Joshua Hawcroft

Climbing for QFES Toowoomba

Mental health is an issue very close to my heart – as someone who has battled the gremlins for many years, and as someone whose friends and family have been afflicted by depression. And the fire services are a very tangible manifestation of the human heart – so I am a big fan!

Every year more than 65,000 Aussies attempt suicide and about 3,000 succeed. And 3 million Aussies are affected directly by depression and anxiety.

So this September thru October, I am raising money to fight Depression, PTSI and suicide – with special emphasis on the first responders who take the call when we are having a really bad day.

I will be climbing over 3000 steps and wearing a weighted vest (minimum 10kg) to make it a good challenge!

Thanks so much for your donation:

With your help we can provide a meaningful backstop for the people who look after our communities every day.

I will be video blogging my climbing at some stage during September.

Find me on Social Media for updates.

So far, I've raised $825 of my $500 fundraising goal.

I've completed 7,660 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Joshua’s friends

  • $50
    3 months ago
  • $100
    4 months ago

    The masked man himself! Thanks pal!

  • $100
    Benjamin Hawcroft
    4 months ago ● Any 1 stair is easy to climb. Put them all together and you can reach the heavens ! Good luck !

    Thanks Ben! Very generous!

  • $25
    Karen Hawcroft
    4 months ago ● A great effort Josh! Very proud of you :) xo

    Thanks Mum! =)

  • $20
    Heather Underwood
    4 months ago ● Hi Josh, haven’t met you yet but support your cause. All the very best with it!

    Cheers Heather! Much appreciated!

  • $75
    William Shirriffs
    4 months ago ● Such a great cause, Josh! Good luck and go for it!

    Thanks for the generous support mate!

  • $50
    Darren lawson
    4 months ago ● All the best with challenge Josh, need more people like you.

    Thanks mate! Much appreciated.

  • $50
    4 months ago ● Josh, this is a good thing to do. First responders of all services are courageous & dedicated people who deserve respect & care. I have issues with 'suicide prevention' similar to those I have with 'anti-abortion' - if we have a right to life then we also have a right to death - it ought to be our own choice. However, I am more than aware of the problems that mental ill-health can bring and how it can dictate the conduct, experience and outcomes of a person's life. It's effects have ruined mine or I have ruined mine because of its effects. Either way, I applaud and commend anyone who cares enough to offer support, assistance and, most of all, exhibit understanding and caring, to those whose experiences in this appallingly insane world, cause them to suffer and often be demeaned by those who ought to know better and are often precisely the ones who create the destructive aspects of the societies in which we live. Be proud of your contribution for it is, indeed, a very worthwhile one.

    Thanks Dad!

  • $50
    Codie scales
    4 months ago ● Good luck with you challenge, we wish you the best.

    Thanks Codie, much appreciated!

  • $25
    Kamaia Harkness
    4 months ago ● Good on you Josh. I like that you're fighting different fires now. All the best with your new career.

    Cheers Kamaia!