Daniel Ennis

Climbing for CFA Chirnside Park

Hi. On September 2nd I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $500,000 to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Please help me “Step up to fight depression, PTSD and suicide” by sponsoring me below.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to mental health.

So far, I've raised $1,283 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Daniel’s friends

  • $50
    6 months ago ● Well done Dan.

    Thanks for your support! really appreciate it. Dan.

  • $50
    Nikki & Brendan
    6 months ago ● Good job Dan :)

    Thank you for your support guys!

  • $138
    Australian Radio Network Staff
    6 months ago ● From the Staff At Australian Radio Network, Kiis and Gold 104.3 Go Dan, Go!
  • $25
    6 months ago ● You got this dan !!!! love lisa and makayla xx

    Thank you so much for your donation! Hope you guys are well!

  • $20
    7 months ago ● Hi Daniel, This is Piper your cat here. I know we have had our differences in the past but I'm really hoping this donation will help us say clear the air? I'm so cute and loving and now you owe me 28 floors of pain. Whoa whhoa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! P.S. Can you please feed me now.

    Thank you Royceton for you interesting banter, and your donation.

  • $100
    Maryse, Christos, Isobel, Jasper and bump
    7 months ago ● Go Dannos! Do the job!

    Hi Team Penny! Thanks for you dollars! You took me to my goal! Thank you, Dont forget to keep the receipt its tax deductible next year.

  • $50
    7 months ago ● What a great cause! All the best luck with the climb!!

    Thanks Alona, Appreciate the donation! your a legend!

  • $20
    Mathew McKernan
    7 months ago ● Best of luck Dan! Sorry I can't be there this year, best of luck for your first year! Trust me, the beer afterward is very rewarding over lunch

    Thanks guys! Hope your enjoying your trip, Thanks for the donation! Mat, Next year buddy back on the stairs!

  • $30
    8 months ago ● MFSC16 tshirt XLarge
  • $50
    Ashley Budimir
    8 months ago ● In all your training photos you look like you are about to die, so here is 50 bux and a hope that Hayley doesn't become a widow!

    Thanks Ferret, Hayley is young, I wouldnt worry about her!

  • $50
    Courtney, Hayden and Henry
    8 months ago ● Go Dan! That's a lot of stairs to climb with the fire gear, good luck!

    Thanks Courtney, Hayden and Henry! more 1000 steps training ahead.

  • $100
    Mat & Kat
    8 months ago ● Good Luck on the climb!

    Thanks guy's your donation means a lot to me, I'll be sure to send you some photo's after I've done it, Hayley might even live stream it!

  • $100
    Juan Cortes
    8 months ago ● Great cause. Thank so much for making a difference in the fight against depression, PSTD and suicide.

    Thanks Juan, Really appreciate your support to this worthy cause! Dan.

  • $100
    Brian & Julie Ennis
    9 months ago ● what a great cause well done dan ..we are very proud of you, we know you will achieve what you set out to do

    Thanks Julie and Dad! Really appreciate the support from you both!

  • $100
    Greg and Mandy
    9 months ago ● Go Dan Go! Very proud of you tremendous community spirit!!

    Thanks Greg and Mandy for your support!

  • $100
    Marie Ennis
    9 months ago ● Piece of cake son love mum xxx

    mmm Cake, Now I'm hungry! Thanks for the donation Mum!

  • $100
    Kevin + Emma
    9 months ago ● Good luck Dan!!! We want to see you first one up there!!

    Thanks for your donation Sis in law to Be and Bro, I'm gonna try my hardest, Cant see me getting anywhere near the top 10 though!

  • $100
    Neil & Mel Thompson
    10 months ago ● Go Dan! Keep the small pants, you will need them after all this training.

    Thanks for your Donation! Really appreciate the support from people in our own brigade, thanks guys