Don Garlick

Climbing for CFA Wendouree

The Melbourne Firefighters Stair Climb is a fantastic event that highlights the work that we put in as emergency services workers while highlighting the charities that support us when we are affected by that work.
In 2023 I not only completed the climb in full Breathing Apparatus & gear, I came fourth in my division (super old veteran or something like that!) with a time just over 7 minutes. But I was most proud of raising more than $1000.
With your support, this year I want to raise $1K again, finish in less than 7 minutes & try to get on the podium. All your donations will be a big part of that.
Be the wind beneath wings! I could really use the push.

So far, I've raised $209 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Don’s friends

  • $50
    Colleen O’Brien
    5 hours ago ● Thanks Don for supporting such a great cause…
  • $25
    Shona Gullick
    11 days ago ● I may need rescuing one day.

    Thanks Shona. Ready to race around & save you!

  • $25
    Kerryn Osborne
    11 days ago ● Go Don. You can do it!!

    Thanks Kerryn. Going to work hard!

  • $50
    Kerry missen
    14 days ago ● Great job Don… respect all you do.

    Thanks so much Kerry! Appreciate the support

  • $50
    Kian garlick
    22 days ago

    Thanks Kian, Katie, Sophie & Henry. Love you all!

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