Daniel Strutt

Climbing for CFA Mitchell Shire Group

G’day all,

In September this year I’ll be competing in the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb to help raise money for Lifeline, The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and The 000Foundation.

It’s 28 Floors in 25kg of Structural firefighting gear and Breathing Apparatus, something I’m sure my Army mates can appreciate will be very difficult. It’s an awesome cause, and it will be pretty tough for me, considering I have little experience in either gear!

Either way I’m going to give it a crack. Stay tuned for updates on my Instagram strutt_yourstuff and on my Facebook, I’ll be doing some pretty tough training in between work and field!

Any donation would be much appreciated, and if you can’t donate a share on any social media would go a long way!

Cheers all!


9/11 Memorial

The Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb remembers the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 11th September 2001.

My stair climb race bib will include the name and photo of FDNY Firefighter Daniel O Callaghan in memory of their sacrifice made on that fateful day. Search and read more about Daniel O Callaghan.

So far, I've raised $3,334 of my $2,000 fundraising goal.

Race result


7:03.0 Donned and started

Recent donations from Daniel’s friends

  • $50
    Alan moloney
    24 days ago ● Great work BB
  • $50
    Biggus Dickess
    25 days ago ● If you go down the stairs it’ll be quicker, just a tip from the pros. 🤙🏾
  • $100
    Zy Barlow-Mcgougan
    25 days ago ● Remember, if you think of buggering up. Don't! Some sage advice to carry ya forward, keep being awesome Strutty!
  • $100
    25 days ago ● Good job dad ❤️
  • $69
    Johnny Sins
    25 days ago ● I've had many careers. I was a doctor, an astronaut, a professor and a surgeon but my most fulfilling career was as a firefighter. “Do not stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”

    Thankyou Mr Sins for your generous donation, I will take your words of wisdom to the top of the climb with me!

  • $10
    Racheal Taylor
    25 days ago ● Good on you ol’fella!💖
  • $5
    AAF Palindrome
    25 days ago ● All the best mate
  • $20
    Laurelle Jones
    25 days ago ● Good luck
  • $50
    Richard Simmons
    25 days ago ● 💪🏾
  • $150
    Friendly Neighbourhood FBI Man
    25 days ago ● Spicy calander moneys
  • $50
    25 days ago
  • $15
    one month ago ● Get up them stairs!!!
  • $50
    Nicole Mangles
    one month ago ● You’ve got this

    Thanks mate appreciate it!

  • $50
    Jason & Lian
    one month ago ● Good job mate!

    Thanks guys appreciate it a heap!

  • $20
    Jodie Saville-Woods
    one month ago ● Go Strutty!!

    Thanks a bunch Jodie!

  • $50
    Lisa, Jamie and Thea Hynds
    2 months ago ● 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂
  • $25
    David Fuller
    4 months ago ● Go get em, Tiger!
  • $50
    Kellie-ann Weber
    4 months ago ● Good luck Daniel

    Thanks a heap Auntie Kellie! Appreciate it!

  • $53
    4 months ago

    Cheers mate love your work 🤙

  • $50
    Greg and Leanne
    4 months ago ● Good luck Daniel, you’ve got this!

    Thanks Dad and Leanne much appreciated!

  • $10
    Elsie Willoughby
    4 months ago ● Hope you achieve your goal Daniel, and even better surpass it, really great causes. Good luck, keep training.

    Thanks Gran, really appreciate it! Will do!

  • $5
    Carissa Paske
    4 months ago

    Thank you Carissa! Much appreciated!

  • $300
    Chesty LaRue
    4 months ago

    Thank you so much for your extremely generous donation! This will go a long way towards these foundations, as well our team goal!

  • $200
    Ronald Robinson
    4 months ago ● I can think of much easier ways to fundraise so your committent to such a challenging task is commendable. Wishing you Good Lcok and strong legs on your climb. Robbie, Rhonda, Bridget and Katharine.

    Thankyou so much guys, this means the absolute world and will go a long way to my goal!

  • $100
    Kim Willoughby
    4 months ago ● Go for it Daniel :-)

    Thankyou so much mum! ❤️

  • $25
    Lisa, Jamie and Thea
    4 months ago ● Well done Dan. You've got this 👍

    Thanks a bunch guys, really appreciate it!

  • $50
    Brendan Jobbins
    4 months ago ● On ya Lad!

    Absolute legend, thanks mate!

  • $25
    Lisa and Peter Hill
    4 months ago ● Well done Daniel, we will be cheering you on all the way