Christopher Poulton

Climbing for CFA Pakenham

This year, with your help, we aim to raise $500,000 for Lifeline, the Black Dog Institute and 000 Foundation to improve support services, fund research, remove stigmas and raise awareness of Mental health issues like depression, Post Traumatic Stress Injury and suicide, especially for those within the Emergency Service and Defence communities. BUT unfortunately the current COVID restrictions in Victoria prohibit this year’s event taking place as it normally would. We are acutely aware that Mental Health is the underlying crisis of COVID-19, which is why we are doing this virtually” to collectively climb a “MILLION STEPS FOR MENTAL HEALTH”.

So far, I've raised $1,139 of my $1,000 fundraising goal.

I've completed 4,290 steps towards our overall goal of 1,000,000 steps.

Recent donations from Christopher’s friends

  • $25
    Kimberley Poulton
    16 days ago
  • $100
    Stan Packer
    18 days ago ● Well done Chris for supporting a great cause.
  • $50
    Neil Ockelton
    one month ago ● Best of luck mate, great cause to raise money for, well worth putting yourself though this challenge!
  • $50
    Gerry Poulton
    one month ago ● Well done again Chris.

    Thank you old man,

  • $50
    Andrew Berry
    one month ago ● You're doing a great job, all the best.
  • $25
    Caron Norton
    one month ago ● Go you

    Thankyou SO much

  • $25
    Sophie norton
    one month ago

    Thankyou SO much

  • $100
    Jade labrooy
    one month ago ● Great job brother!!

    Thankyou SO much

  • $25
    Lucy Munson
    one month ago

    Thank you SO much really grateful

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