Jackson Hall

Climbing for CFA Connewarre

Hi. On September 2nd I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of gear and helping to raise $500,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues. as someone who has suffered from mental illness in the past and knowing people who have or still do suffer I’ve been motivated to help others fight against mental illness. by working together i believe we can beat it!

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $780 of my $500 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Jackson’s friends

  • $25
    Rachel and Mick Neugebauer
    6 months ago ● Good luck Jackson

    Thanks rachel and mick!

  • $25
    will hall
    7 months ago
  • $50
    nana and pupa baker
    7 months ago
  • $50
    mum and dad
    7 months ago
  • $50
    Barry Hunt
    8 months ago ● All the best Jackson.... Barry Hunt

    Thanks very much barry!

  • $10
    Ros Marchant
    8 months ago ● Good luck Jackson, what an awesome challenge

    Thanks ros!

  • $50
    Jordan Lucas
    8 months ago ● Great stuff mate. Run hard

    Cheers Jordan, will do!

  • $50
    Nadine Blyth
    8 months ago ● Happy to wear a cylinder or 2 with you if you need a training buddy, but the 28 floors of stairs are all yours!! Well done on taking part and supporting a worthy cause.

    Thanks nadine! That sounds great ill need to train alot in the next two months!

  • $50
    Geoff and Carolyn Blyth
    9 months ago ● Jackson Great cause and train hard. We can all help you with your training every Wednesday at 7.00pm at the Connewarre Fire Station !

    Thanks Geoff and Carolyn!

  • $25
    Aunty Donna
    9 months ago ● Good on you Jack, and Best Wishes for the climb :)

    Thanks Aunti Donna!

  • $25
    9 months ago

    my own contribution to the cause, thanks to everyone who has donated!

  • $50
    Meryl Friend
    9 months ago

    Thanks aunti Meryl!

  • $50
    George and Heather Johnson
    9 months ago ● Support from Skyes Grandparents ...George and Heather

    Thanks so much!

  • $25
    Renae and Mason Weaver
    9 months ago ● What a great cause, supporting the mental health of our fireys! Good luck with the climb. 👍

    Thanks Renae and Mason!

  • $20
    Josh Wray-Kerger
    9 months ago ● Great to see you willing to step up towards such a powerful cause Jackson! Good luck mate. :)

    Thanks mate!! :)

  • $25
    Georgia Friend
    9 months ago ● Hey Jackson, good on you! This is a great cause, thanks for speaking up about your experiences and raising awareness.

    Thankyou Georgia! No worries at all :)

  • $50
    9 months ago ● Hope they let you take the elevator back down

    Haha yeah me too lol cheers man!

  • $50
    Kris W
    9 months ago ● Don't puke mate

    Haha ill try my best cheers bro

  • $50
    Skye and Evie
    9 months ago ● GOOD LUCK JACKSON!

    Thanks Skye and Evie! :)