Alby Goodsell

Climbing for ARFFS Melbourne

On September 2nd, I’ll be climbing 28 floors in 25kg of kit and helping to raise $700,000 supporting our beneficiaries, Lifeline, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and 000Foundation.

Too often we are either directly or indirectly impacted by cancer or mental health issues. Please help me “Step up to fight cancer, depression, and suicide” by sponsoring me.

Thanks to our sponsors, 100% of every dollar donated will go to cancer research and crisis support.

9/11 Memorial

The Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb remembers the 343 Firefighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 11th September 2001.

My stair climb race bib will include the name and photo of FDNY Firefighter Bruce H Gary in memory of their sacrifice made on that fateful day. Search and read more about Bruce H Gary.

So far, I've raised $2,310 of my $2,000 fundraising goal.

Race result


9:37.0 Donned and started

Recent donations from Alby’s friends

  • $50
    3 months ago ● Awesome work Alby

    Thanks Pete!

  • $25
    Robert Purcell
    3 months ago ● Go Alby!

    Thanks Rob - appreciate your support!

  • $50
    Kylie Angus
    3 months ago

    Thank you Kylie - appreciated

  • $100
    brian goodsell
    3 months ago ● well done

    Thanks old fella!

  • $25
    3 months ago

    Many thanks Louise!

  • $100
    Greg Hood
    3 months ago ● Well done Alby and best wishes for 2 September Greg

    Thanks Hoody, means a lot to me!

  • $100
    Leading Firefighter Lockie Saint-John
    3 months ago ● Good luck for the stairclimb Regards Lockie Saint-John Aviation Rescue Firefighting Service 🚒✈️🚒✈️🚒✈️🚒✈️🚒✈️🚒✈️🚒

    Thanks Lockie - appreciate your support!

  • $50
    Peter Romeis
    4 months ago ● Climb the good climb

    Thank you Peter!

  • $50
    Brenda and Hermann Marschall
    6 months ago ● Good luck Alby. Fantastic effort for a great cause.

    Thanks Brenda and Herman - much appreciated!

  • $200
    Dave ohanlon
    6 months ago ● Nice work mate, all the best. Daveo

    Thanks Daveo - appreciate your generous donation!

  • $100
    Luke Clough
    6 months ago ● Hope the climb goes well!

    Thanks Luke - appreciated

  • $25
    Matthew G Daniels
    6 months ago ● Good onya Alby - enjoy the rest once completing the 28 floor stair climb and congrats on supporting and raising funds for such worthy causes!

    Hey Matt thanks for your all your support with this one!

  • $50
    7 months ago ● The amount I can afford to give by no means signifies the gratitude I feel towards your effort. Having nursed a dieing husband with cancer, suffered through depression and still reliving moments of PTSD, I know the little bit will be going to a great cause. Thanks for being part of the collective that supports the cause of peoples wellbeing. I give with all my love and support.

    Thanks Mabrian - your dontation means far more to me than its face value. It's the thought and effort we give to help those who are far less fortunate than ourselves. Appreciate your giving with love and support :-)

  • $100
    Tim Colman
    7 months ago ● Go Alby As an ARFFS representative we want to see you at the front of the pack Good luck

    Thanks Tim - shame you're not closer, you could train with me :-)

  • $100
    Chris Chapman
    7 months ago ● Fantastic to see someone is such a position, take on such a worthy cause. What a great example. Best of luck Alby

    Thanks Chris - appreciate your support. I'll be in TVL next week, hope we can catch up!

  • $100
    Joe Pinto
    7 months ago ● All the best Alby. A worthy cause indeed.

    Hey Joe thanks for the good wishes and the donation!

  • $50
    Frank Bosnich
    7 months ago

    Thanks Frankie!

  • $50
    Craig Bennett
    7 months ago ● Good luck Alby climb away

    Thanks Craig appreciate it...

  • $200
    ian lim
    7 months ago

    Thank you Ian - appreciate your generosity!

  • $100
    John Knox
    7 months ago ● a worthy cause, Peter Mac is worth every cent we can give.

    Thanks Knoxy agree 100%!

  • $150
    Greg Clinnick
    7 months ago ● Go Alby! Well done

    Cheers Greg