Cameron Wattie

Climbing for SA CFS Virginia

Hey Everyone, this year on September 10th I’ll be competing in my fourth Stair climb. Mental health hits close to home with my friends, family and is something I have struggled with for a long time. My goal this year is to raise $1000 & beat my previous best time (removing the zippers this time to prevent blowing them out again) Anyone who can donate please do, it’s for a good cause.

9/11 Memorial
The Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb remembers the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 11th September 2001.

My stair climb race bib will include the name and photo of FDNY Firefighter Paul H Keating in memory of their sacrifice made on that fateful day. Read more about Paul H Keating.

So far, I've raised $1,550 of my $1,500 fundraising goal.

Race result


10:05.977 Donned only

Start Line Footage!

Crossing the Finish Line

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Recent donations from Cameron’s friends

  • $25
    3 months ago ● Well done Cam
  • $25
    3 months ago ● Well done Cam
  • $66
    Mum & Dad
    3 months ago ● Good luck Cam; one step at a time! Love Mum & Dad xx #climbingforacause

    Thanks Mum & Dad

  • $20
    3 months ago ● Good luck cam. You’ve got this 👏🏻😊

    Thanks Bron

  • $25
    David Pendleton
    3 months ago ● Go Cam

    Thanks Pop

  • $20
    3 months ago ● Good luck cam!!

    Thanks Lisha

  • $50
    Mark and Robyn Goldsworthy
    3 months ago ● Good luck Cam👏🏻 And well done

    Thanks Mark & Robyn

  • $100
    Les & Lyn Wattie
    3 months ago ● Great job Cam, we are very proud and love you.

    Thanks Nan & Pa

  • $20
    Nicole Johnstone
    3 months ago ● Well done Cam! Just one step at a time!

    Thanks Aunty Nic

  • $50
    Alice Kielty
    4 months ago ● Good lucky Cam! X

    Thanks Alice

  • $542
    Car Batteries 2021
    one year ago
  • $607
    Car Batteries 2020
    2 years ago

Previous year’s results




8:28.147 Donned only