Firefighters Charity Fund Melbourne

The Firefighters and Corporate Staff of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) have a long tradition of supporting charities and their community in times of need. They are committed to serve and protect the community, so charitable work is a natural extension of this commitment.

The Firefighters Charity Fund (FFCF) was conceived in early 2009 and is now supported each week by in excess of 800 MFB employees who donate a small percentage of their wage to help those in need. The FFCF has distributed several hundred thousand dollars to our core focuses of children’s health, burns treatment, and cancer research.

It also funds FireLegacy, which assists our community and their families during the financial stress of serious medical treatment. It has even assisted in getting families overseas for ground breaking surgery.

The Charity is Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office, and is administered by an independent board. The fund has the full support of both the MFB and UFU. For more information visit