Bradley Thompson

Climbing for MFB St Albans

Hey people,
PTSD and depression affects so many in different ways. It is exhausting to fight at times and has claimed many loved ones lives.
No one should face mental health issues on their own. Sponsor me in climbing the Crown Metripol to raise funds for those battling the black dog.
Thank you.

So far, I've raised $405 of my $200 fundraising goal.

Recent donations from Bradley’s friends

  • $100
    Val Maule
    18 hours ago
  • $25
    Anne Burke
    yesterday ● Good on you Brad

    Thank you so much Anne. It won't be the same as the run lead up like last year. Hope everyone is well.

  • $20
    Matthew Guida
    2 days ago ● Always thoughtful of others mate, hope this little bit helps for a great cause and hope you smash your last time!!!

    Thanks Matty. Always happy to help others and working on getting the fitness set for a better time.

  • $25
    2 days ago ● Love your work Brad, great cause, happy to support!

    Thanks Justine. It's an excellent cause and I am so grateful for your donation. Any music suggestions I should listen to during the climb?

  • $20
    Claire Stipic
    3 days ago ● Love who you have grown up to be. You are a great human! Good luck, have fun (is that bit possible in a stair climb?!?!).

    Haha thanks Claire, I'll always aim to have fun with the stair climb. I think a great home room teacher helped me along the way.

  • $30
    Shae & Alv
    3 days ago ● May the force be with you x

    Thank you so much guys. I'll channel my inner Wookie for a great war cry when climbing those stairs.

  • $50
    Nick Watson
    3 days ago ● Onya Brad. Always placing other people before yourself. Lets see you smash that staircase for this great cause.

    Thanks for the donation bro. Always happy to help out those in the emergency service and defence personal fighting depression and PTSD. Cheers.

  • $25
    Beck Palmieri
    4 days ago ● Woo! Go Brad!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Thanks Beck. I really appreciate the donation. Pass on my thanks to the boys too. ๐Ÿ˜

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