ago

    Thanks Kalpesh, I apprecaite the support, you can do it with me next year.

  • $50
    8 months ago ● Good luck on the day

    Thanks Leo, money this year, run next year?

  • $50
    Bill Maude
    8 months ago

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate your support.

  • $50
    Peter Tovara
    8 months ago

    Cheers Peter, really appreciate the support!

  • $25
    Mel Pender
    8 months ago ● Good on you Mark! Best of luck.

    Thanks for the support Mel, another welcome contribution.

  • $25
    Dea Stavar
    8 months ago ● It's a worthy cause, good luck Mark, once again!

    Thanks Dea you can watch me fall over the line again :-)

  • $25
    Liz Mazurek
    8 months ago ● Well done Mark, what a great cause you are doing this for and best of luck on the day.

    Thanks Liz, I appreciate the support.

  • $25
    Annie Milner
    8 months ago

    Thanks Annie, much appreciated

  • $25
    Terry Alligan
    10 months ago ● Just make sure those cylinders are full.

    Thanks for the donation Terry, your support is much appreciated.

  • $25
    10 months ago ● Good on ya' mate

    Thanks for the donation Peter, appreciate the support.

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