Lowan Sist

Climbing for CFA Ferntree Gully

On Saturday 1st September 2018, I will be one of 600 firefighters from all over Australia and around the world to step up the fight against Depression, PTSD and Suicide by climbing up the 28 floors of Crown Metropol Hotel wearing 25kgs of Turnout Gear and Breathing Apparatus. In 2017 I achieved 7:20 minutes and came 13 in my category of “old farts”. I raised over $1500 and Ferntree Gully Fire Brigade earned $11 964.This year, the Firefighter’s Charity Fund with your help aims to raise $700,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues like depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicide, especially for those within the Emergency Service and Defence communities.Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring below.Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health. Training has begun thus so must the fundraising!As usual I expect a tirade of abuse, humourous putdowns and vague references to how old I am. Despite all these negative vibes, training has commenced and this year is going to be bigger than ever as we raise funds and I try to break the 7 minute barrier.Thank you for your support if you can do so, I sincerely appreciate it and so do all those suffering from Mental Health illnesses.

So far, I've raised $2,001 of my $2,500 fundraising goal.

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6:54.440 Donned and started

Recent donations from Lowan’s friends

  • $100
    Mark Herbert
    2 months ago ● Well done Lowan!!

    Cheer Herb! Thanks to the Cooma support crew. Was a great day with huge benefit for the cause. Happy with own performance and actually surviving

  • $50
    2 months ago ● All the best and supporting your good cause!

    Awesome work Muggins!! Thank you so much

  • $50
    2 months ago ● Great work, Lowen !!!

    Thanks Dana, great work great cause!!

  • $25
    Mal neil
    2 months ago

    Good on ya Mal ! Good news, I survived it. Great cause great job supporting us

  • $25
    Jane Field
    2 months ago

    Down to you Jane! Did 6.54. Better by 26 sec. yay and thanks your help

  • $25
    Neil Patching
    2 months ago

    Brilliant work patch!!! Cheers big fella

  • $25
    2 months ago ● Ask and you shall receive

    Go Stackpole!!! Happy trails

  • $50
    Craig park
    2 months ago

    Great work Craig!!! Thanks for the support

  • $50
    Jim O'Sullivan
    2 months ago

    Cheers Jim. I survived thanks to Mary’s coaching. Best time ever

  • $20
    2 months ago ● Good luck Lowan

    Thanks Tasmine. Come and run for me?

  • $50
    Barry Singer
    2 months ago ● Tackle the stairs like Dusty would and enjoy the beer at the top.

    Brilliant Barry. Thanks heaps for your support for this amazing cause

  • $25
    Catherine and Brendan
    2 months ago ● Well done Lowan!

    Cheers guys, appreciate your support so much.

  • $50
    Jeff Poon
    2 months ago ● I'll be with you in spirit

    Thanks Jeff, I sense a change in the firce when you are nearby!!! Cheers

  • $50
    trevor white
    2 months ago ● Your nuts! Great cause

    Yes, true but gotta use it for positive outcomes. Thanks your support

  • $100
    2 months ago ● Go Husband!!! So proud of all of the FTG boys and girls climbing for such a good cause. Brilliant work!

    Cheers Annie! Always good having fambam support. Go team FTG!!!

  • $100
    Conservation Hut Cafe
    2 months ago ● Keep up the good work!

    Fantastic!!!! Thanks so much and thanks from all of us at FTG UFB. Most of all KM and PP thanks for the help your hard earned will provide for those suffering from PTSD and depression. Cheers

  • $50
    Susan Lynch
    2 months ago ● Great effort Lowan, good on you!
  • $50
    Jenny Hyde
    2 months ago ● Go you good thing! Good luck.
  • $50
    Clare Bear
    2 months ago ● Go Lowan, working hard for a great cause! 💐😘

    Awesome, thanks Clare appreciated, how’s it going. Covering both ends of AFL ladder? Cheers

  • $50
    Philip Mandie
    2 months ago

    Thank you Mandie's. Appreciate your support and confidence in my ability to complete this thing.

  • $25
    Stefanie Maccar
    3 months ago ● Very proud to have a manager and buddy who does so much for a great cause. Good luck and look forward to pics!

    Very proud to be a part of it Stef. Thanks for the kind words and support

  • $25
    Yvonne Virsik
    4 months ago ● Great cause. Happy and safe climbing, Lowan :) Yvonne V.

    Thanks Yvonne appreciate your contribution to the cause!

  • $50
    Helen Dunne
    4 months ago ● Go Lowan!

    Cheers Helen. Thanks for the support, it is sincerely appreciated

  • $50
    Kristy Welch
    5 months ago ● Always important. Always think they should knock a few seconds off for a hip handicap. Go get ‘em - K & S

    Nah secret weapon, squeaking puts the others off. Thanks K & S appreciate your support

  • $100
    David Copolov
    5 months ago ● What a great cause, Lowan - well done for not only supporting it but also for supporting the cause and for participating yet again as a climber - a very tough gig! David Copolov

    Thanks David, always room for you. I sincerely appreciate your continued support

  • $100
    Vladimir Prpich
    5 months ago ● A mighty effort Lowan; well done.

    Cheers VP appreciate your support and encouragement.

  • $25
    Jeff Carson
    5 months ago ● Taking the lift is easier.

    Always do on the way down, on a stretcher, with oxygen and a defib in place, cheers your support mate

  • $25
    Rebecca Redfern
    5 months ago ● Good luck Lowan :)

    Thanks Bec appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement.

  • $50
    Chris Mulcahy
    5 months ago ● well done Lowan!.

    Cheers Chris will wave from top

  • $100
    Pat RYLE
    5 months ago ● well done bud. The stopwatch has been serviced. No pressure

    Cheers Pat. S cutely appreciate the support.

  • $50
    Andrew Scotford
    5 months ago ● Always great to donate your time to a cause you support. I am happy to donate some cash. Good luck on your 7 mins objective.

    Cheers Andrew. You freeze as a CEO I have a coronary for a good cause. thanks

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