David Hansen

Climbing for CFA Mornington

I am climbing for any of my family, friends, colleagues and students who lived or are living with cancer, depression or significant mental health issues and all first responders who frequently encounter tragic situations.

So far, I've raised $1,225 of my $2,000 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from David’s friends

  • $50
    Tess Hansen
    11 days ago

    Thanks Tess. Really appreciate your generosity darling girl.

  • $25
    Elizabeth G
    13 days ago ● epic cause

    Thanks Lizzy. Hope you donated more to me than to Ben!😝

  • $100
    Scott Gordon
    25 days ago ● I doubt you will get past the third floor.

    Thanks for the donation Scotty and the motivation to now climb to the fourth floor.

  • $50
    Ben Hansen
    one month ago ● Good luck

    Thanks Ben. Hope you get to climb as well.

  • $50
    Bridget Hansen
    one month ago ● Good job Dad!! Proud of you xx

    Thanks Bridgie babe. Proud of my daughter being so generous and caring.

  • $100
    Will Weight
    one month ago ● Good luck David! I wouldn’t climb 2 flights of stairs in all my gear, I commend you greatly.

    Thanks for the donation Will. Yet to be seen if I can climb 2 flights in all my gear! Doing this for all first responders.

  • $250
    Steuart Rorke
    one month ago

    Thanks Steu for your amazing generosity. I really do appreciate it. Certainly will have to go through with the climb now! BTW, congratulations on the Saints win. This donation has softened the pain.

  • $50
    Sian Cooper
    one month ago

    Thanks Sian. Very thoughtful and generous of you. Will have to get on that stair climber again tomorrow morning at the gym!

  • $50
    Jemma McInerney
    one month ago ● Go David!!!!

    Thanks Jemma and all the Rauter’s for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Of course there is no changing my mind now!

  • $50
    Jennifer Weight
    one month ago ● A great cause David. Good luck!

    Thanks Jenny for the donation. I will be climbing for all our first responders.

  • $200
    Margaret Murphy
    one month ago

    Thank you Margie. That was very generous of you and greatly appreciated.

  • $100
    Sarah Hansen
    one month ago ● So proud of my crazy husband. ❤️

    Thanks darling wife. So proud that you donated twice…or was that second $100 from my piggy bank?

  • $100
    Sarah Hansen
    one month ago ● So proud of my crazy husband. ❤️
  • $50
    one month ago ● Proud of you Dad!! Xx

    Thanks Biffa. Greatly appreciated.